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One of the biggest challenges we spiritualists face is manifesting our hearts’ greatest desires with the grace, skill, and ease of a master.

Manifesting is the act of making something from the ethers appear in form in the three-dimensional world. This can be a thought, an idea, a dream, an ambition, or even a goal.

I used to think that manifesting like a master meant that you would desire something and it became real within 17 seconds.

Voila! A donut! 

Voila! A new car! 

Voila! Adonis!

Don’t ask me where I got 17 seconds from. Probably from something I heard Esther Hicks say. Anyway, in my mind, if you couldn’t make a thing manifest within 17 seconds then you weren’t a Master Manifestor.

I used to think that manifesting had to be damned near instantaneous to call yourself a master. It was as if mastery was based on the speed at which things happened. But in my maturity, I have come to realize that the mastery of manifesting is determined, not by speed or time, but by patience. Master Manifestors are masters of patience.

Now, of course, to call yourself a master, you do need some conscious awareness and intention behind the process, and those need to be pretty instantaneous because the power of manifestation lies in the feelings and energy of the moment. Manifestation is 90% energy and 10% physical stuff. The strongest force in the cycle of manifestation happens in that first moment when you awaken to the idea that was planted by Spirit.

Now, all this happens very quickly. You awaken to the idea and in that brief moment, there is an affirmative connection where you and that idea are at ONE. There is a recognition of Truth, there is a feeling of excitement and joy because what was lost has been found; what is yours is home. BUT this moment is SUPER BRIEF because of all the junk in our heads preventing us from latching onto that igniting moment and running with it. In other words, EGO steps in and takes over our mind, manipulating us into believing that we are mere humans and that this awesome idea that Spirit gave us can’t possibly be made real.

Now, think back to a time when you got a really awesome download about something that was magical and empowering for you. In that moment, you felt super excited and you wanted that thing. But then, “reality” set it and you realized you don’t have the time, the energy or the money, or the education, or the blah, blah, blah.

Your thought process stopped the Cycle of Manifestation before it started.

Now, this article is not about the Cycle of Manifestation. I’ll talk to you about that at a later date. In this article, I want to just work with you on how to deal with that tricky thing ego does when it snatches away your thunder.

So what I want you to do is pull out your Tarot cards real quick and grab your journal and pen. Take your cards out of their box and get them ready to read. If you’re using a digital app, open up the one you want to use.

Now, I want you to think back to one of those awesome downloads that Spirit gave you, but that ego drove away. It can be anything– a guy you like, a business you wanna start, a book you want to write… any undertaking that you want, but about which you feel nervous, or apprehensive or doubtful.

I want you to close your eyes and get really clear about that thing. You can think back to the day when Spirit told you about it, but that’s not necessary. I just want you to think about how freaking cool it would be to have that thing.

Okay. Jot down a few words about that thing in your journal, and be sure to note how you feel when you think about having it. 

Right. Now, say, “YES,” to that thing. Say it out loud or whisper it, but with your body, mind, and Soul, say, “Yes.”

Now, take a card.

If your card is positive, read your message and affirm all the parts that excite you and turn you on. Your next step is to make a plan of action to make your desire real. Write it down in your journal. Put a timeline to it. And then every week, do something on your list that moves you closer to your goal.

If your card is negative, notice how it makes you feel. Pay close attention to your body. Notice any areas of tension or tightness, notice any areas of anxiety or nausea. Pay close attention to your emotions.

If your card is negative, you have a unique opportunity to heal. So what I want you to do is say, “Yes,” with your body, mind, and Soul to this unique opportunity to heal. If you are afraid of what the healing journey might require, I totally understand that. At this point, it’s entirely up to you.

Because the next step is to go toward the healing that Spirit is offering you. It might be hard, but the healing that comes at the starting point of manifestation is particularly rewarding because you already know the outcome! It’s that thing Spirit implanted eons ago and you awakened to now because subconsciously, you are now ready to own it.

Does that make sense, Dear Friend?

You see, whether your card is positive or negative doesn’t matter– the potential outcome (your desire) is the same. Spirit wants you to have it! You want to have it! The card is just showing you if it’s going to come easily or if you’re gonna have to do some work to make it real.

This is super important because waaaay too often, people give up because they can’t see beyond the obstacles and challenges that must happen at the emotional, mental, and even cellular level before their dream can manifest. But obstacles, challenges, and pain are not barriers to achievement, they are paving stones. This is why the Tarot is so important in the manifestation process. Because Tarot is gonna tell you EXACTLY what you need to work on, and if you know how to read messages thoroughly, they’ll tell you the path to get there.

Being able to work all of this out is partly what can make you a Master Manifestor. Another thing that adds to your manifestation mastery is your ability to make a plan and stick to it. When the message from Spirit comes in the form of the High Priestess, she’s telling you to stop doing busy work and to sit down and meditate. When the message comes in the form of the 2 of Pentacles, it’s telling you that you don’t get to rest, that Spirit really does expect you to keep doing all the things you’re doing… There will be time for rest later.

Tarot is one of your best friends and it wants you to use it to communicate with all those benevolent energies that love you and want to see you succeed in this lifetime.

Your relationship with Tarot is super intimate. Making sure that your deck is a good fit for yourself is really important. You can download my free ebook, “Avoid the Bad Vibes! 12 Tips to Choosing a Tarot Deck That Will Heal, Support, Nurture & Love You” and learn my very special method for choosing the perfect Tarot deck. SPOILER ALERT– my method is really fun and kinda sexy! Go check it out and tell me what you think!

Now, the last thing I want to leave you with today is this: Master Manifestors are masters of patience. It’s not time or speed that makes you a master. It’s your ability to trust God, trust Goddess, trust your intuition, your Spiritual Guidance Team, trust the world around you, and most importantly, it’s your ability to trust yourself.

So, as you go forward in pursuit of your dreams, Beloved Badass-Butterfly-in-Training, I want you to remember that Spirit never f*ks with you. If it gives you an idea, a dream, or an ambition, it’s because it wants you to go for it… but it wants YOU to go for it, not your ego. Use your Tarot cards to help you understand your mission in this lifetime.

And if you ever need some help, reach out to me. I’m an expert in this stuff, and I love nothing more than watching my people flourish.

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