Unlock Your Personal Power: New Moon in Leo Activation and Meditation with Crystal Lynn Bell

Start your day with Personal Empowerment Coach, Crystal Lynn Bell, for a life-affirming, spirit lifting meditation and energetic activation with the New Moon.

Sunday, August 16th from 10:00am to 12:00pm at Sure Shifting: A Wholeness Center in Long Beach, California.  Map

Sign upWhat is the New Moon?
Every month, our beautiful moon completes a cycle of going full and then going empty.  When she is full, it is the Full Moon and when she is empty, it is a New Moon.  The Full Moon is a time of endings and the New Moon is a time of beginnings.  When the New Moon is in Leo, it is the time to focus on your connection to your feelings of self-worth and to bring balance to your will.  For two whole weeks from August 14th, we have an AWESOME opportunity to tune into and unleash our own personal power– that unique place of our own Inner Sun and authority.

What are we going to do?
This meditation and activation will help you connect to your I AM Presence (that’s your Super Self) and your personal Spirit Guides who want you to thrive. We are going to take a few minutes to tune into what it means to be an authority in your own life.  We will then explore some of the blockages that keep you from acting in your authority and maybe even recognizing some inconsistencies that exist in your personal beliefs and are holding you back from living the life of your dreams.  Then we’ll start our activation and meditation.  This is a very powerful meditation that cleanses and balances your chakras, your aura and connects powerfully to your emotions and intellect.  You are going to feel AMAZING, connected, tuned-in, tapped-in and turned-on.   When we’re done, we’re going to enjoy a light, vegetarian potluck and the new friends we have made.

• Please arrive at Sure Shifting around 9:45am so that we can start the activation at 10:00am sharp.

• Wear white or light colored clothing.  Bring a light sweater in case you get chilly with the AC.

• Bring a journal and pen.

• Bring a bottle of water.

• Bring a meditation and/or yoga mat if you have them.

• Bring a light vegetarian dish to share.

How much can I pay to participate?
This is a donation based event, so you can pay what you desire.  The suggested donation is $10.  It is VERY helpful for you to pay in advance and reserve your spot.  Thank you!

Where will it be held?
There’s a gorgeous art/wellness studio on Anaheim Street called Sure Shifting.  You’re going to love it!  The owner, Monica McCurdy has created an inviting atmosphere that will inspire you.  See the map.

When is it?
Sunday, August 16th from 10:00am to 12:00pm.  Arrive at 9:45 so we can start at 10:00am sharp!

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Who’s leading the event?
Crystal Lynn Bell loves her job as a certified personal empowerment coach, psychic and healer. It is her passion to reveal the magnificence hidden behind the defensive walls of the modern woman.  Facilitating powerful transformation is her gift. By combining her expert coaching techniques with her strong intuition, she guides women on life-affirming journeys, while helping them break up limiting beliefs, confront their fears, and tap into their passions, thus manifesting their dreams. When she is not trekking the Himalayas, shopping the bazaars of Istanbul, or sipping wine in a Parisian cafe, you will find her offering hands-on healing, teaching classes, giving psychic readings, leading workshops, writing her blog and putting together exciting travel adventures for her clients.  To book a complimentary Discovery Session to learn how Crystal Lynn can help you realize your magnificence, write her at CrystalLynn@Spiritcentric.com or call 310-439-8749.  You can learn more about her body of work at www.CrystalLynnBell.com

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