🖐🏻 Five Essential Steps to Embrace Your Soul’s Coaching Calling

🖐🏻 Five Essential Steps to Embrace Your Soul’s Coaching Calling

Have you ever felt that little flutter in your heart, telling you there’s more out there for you? 💗 More purpose, more connection, more of that deep-rooted meaning we all crave? It’s like that feeling when you’re journaling, and the words just flow out of you – they have a destination, a calling.✍

Look, I’ve been in those shoes – high heels in a boardroom, making boss moves but feeling like a piece of the puzzle was missing. And then, BOOM! I discovered the world of spiritual life coaching. A world where passion meets purpose and soul meets strategy.🌍❤

Now, I get it. You’re this Badass Butterfly who’s tasted success. People respect you, admire you. But the universe… Oh, honey, the universe is not just knocking; it’s practically singing your name!🎵

But what’s stopping you? I’ll tell you: It’s not knowing where to start.🤷‍♀️

Here’s a golden nugget for you: The heart of spiritual life coaching isn’t about getting those dollar bills (though they’re a sweet bonus); it’s about touching souls, lighting up lives, and creating transformations that last a lifetime.✨

How do you hop onto this magical journey?

1. Dive Deep: Look, just like when you’re trying to put your spiritual beliefs into words, you gotta start within. What’s your story? When did you feel most connected to the universe? What trials turned into triumphs? That’s where you start.❤

2. Arm Yourself with Knowledge: I’m a big believer in equipping oneself. Find a top-notch certification and business-building mentorship program (hint, hint) and gain the skills to be the best spiritual life coach out there.🎓

3. Find Your Flavor: Every Badass Butterfly has her own hue. Whether it’s emotional healing, mindfulness, or a mix of many, find what sets your soul on fire and make it your signature.🔥

4. Network, Network, Network: Connect with your spiritual tribe. Share, learn, and grow together. Remember, we’re all in this cosmic dance, and it’s better when danced together.👯‍♀️

5. Offer, Don’t Sell: Here’s a tip: start with giving. Offer sessions, touch lives, and let the universe do its magic. Your tribe will find you.🌟

Now, lovely, the spiritual life coaching universe is expansive, filled with wonders and profound truths. It’s more than a profession; it’s a dance with the universe. But, always remember, it’s a journey, not a destination.🌌

You have this beautiful song, this unique vibration that the universe craves to hear. By diving into spiritual life coaching, you not only sing your heart out but inspire others to find their melodies. 🎶

So, Badass Butterfly, are you ready to spread those wings and embrace your Divine calling? If your heart’s shouting a big YES, let’s do this together. I have a platform, a certification, and a mentorship program waiting just for you. Let’s chat, heart to heart, about your divine coaching vision. Schedule an appointment with me and let’s make the universe dance to our tunes. 💌🦋

👉🏽PS. I’m going to be doing a livestream about this on Tuesday, October 3rd at 10:30am EST. Join my group, League of Badass Butterflies, for free to watch live or catch the replay!


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