Is Your Wisdom Valuable? 🤔

Dear High Priestess In-Training, 🧝🏾‍♀️

Are you hoping to discover how you can use the profound wisdom you gained from your past painful experiences to help other people heal and transform their lives? 📚

Are you excited to learn how the challenges and obstacles you have overcome can benefit others who are going through similar challenges? 🏋🏽‍♀️

Early on, I lived with profound emotional pain. 💔 Grief, heartbreak, and disappointment were a constant in my life. But along with these was a deep awareness that other people were suffering with these same feelings and I had a profound desire to reach out and end their suffering. ❤️‍🩹

I know that you, too, feel this powerful calling from your Soul. That’s why you want to be a spiritual life coach. Your inner High Priestess is awake and she wants to help her tribe heal and transform their lives. 🧚🏽‍♀️

As a spiritual life coach, your job is to learn how your hard-earned wisdom is pure gold and why it is so valuable in helping other people heal and transform their lives. 🏅

Although you are successful in your life (you’re rocking it at home and at work) you know that your Soul is calling you to something bigger than you are today. Becoming a Spiritual Life Coach with a Divine Coaching Business is the PERFECT way to honor your Soul and turn your past painful experiences into a powerful healing, not just for your clients, but for yourself, as well. 🎁

What’s most important is you recognize that Spirit has given you the opportunity to share the wisdom you have gained with others as a Certified Spiritual Life Coach. 💝 As a coach you are going to be helping other people heal and transform their lives through your writings, videos, classes, workshops, and retreats.

But how do you take your powerful experiences, collect all that valuable wisdom, and share it all in an inspiring way that serves your clients and gets you paid handsomely in return? 💰

This is a REAL question that you need to consider if you take yourself and this Divine Calling seriously. It’s not a joke. Coaching is not a hobby or something you just casually jump into because it’s ‘trending.’ You need to research if you want to make this dream a reality AND you need to connect with a tribe of Badasses that can inspire and elevate you on this path. 🦋

That is why I am inviting you to Spiritual Life Coach Start-up Bootcamp. This is a 5-day challenge where I will be showing you exactly what you need to do to capture your past painful experiences so you can use them to attract the people who could benefit from your wisdom and even pay you for it!

Ha! How’s that for freaking AWESOME???? 👏🏼

Spiritual Life Coach Start-up Bootcamp is an easy way to get started on the path to becoming a Certified Spiritual Life Coach with your very own Divine Coaching Business. 💒You just need to give me five days and I will show you all the things you need to do.

You will leave this challenge feeling aligned, smart, and ready to step into your Soul’s Divine Purpose. 😁

🎯Enroll in Spiritual Life Coach Start-up Bootcamp for free here →

🤩We are going to jumpstart your coaching business and get you on the road to fulfilling your Soul’s Divine Life Purpose.

Over the 5 days of the challenge, we are going to:

🦋 Highlight and assess your spiritual magic. We will identify your spiritual gifts and see how they can help you be a great spiritual life coach.

🦋  Determine exactly how you can use the pain you’ve suffered to help other people heal and turn their lives around. This is where you become an alchemist and you turn your past pain into gold!

🦋 Help you tell your pain story in a way that inspires people and helps them recognize that you are indeed an excellent source of help.

🦋 Clearly define and identify the ideal client who best RESONATES WITH YOU, your brand, and your unique message of healing. This way you’ll never have to be inauthentic and you’ll avoid wasting time on people and in situations that take away from your energy and take you out of alignment.

🦋 Activate your Divine Coaching Vision and create a REAL Divine Coaching Business Blueprint. Like an architect, your blueprint is where you lay out your coaching dream! This is the first step in manifestation!!!

🦋 Build your very own Divine Coaching Business Roadmap so you will know EXACTLY what you need to do to build your coaching business and make your coaching dream a reality.

🤔To succeed in this challenge you must be excited to explore your spiritual gifts of magic AND pain-story. You must also want to understand how you can honor your Soul and tap into your Divine Life Purpose?

🎯So, sign-up for Spiritual Life Coach Start-up Bootcamp today for FREE:

Early enrollment will get you some extra bonuses and goodies like my “Divine, Fierce, and Wealthy Future Self Meditation” and my “Spiritual Life Coach Assessment.”

Yours in divine service,

Crystal Lynn Bell


PS. If you’re wondering who I am, my name is Crystal Lynn Bell. I have been thriving as a spiritual life coach for over 11 years. I began mentoring new and aspiring coaches into this work seven years ago. You can learn all about who I am and how I coach and mentor in Bootcamp. I would LOVE to meet you, Divine One.

Here’s a little quote from one of my graduates:

“Crystal not only helped me to figure out my business initiatives, because she has this strong business acumen,but she helped me develop my goals as an entrepreneur as a business woman. Her focus is to make her clients, heart-centered entrepreneurs–where you bring your passion, and your whole self into the work and the output that you want to create. She was able to help me connect the core of what I was trying to do. She was also able to help me turn my career around 360 degrees. Honestly, I don’t even recognize myself from a year ago! The concerns I had then are certainly not concerns anymore. They were monsters, and I conquered all of those demons or monsters at this point.” ~Martine Kalaw, Martine Kalaw Enterprises


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