Full Moon in Sagittarius June 9, 2017: New Mind, Deep Wisdom

Sagittarius is the sign that rules Intuition and the expansion of our horizons. If you know any Sagittarius people, you will probably find yourself falling in love with their ability to navigate the world of ideas, thoughts and concepts. This cerebral sign is masculine, ruled by the behemoth planet Jupiter. Jupiter expands all that it touches, which is great when it touches your income, relationships, and mind… but not so great when it comes to your debt, bad health and taxes! Being under the rulership of Jupiter gives the sign of Sagittarius its expansive qualities as well as, its optimism and positivity. Jupiter is known as the sign of good luck and Sagittarius is seen to be truly blessed by the Universe.

On Friday, June 9th the Full Moon rises in Sagittarius. And by the way, for each monthly Full Moon, I do free LIVE Tarot Readings. This one will be on Sunday, June 11th at 7:30pm CET (Central European Time.) Sign up here and check your email for opt-in and confirmation.  Whenever the Full Moon comes, she brings a beautiful opportunity to go deep inside our Shadowy selves. The Shadowed Self is that part of us which we usually try to deny because society will not tolerate its presence. The Shadow is what we think we are not. To get a really good understanding of Shadow, I recommend this article written by Matthew Blaise. It is a long one, but bookmark it to read when you have some time. The Shadow is our individual collection of negative thoughts, beliefs, and actions. They are our negative judgments and the negative behaviors that we tend to deny or hide from public view. We put on a good face and smile on the outside, but on the inside, we are crying, fearful, angry or lonely. Shadow is what makes you passive-aggressive, envious and mistrusting.

When the Moon is full, it is a good time to work on that Shadow stuff. When it is full in Sagittarius, we want to work on our deep beliefs and thinking processes. How we think and what we believe are coming up for us to examine and heal. And the Sun will be in the sign of Gemini, another cerebral sign ruling communication, until June 20th which emphasizes the mind and how we use it. You can read my article titled, We’re All A Little Gemini, to get the lowdown on how to benefit from this pre-summer aspect. The energy and healing of the Moon Goddess is able to help us go inward to enLIGHTen the dark parts of our psyches. The Full Moon in Sagittarius is an excellent time to examine the most deeply rooted blockages to our genuine happiness and appreciation, looking realistically at the past wounding and trauma that limits our creativity and our ability to envision a more powerful future for ourselves.

This particular Full Moon is cozied up to the cold and stern planet Saturn which is also in Sagittarius, and so things are going to be more challenging than normal. Some of you began feeling this Full Moon a couple of days ago. Perhaps you have been very aware of your shortcomings and instead of burying them, you have been a more open to them, maybe even voicing your fears with your entrusted circle so that you could find relief.

There’s a Tarot card called The Tower. The idea is that a lightning bolt (one of Jupiter’s symbols) strikes a stone tower causing it to split. It’s a violent scene and it usually depicts a man plummeting from one side of the tower and a woman plummeting from the other. There is an overall feeling of death and destruction as the tower, representing the old structures (ie beliefs, thought systems, paradigms and concepts) that we thought were solid and permanent, come crashing down to make way for something new to emerge.

NOBODY looks at that card for the first time and thinks, Yay! Destruction! The card usually comes when we are feeling a big uncomfortable shift in the world around us. It’s like eating bad fish and an hour later your gut signals you that something is definitely wrong in paradise. Your gut says, “Prepare for upheaval,” and you head to the john. When The Tower comes, I always suggest to my clients that they prepare for the upset by embracing the change. The more I can help them see that the old structures were no longer serving them, the easier it is for them to go with the flow of the universe as it unfolds in mystery.

As I wrote before, all Full Moons are a provocative time for exploring Shadow—looking at your deep fears and negative emotions. But the presence of Saturn is coloring this Moon phase a particularly dark shade of blue. I have not written a lot about Saturn on my blog and it’s probably because subconsciously I don’t want to play with fire. I will write more about him in the future. But for now, suffice it to say that Saturn is called The Taskmaster by Susan Miller and my Vedic astrology teacher used to call him The Teacher of Demons. Don’t misunderstand me, Saturn is not a demon—not at all. But he is a fucking ass-kicker who has the power to whip even your deepest darkest demons into shape. Many people find Saturn’s methods to be particularly cruel because he teaches by withholding, contracting and limiting—withholding love and friendship, contracting your thinking, and limiting your money, for example. That’s how he gets your attention because he’s a teacher of your demons.

  • Can’t get a job? Ask Saturn because he’s probably shrouding you in fear so that you will become so paralyzed with it that you actually slow down and confront the fact that you want to be self-employed.
  • Can’t lose the weight? Go talk to Saturn because he’s probably got his finger on your flab, because you’re eating to escape the profound loneliness you feel. Confront your loneliness and watch how easy it is to eat just one scoop of ice cream.
  • Running out of money? Go ask Saturn because he’s probably fucking with your wallet so that you can stop seeing money as your source of happiness and security and instead see God/Goddess as the Source of All Your Good.
  • Feeling afraid, particularly about your survival? Write a letter to Saturn. Or better yet, perform 80,000 Saturn mantras and go to temple every Saturday after sundown and feed a black cow some black gram and feed a black dog something to make it happy and wear black and dark blue on Saturdays and in other words, repent, repent, repent and atone, atone, atone. One day I’ll tell you all about my adventures in India with Saturn and Shani Dev. But for now, just know that Saturn is an ass-kicker.

Saturn has been transiting Sagittarius for the last two years. People born under the sign of Sagittarius have been finding themselves being pulled inward to reevaluate their ways of doing things so that they can deepen the quality of their lives. Whereas things usually flow easy for Sagittarius, over the last two years they might have been feeling some resistance and an inability to move forward as they normally would. This has lead to a depression in a sign that doesn’t usually experience this kind of heaviness. Sagittarians have be a little more stoic than usual. Sagittarius likes to expand its world with adventure and maybe even folly. The last couple of years they might have found that they need more discipline and focus to make success their reality. When Saturn is in your sign, you feel and experience a sobering heaviness in your daily life. And even if you are not Sagittarius, you’re still affected by this Saturnian aspect!!!!

Overall, Saturn in Sagittarius is making us all mature and deepen. Saturn is making us crave the qualities of Sagittarius so that we will draw ourselves to those qualities and ground them within ourselves at the deepest level. Sagittarius is about truth, knowledge and understanding. It’s also about spirituality and faith. Saturn is going to make you look not only at what you know, but how you know it. It wants you to deepen your knowledge and turn it into wisdom. So on the whole, for all of us who are not Sagittarius, we are learning and thus teaching differently (we can’t help but teach what we learn.) Saturn abhors willful ignorance! If you have not deepened the quality of your existence, expect Saturn’s restrictions to get tighter and the lessons more painful. Look back over the last two years. Have you had any meaningful and tough lessons? Has your faith and your position within the scheme of heaven and earth been challenged? Have you questioned the role that religion or spirituality has played in your life? Has your life philosophy or world view been challenged? For those of us who are egocentric in our knowledge, superficial in our understanding and limited in our vocabulary, Saturn has brought us tough lessons to help us get wise.

Look, I’ve painted Saturn as an old meanie, but honestly, he’s not so mean. Okay, wait, he is mean! But he’s mean with the sole purpose of making you sit up and take notice of what your Soul came here to do: THRIVE. Saturn knows your karma and his job is to help you clear it so that you can ascend to greatness. He knows your demons so that you can overcome them and you get aligned with your Divinity. He gave you your fears so that you can build a strong base of success that is not easily toppled. Saturn comes in to kick your ass when you’re cutting corners and taking the lazy route. Saturn is about discipline, order, structure and depth. He discourages us from spreading ourselves too thin and he despises the notion of jack of all trades, master of none. He’ll let you get away with that in your spare time, but if you’re building your life on it, believe me, you’re gonna get a slap across the face to wake you up to the beauty of depth and mastery. Saturn is actually my ruler not just in my astrological make-up, but also in my numerological make-up. By the way, if you’re a number 8 either in name or in birth, then you’re one of Saturn’s children. This basically means that you came here to master love, abundance and union by overcoming fear, lack and separation.
SOOOO here you are with the Full Moon (representing Mother) and Saturn (representing Father) in Sagittarius (representing higher mind principles.) Personally, what I would do with this information is take some time to reflect on what I want to manifest for myself and then I would look at my beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors that are contradicting what I say I want. This is going to let Saturn work with us cooperatively. For example,

  • (Belief)I say, “I want to be a writer and finish my novel by the end of the year.” But I have an unconscious belief that says, “I cannot survive without a full-time job that pays me less than $60,000/year.” OR “If I don’t work full-time, then I must sacrifice what gives me joy.”
  • (Thought)My thought patterns may look something like this: If I take fewer clients, I will have to sacrifice something that I love doing. I don’t want to give up what I have. I have to work full-time. What will my family and friends think about me if I don’t work? Who do I think I am, working on a novel as my primary focus? Who’s going to pay my bills if I don’t work? People who don’t work are not contributing as much to society.
  • (Behavior) I keep working and adding more clients to my schedule. I don’t schedule protected writing time. I let work and clients have priority over my protected writing time. I don’t follow through with working on my novel. I don’t make my novel the priority. I put off writing for other things.
    The original belief is screwing me over. The thinking pattern which perpetuates the belief is life-negating. And the behavior that is reflecting my belief is a big cover-up for my fear.

For this Full Moon, I encourage you to take some serious time to look at what beliefs you are holding (both conscious and unconscious) that are keeping you in a disempowered state and not letting you realize your Soul’s Potential. Then I want you to observe your thoughts and break the pattern of any that are not serving your heart’s desire. DO NOT TOLERATE that kind of stuff in your brain. And then I want you to come up with a list or a plan of how you can change your behavior from evading your dream to engaging it (or whatever feels authentic to my self that has positive, life-affirming beliefs.) This would be an excellent use of Saturn’s deep and probing urge to quality and the Moon’s urge to healing.

You’ve got a lot to work on. Enjoy this process.

Here’s your ritual for this Full Moon in Sagittarius:

Full Moon Ritual for Full Moon in Scorpio 2017
1. First of all, this is a Full Moon Ritual that clearly involves Saturn. I recommend doing this ritual Friday night or early before sunrise on Saturday. Saturday is Saturn’s Day. And Saturn likes the coolness of night. If you can see the Full Moon as do your ritual, even better.

2. Set the mood. Turn off your computer and phone. Put on some uplifting music that invokes good feelings in you. Make it positive and inspiring.

3. Light some incense or put some essential oils in some water in a burner. Get yourself a pretty glass and fill it water. Hold the glass in your hands and say a prayer of trust, love and optimism. Bring the water to your ritual space and sip on it as you do your ritual.

4. Get a white candle, but before you light it, say a word of thanks and bless the light that will come forth. Light the candle.

5. Journal and pen (or laptop or tablet or phone… whatever you’re gonna use to write. It could be a napkin and a crayon. Use what you got.) Put this near you because you’re going to need it in a few minutes.

6. Get comfortable. You can sit at a desk or on the floor or on your bed. Just get into a position where you can hangout and focus on what’s really important to you.

7. Take a few deep breaths and tune into your entire body. Allow yourself to release any tension you may be holding. Put your dominant hand over your heart and see if you can notice the beat or feel heat radiating from your chest. Feel your body and settle into peaceful contemplation. You can lower your hands whenever you feel like doing so.

8. From your heart space, call upon the Goddess, the Divine Mother. Feel her light coming from within you. Feel the light filling you up, illuminating you from inside. Sit in peace for several minutes and just breathe the light of the Moon. Inhale. Exhale. If you are aware of any negative thoughts or feelings, surrender them, with appreciation and unconditional love. Let go of your fears, doubts, negative beliefs, worries and concerns. Breathe gently in this place of light and let go.

9. As you sit in oneness with the Moon, say a prayer of appreciation for this moment and all things that inspire you. Spend the next few minutes allowing yourself to feel your appreciation. Remember to use your breath to keep you connected to your body.

10. Desires you want to manifest– Very gently open your eyes and take your journal and pen. Write down what you want to manifest for yourself. Write just a few very important things.

11. Negative beliefs– Staying connected to your physical body, scan your mind to see what kind of deep beliefs you have about your desires. Be very sure to look at your mind with a sharp eye. Don’t let your mind get away with cloaking your negative beliefs in benevolence. If you have a belief that says, “Rich people are materialistic and therefore not as good as poor people in the eyes of God,” you’re lying to yourself. Make a list of all your negative beliefs in your journal.

12. Negative thought patterns—Now scan your mind to see what kind of thoughts you routinely think that feed your negative beliefs. For example, I’m a good person! I’m a humble person. I don’t need much. I haven’t earned that yet. I’ll never be able to afford that. Write all of these thoughts down in your journal.

13. Limitation-perpetuating behaviors– Think about yourself in terms of your behaviors. Answer these questions in your journal. What kind of things do you do to protect that negative belief and keep it active in your life? What kind of things to you notice that reinforce that belief? For example, you might write: I hate golf because it’s a rich man’s sport. I avoid going into upscale department stores. I never go window shopping because I can’t afford to buy anything I see. I hangout with people who are at my same socio-economic and educational level because I am more comfortable with them.

14. Now that you’ve examined your beliefs, your thought patterns and your behaviors, put your journal aside and go into a little meditation and prayer state. Just sit quietly and reflect on what you have observed in yourself. Talk to your Spirit Guides or God/Goddess and ask for assistance in releasing the negative beliefs and changing your thought patterns and behaviors. Just sit and meditate and pray.

15. When you are ready to come out of your meditation, take several slow deep breaths and become aware of your body and the room in which you are sitting. Open your eyes gently when you are ready.

16. Say, “Thank you,” for all the love that has been bestowed upon you. Know that these words are appreciative, not grateful. What is the difference, you might wonder? Appreciation puts you on the same level of abundance. It is a mirror reflection of abundance. Gratitude is the feeling of having not had something and then getting it. It is about lacking something and then coming into having it. Appreciation is an acknowledgement that you were never lacking. It is a knowing that you have always been a child of God/Goddess—even when you have forgotten.

17. You can read a whole process of how to change a limiting belief on my blog and watch an excellent video by Teal Swan.

18. Shadow Work. Do some specific Shadow Work exercises to help you process what you experienced. If you don’t know what Shadow Work is, don’t worry about it. Just write down your fears, doubts and resistances and ask your spirit guides to help you heal. That’s good enough. I teach Shadow Work, so you can always arrange a few sessions so that you can learn it truly.

19. Your ritual for this Full Moon is now complete.

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