An Oracle Reading: Abundance


The readings I’ll be posting here are not about me, although I frame them in terms of myself.  These readings are intended to extend to my Sisters and Brothers who are at a similar place when they fall upon these readings.  So as I read for myself, I also read for you.


I wrote a letter to God this morning and found myself questioning my own ideas of abundance.  I wondered, why, if I feel abundant, don’t I act like it?  I thought, why do I still sometimes worry about income?  The video gives my interpretation of the tarot card I got, which came from John Holland’s Psychic tarot.  I hope you enjoy it!  I wrote out the description from the John Holland Psychic Tarot below…

Here’s the written description that comes with the card:

The Universe (The traditional tarot card is The World.)
“You’ve come far on your journey and it’s time to be rewarded for your efforts.  This card symbolizes completion, triumph, peace, liberation and fulfillment.  Everything you’ve strived for is within your reach– meet it halfway and grab it!  The Universe is the last of the Major Arcana Cards and reflects the work that you’ve accomplished on your travels– but more importantly, it represents the wisdom that you’ve gained along the way.

“You should now honor and acknowledge the truly wonderful soul that you are, and accept the vital part that you play in the bigger scheme of life.

“The world is yours to command and you’re free to travel in whatever direction your heart desires.  you’re connected to everyting in the cosmos.  The Universe Card is a reminder that the same energy making up the stars in the sky, the same energy that’s coursing through the Universe, is in each and every individual.  In ancient times, many believed that each star was the soul of one person.  They also believed that these ‘souls’ shined so brightly to guide others through the darkness– and so too can your wise soul.”


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