Meditations on the Divine Feminine: The Principle of Allowance

Isis_138Meditations on the Divine Feminine:  Embodying the Principle of Allowance

There are many facets to the Principal of Allowance:

  • Grace:  Allowing others to have their way
  • Spiritual:  Surrendering to the Divine Plan; merging your will with that of the Goddess.
  • Proliferators of the Principle of Allowance
  • Commitment to the Order of the Universe (Divine Will)
  • Trust (in Universe; in other people; in yourself)
  • Implies a meaningful awareness of your connection to all things and an inherent trust in your place in the Universe.
  • Singleness of mind (this is your ‘knowing’  It goes back to trust.)
  • Confidence (in yourself and your belief systems)
  • Strong internal compass (Being focused inward helps to understand how the exterior really looks)
  • Intention (the will to confidently assert your vision)
  • Surrender (Let Go, Let God) no investment in how your dream manifests
  • Detachment from the outcome (seeking no outward expression of the item.)
  • Flexibility (all while still ‘knowing’)
  • Discerning how to proceed; discerning what roads to take

Barriers to the Principle of Allowance:

  •  Inability to be in the present moment.
  • Doubt (inability to trust the process and the outcome)
  • Impatience (the stubbornness that refuses to be in peace until a certain outcome is achieved.
  • Projection of our beliefs, values and ideals onto the universe.
  • Closing our minds to possibilities that surpass our wildest dreams.
  • The need to control by setting limits that make us comfortable and forsake the big picture, such as time limits, physical attributes, moral imperatives, etc.
  • Inner Radiance already has the Principle of Allowance programmed into it.

The Principle of Allowance:

  • By surrendering judgment, you allow others complete autonomy because you are offering radical acceptance.
  • Allowing things to be as they are
  • Letting knowledge flow in and flow out
  • Letting knowledge wash over you
  • Allowing yourself to be bathed in knowledge
  • Allowing yourself to be supported
  • Allowing emotions to flow
  • Surrendering the functioning of the lower mind
  • Surrendering fear
  • Surrendering separation
  • Surrendering attachment
  • Allowing an outcome to be as it is

Surrendering judgment:

  • Of others:  By allowing others to be who they are, you allow yourself to be who you are.  You can’t be in alignment with this law and pass judgement on others.
  • Of circumstances:  by surrendering judgment of circumstances, we insert ourselves directly into the flow of what is.  This is the space of miracle working. The Principle of Allowance brings a deep acceptance of what is, without judgments and this clears the error thoughts that block the miracle.

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