Full Moon in Leo January 31, 2018: Releasing Your Blockages to Pleasure

The Full Moon in Leo rises at 2:46 in the afternoon on Wednesday, January 31st if you’re in Central Europe.  You can check the exact date and time in your area.  You can join the Monthly 10-Day Full Moon Ritual for free, of course, and you can join me for my Emotional Wellness Happy Hour Group Coaching and Healing Circle for $25.  During Emotional Wellness Happy Hour, we come together for a Full Moon meditation and then I personally coach each participant individually on the issues that are present for them at the time around each particular Full and New Moon.  The sessions are powerful because we work to get the to bottom of your issues so that they can be truly healed, not just suppressed or hidden away to resurface later.  We mostly use Shadow Work to uncover subconscious limiting beliefs and patterns that are sabotaging you from living your greatest potential and manifesting your heart’s desires.  We also us energy and healing practices to help you address emotional wounding so that your heart can thrive.  Emotional Wellness Happy Hour is timed to coincide with the Moon Cycles because these are powerful opportunities to do deep, deep healing, and to get the results you want as you evolve emotionally and energetically.

This particular Full Moon is what’s called a ‘Blue Moon’ because it is the second Full Moon in one month; and it’s a Blood Moon because it is an eclipse.  It also is orbiting close to the Earth and is therefore almost a Super Moon, which could make it a Super Blue Blood Moon or Blue Blood Super Moon or a Super Bloody Blue Moon, if you are into gore, which I am NOT.  All my corny jokes aside, this is a powerful Moon because it is an eclipse in the masculine fire sign of Leo.  Now is the time to really let go of what does not serve you.  Eclipses are a time to say, “Goddbye,” to all the people, places, things, ideas, beliefs, and behaviors that no longer serve you.  It is time to claim what is yours and release back to others that which is theirs.

Leo is the only astrological sign ruled by the Sun, the natural Authority in the solar system.  We know Leo people to be larger than life, full of enthusiasm, vitality, and quite confident in their self expression.  The Sun is obviously the center of our Solar system, and the sign of Leo (the 5th house) reflects this in it’s natural Authoritative expression.  Okay, I’m aware that I’m making some sweeping generalizations here.  Not all Leos are super confident masters of Authority.  All sorts of planetary happenings color our lives and one’s astrological natal chart has the ability to reveal the deep influences that are coloring their life and experience.  If you want to have your personal Astrological Blueprint delivered to your inbox within 24 hours, then order your 30 page report now and I’ll prep it and send it over.

The thing is, the Full Moon in Leo is the perfect time to work on healing our personal issues with our own inner lion.  We know that the mighty lion is the king of the jungle.  But what makes him king?  I would like for you to consider that maybe it’s Heart and Authority. The Full Moon in Leo is the PERFECT time to dig deep to free your Heart from the prison of your egoic mind but also to push into your own True Authority and self-esteem to heal any wounding that is blocking your self-expression. What you do over the next 10 days has the power to change your life for the better.  What you take on with conviction can really stick.

Remember in “The Wizard of Oz” how the cowardly lion was timid and shy, but in making that journey with Dorothy to Oz he rose up to the challenges and became confident?  The lion began the journey with low self-esteem and he ended it standing in his True Authority.  The Wizard didn’t actually grant the lion his heart because the lion had developed his heart on the journey. The heart was already there but the journey helped awaken the lion to it. The lion THOUGHT he needed an authority outside himself (The Wizard) to grant him his Heart, but his True Authority was already there.  His Heart was covered up by his fear and perceived limitation, but as is the nature of journeys, it opened him up to his own strength that was already there waiting for him to access it.

I would like to suggest, friend, that you let this Full Moon in Leo be a journey for you into the dark parts of yourself so that you can recover your precious Heart and any parts of your creative and vibrant self that have been fractured, suppressed or denied.  This Full Moon eclipse is a good time to ask yourself, “Am I allowing my Heart to exert influence in my life or am I suppressing its natural expression?  What is holding me back from expressing my True Self Authentically every day?  What are the blockages to my creativity?  Am I suffering the effects of low self-esteem?” Your True Authority comes from your Higher Self– that part of you which is connected to the Divine.  This part of you is your True Authority because it is not bound by any laws that oppress or limit you.  You are Divine and your opportunity while here on Earth is to re-member your Divinity and live your life from that place.  Each New and Full Moon phase takes you further along in your evolution.

Leo and Sun are the rulers of the 5th house which, in addition to being about your Authority is also about your pleasure, sexuality, and procreation.  You can be sure that at the time of this Full Moon, issues around sex, reproduction, and creativity are coming up for review so it is also a good time to explore the nature of your pleasure.  Friend, with this Full Moon in Leo, I want to challenge you to look critically at how you give and receive pleasure and really use this time to advocate for your right to feel good.  Your pleasure is IMPORTANT and this Full Moon in Leo wants to open you up to a deeper relationship with it.  That’s right, Friend:  more pleasure.  We are on the verge of an energetic awakening and I want you to welcome it with open arms.

Right now, please, just imagine that you are standing before a great oak door that is slightly ajar.  The oak is a mighty protector and a pillar of manifestation.  So as you witness this great oak door, understand that you are about pass through a monumental portal of energy into the arms of the Divine.  You see the slightly open door.  There is brilliant golden light shining from the other side and here is your chance to open that door and step into the Light.  My question for you, before you step in, is what lessons does that Light hold for your evolution and development?  What will that Light show you?  What transformation do you need to open you up to deeper levels of pleasure, creativity, connection, and sensual prowess?  These are questions on which you can meditate and journal.

When I step through the door, I feel electricity coursing through my whole body.  I feel a purification and a purging at the level of my cells.  In the Light, my body is purging my resistance to pleasure.  It is releasing the inner tyrant that has been punishing me all my life; it is purging me of my sick system of thoughts that believed that I was somehow unworthy of goodness and pleasure;  it is freeing up all the stuck energy that was keeping me locked in a place of passionless, timid self-expression.  When I step through that door and into the Light, I feel resistance leaving me and I feel my mind, my heart and my body being opened up to express a tremendous joy that is emanating from my core.  This is good Shadow Work!  My Higher Self is shining brightly in Spirit, mind, and body.

Your job is to step through that door and let your Higher Self come through.  In this 2018 year, we are under the tutelage of the Moon.  This is a ‘2’ year, the number of Divine Feminine Authority.  All year long we are being called to feel our way through life using our Intuition while practicing the Principle of Allowance.  This year, our rational, logical self will take a backseat to our Intuition.  The sign of Leo is not known for its keen Intuition.  Leo people tend to be more intellectual, relying on the power of their mind and the force of their will to guide them.  Also, right now, the Sun is in Aquarius, another intellectual and heady sign.  Aquarius is known for having profound intuition, but it’s one that comes from a widely open crown chakra.  We all have tremendous opportunity to benefit from more otherworldly awareness with the Sun in Aquarius, but we must balance this in our minds.  We have to take the upper chakra energy and move it down into the lower chakras.  We have to breathe this energy into our throats, our hearts, our solar plexus, our sacrum, our root.  This deep breathwork is a GREAT way to empower our natural feminine Intuition.  The Moon phases are more important than ever because this is the year we really take on our transformation into the Badass Butterfly, which is a consciousness that is free of earthly limitations like fear and doubt.  We are still releasing the hold that the earthly caterpillar mind has on us and we are expanding our understanding of what life can be with wings. This year, we are in a ‘2’ year, and 2017, was a ‘1’ year.  In 2017, we developed our relationship with Divine Masculine Authority.  Last year was all about the Sun and Leo.

I associate the Sun and Leo with the Solar Plexus Chakra, the energy center of our will… and the home of our ego.  Egoic fears and limiting beliefs can really gum up the natural flow of our will.  If we view ego as being that part of ourselves that views us as separated from Source, then we might find that ego is a storyteller and it tells the same old story about the world and ourselves over and over again.  Ego is NOT a creator, it is a drive that regurgitates what it has previously experienced in the past and it bases all its decisions on that.  Ego believes that the Sun is going to come up tomorrow because it has come up for eons beforehand.  It cannot conceive of the Sun not rising.  Okay, ego.  I’m willing to concede that tomorrow the Sun will rise.  The problem is that ego applies this same logic to all our endeavors.  It believes that if I failed at something before, I am probably gonna fail at it again so I shouldn’t even try.  Personally, I do not buy this, however, I hear it ALL THE TIME from clients.

  • “I tried asking men out on a dates and they rejected me and so now I don’t approach men,” or
  • “I have sent out 100 job applications!  There are no jobs out there!”
  • “I’ve tried every diet but I can’t keep the weight off.”
  • “My bank account is empty.  I can’t travel.”

The problem is that ego regurgitates its patterned responses and it doesn’t allow us to open up to our actual Divinity, which is 100% creative and resourceful and totally unbound by the constraints of what happened before.  The more we invest ourselves in the ego’s story, the more limited we become.  I would like to suggest that when you step through the oak doorway and prepare yourself to receive a new understanding of pleasure, you be willing to let go of all those limiting beliefs, limiting thoughts, old paradigms, and old behavioral patterns that are based on old vision.  During this Full Moon, ask Spirit to show you where you are stuck and limited.  Release your attachment to the old ways and invite a new way of seeing the world and experiencing Life Force Energy in the form of pleasure.  This is an opportunity to see yourself in a brand new way. Let the golden Light of your Higher Self come through and breakdown the old structures that have been holding you back from expressing yourself powerfully.  This is going to lead your to Higher Self-Esteem.  You are now practicing self-leadership that comes from the Higher Self.

Okay.  So this may not be a painless process, Friend.  Releasing our attachment to ego can cause ego to anguish in its feelings of loss of control.  And because we are so identified with ego, we will experience resistance to change and the pain that goes along with it.  I want to encourage you to fight the good fight.  Your Higher Self is 100% worth it.  Don’t back down.  And look, this is not just something that you do in one moment.  It is something that you must do every single day in every single moment.  If you want the benefits of the Higher Self, then you must walk the talk and do the work.  It requires vigilance in every single moment.  But you can do it.  And the more you practice, the more easily it will come.

The Full Moon is the time when all our dark shadows come up for healing.  We tend to experience a lot of internal fear around the Full Moon because what is dark and suppressed about us is coming into our conscious awareness.  The Full Moon is the time when our Divine Feminine Authority (the Moon) is doing her job of healing the internal landscape.  It’s not easy to for our conscious, egoic mind to deal with the deep emotions we experience.  The ego wants to deny, suppress, and escape what we are feeling.  But it’s up to us to lead from the Higher Self.  When we lead from the Higher Self, we take on our Higher Self’s perspective.  The Higher Self is the God Self and is 100% unconditionally loving, trusting, and willing to experience the present moment without needing to judge it, change it, or deny it.  Sometimes, my ego gets mad at my Higher Self and says, “Yeah, you’re not down here in this body having to deal with the pain.”  And then my Higher Self laughs and replies, “Actually, I Am.  You just think you’re me.  Actually, I’m the whole experience and you’re just an aspect that I’ve created to help me enjoy the contrast of my joyful expression.  Precious Ego, you are not the ruler or leader of this body.  I Am.”  My ego usually shuts up after that because I have, for at least that moment, re-membered the Truth of who I Am and have entered a state of grace.

Okay, I think this is plenty to work on right now.  Please sign up to join the Monthly Full Moon Ritual and you’ll be emailed a link to do the work each day. Every month we devote 10 days to clearing our Shadow, opening our Heart, practicing forgiveness, and empowering our True Authority.  It’s free to join.  You are also invited to join my Emotional Wellness and Spiritual Empowerment Facebook group for inspiration and to share your experience.  And please, don’t forget about Emotional Wellness Happy Hour Group Coaching and Healing Circle.  We get some VERY deep work done in there.

By the way, here’s a sweet song from the film “Moana.”  To me, it’s like my Higher Self talking to my ego when ego has gotten quite arrogant and thought that it was in charge and had forgotten that there is a Higher Power.


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  1. Cristina
    January 30, 2018 / 10:11 am

    Best astrological analysis and previsions I’ve come upon.

    • January 30, 2018 / 10:19 am

      Thanks, Cristina. I’m so glad it resonates with you. <3

  2. Beth
    February 9, 2018 / 8:48 am

    Oh wow! Thank you for sharing. Unfortunately I stumbled upon it too late.
    This full moon really had a big impact on me. It helped me to let things go, that didn’t suit me anymore.
    Can’t wait to read more on your blog. You write in such a understanding way. I also love to read more on https://www.astrosofa.com/horoscopes/daily-horoscope, it helps me to understand what’s going on in my life.

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