Travel Memories: Bastet is Seeing the Light on the Road to Montreal


We are powerful funny creatures with the power to create instantly. Be careful where you put your focus, my friends. It is in your interest to keep your mind on what you want. And be prepared, once you make up your mind, to experience results in the way in which you order them. I order up everything swiftly. I like fast, intense opportunities and answers. That’s how I get ’em. I can always slow down or speed up the process as I desire. You can do the same. Just open your mouth and talk to your Higher Self. Let them get the job done for you.

After retreating for two days, I got a shitload of answers and know how to move forward. Here is a picture of my cat which has nothing to do with this post. You can give me the caption for it, if you want….


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Here I am! Eccomi qui!

Florence, Italy


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