How to Use Visualization to Manifest the Travel Lifestyle

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So you’re all about the travel lifestyle! Jet setting across continents, taking in new sights, experiencing new foods, cultures, and PEOPLE. It sounds and feels exotic, luxurious, and… well, perhaps a bit out of reach.

Here’s the good news, though– expanding your worldview is possible if you are willing to do the work it takes to make your dream a reality. Visualization is a powerful manifestation tool that can help you get there. Keep reading for all the details!

What is visualization, anyway?

To use visualization tools to help manifest your dreams and desires, especially when it comes to a travel lifestyle, you must familiarize yourself with what visualization is. More than just picturing something in your mind (though that is one technique,) visualization is a series of tools and methods that help bring you into alignment. It is when you are aligned with your true desires and aspirations that you are able to call them into being.

Visualization involves imagining your deepest ambitions and goals as true and already in existence, thereby enabling your subconscious mind to cement this new reality as the actual one. Visualization involves daydreaming, meditating, drawing, writing, creating, planning, and more. The technique or blend of techniques you’ll want to use will depend upon your personality and what feels like it works best for you.

And most importantly, it’s the techniques that make you FEEL the most energy in your body, mind, and spirit.

What Does the Travel Lifestyle Mean to You? 

Before we move on to the visualization tools you can use to manifest the travel lifestyle, it is important to clearly define what the travel lifestyle means to you. Is it taking one really grand, luxury-filled trip each year? Is it many multiple high-end trips throughout the year? Is it spending months at a time on the go, living out of a suitcase, seeing new places, experiencing new things?

For me, the travel lifestyle literally just evolved as I learned about visa and immigration rules for each country I wanted to visit. Who knew you couldn’t just show up in France and say, “I wanna live here,” without going through years of red tape and forms? I didn’t know that! And so as I learned, I found myself wandering from Spain to India to Bali to Cambodia to France to Croatia, and on and on and on as my world became the exciting, exotic (and sometimes fatiguing) travel lifestyle.

You’ll have to decide what a travel lifestyle means to you as you move forward with these visualization techniques.

☞ Create a Vision Board

Let’s bring it back to the days of arts & crafts! If you are a hands-on type of creative person, creating a vision board might be a great visualization technique for you. Grab some magazines, photos, or computer printouts and get to work! The idea is to create something that reminds you of your travel lifestyle goals. Think places you want to visit, travel quotes, bold words like freedom & adventure, or transportation photos like trains, boats, or airplanes. You can use a poster board to have a physical vision board to hang on the wall or gather the pictures to use as the background on your phone or computer where you’ll see them plenty of times each day. The visualization occurs both during the creation process as well as every time you see the finished board. Some find this physical sort of visualization easier than simply trying to conjure up images in your mind’s eye. It gives you a place to focus and allows your subconscious to register the message every time you see it.

☞ Practice Meditation

The age-old practice of meditation can also help you with your visualization manifestations. By quieting the mind and body you are able to focus and find clarity. To manifest the travel lifestyle of your dreams through meditation, try meditating on several different storylines of how that lifestyle looks for you. Remember this is the big picture. It is not one trip or vacation you aspire to take, but a whole lifestyle- so there will be different scenes and scenarios within your meditation. Relax, focus on your deep belly breaths, get comfortable, and allow your scenes to start playing out in your mind’s eye. Connect with them and feel the emotions they evoke in you. Allow yourself to truly feel these emotions as if they are as real as anything else in your life. Each time you return to your meditation practice try to go deeper and deeper into each scene. And then take these deep feelings of pleasure, excitement, and satisfaction into your everyday life NOW. The key to manifesting is to behave as if. This means that you must feel that excitement and satisfaction in your life NOW. This is what calls in the travel lifestyle.

☞ Include Affirmations

Though you might not typically think of affirmations as a type of visualization, you can certainly turn them into a visual practice by attaching images to the affirmations as you say them. Go back to what the travel lifestyle means to you. Is it adventure? It is never settling down? Is it experiencing new things? Is it a life of luxury? Think up some affirmations that align with your desires and schedule times to say them out loud each day. Some examples: My life is full of adventure and exploration. I am deserving of a jet-setting lifestyle. I am ready to experience all that the world has to offer. I am grateful for the magnificent trips coming my way. Remember that as you say your affirmation, you need to feel the emotions, and then you must carry those emotions into your day.

☞ Try Scripting

Another great tool to employ visualization as a means of manifestation is called scripting. Essentially scripting is writing out the scenes and scenarios of your travel lifestyle in a journal. This technique is great if you are a pen-to-paper type of person, or if physically seeing the words in front of you helps to invoke the pictures and emotions in your mind. Much like the vision board, the magic happens both while you are writing as well as each time you read and feel the story. Writing down your lifestyle dreams as they play out in the story cements this version of reality in your subconscious and with the universe.

☞ Take action!

Visualization is a multifaceted tool for turning your dreams and desires into reality. When these visualization techniques are working, you will feel pulls, ideas, and suggestions from the universe that become the pathway to your travel lifestyle dreams. Take heed of them and do what your Soul is calling you to do!

No matter which method of visualization you choose to employ, the most important thing is that it feels good for you. If you’re not enjoying the process, the visualization is not working. Find the balance between getting as specific with your visuals as possible and not allowing your mind to dwell on the details that you can’t see yet. Remember that evoking emotions to play out along with your visualizations and bringing those emotions into your everyday life is the most important part. You will be on your way to manifesting the travel lifestyle in no time!

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