A Moment of Triumph on a Beautiful Day

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I am very excited about life right now.  I cannot explain how wonderfully things have shifted– it’s just too much.  But I’m at the point in my life where I feel connected and worthy to be alive.  You might be wondering to yourself why I never felt this before.  You may be shocked to learn that I never felt worthy to be alive.  I acknowledge right here and now that I was mostly living my life trying to prove that I had a right to be here.  All my achievements (and my arrogance) were more attempts to prove that I am a worthy participant in life, and not ‘illegitimate.’  After my long healing journey, I am finally trusting myself and life, and creating from a place of an authenticity rooted in belonging.  This video was taken during a moment of feeling triumphant when I was in Farrera, Spain in  the artist residency at the Centre d’Art i Natura. I was there working on my book and deepening my personal healing.  In June of 2017, I will be bringing a group of women for a healing and transformation retreat to the art center here. I hope this video gives you a little pleasure, demonstrates the powerful healing magic of this land and inspires you to take your own healing journey.

[youtube width=”650″ height=”500″]https://youtu.be/6HyzFEmGSOs[/youtube]

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The June 2017 retreat:  Healing and Transformation Retreat in Farrera, Spain
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