Rumi Oracle Card Deck: An Invitation Into The Heart Of The Divine

Purchase Rumi Oracle: An Invitation Into The Heart Of The Divine

This month, I’m featuring Rumi Oracle: An Invitation into the Heart of the Divine.  This deck was recommended by one of my beloved clients and it has been delivering me powerful messages, guiding me through change and awakening. Rumi was a 13th century Persian Sunni Muslim poet. His poetry has been translated into many languages and his work greatly appeals to our most tender hearts.  Love, wealth, and joy are signature Rumi themes, but he addresses even the most grave experience with depth and compassion.  If you are someone who likes a teaspoon of sugar with their dose of medicine, you will love these cards because they give even their hard messages with a gentle hand.

These are oracle cards so are not Tarot.  Tarot cards have a Major and Minor Arcana and incorporate playing cards suits (hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs.)  Oracle cards are most like found without the suits, but are instead messages channeled by their authors in collaboration with an artist using their own designs.  Both oracle and Tarot cards are powerful and a GREAT way to connect to your Spirit Guides and Higher Self!  The Rumi Oracle is written by Alana Fairchild and her messages are loving and wise– poetry in themselves.  Each card has a theme and begins with a Rumi poem that opens the heart and mind to receiving the message; and then Alana Fairchild provides her own translation and guidance through the card’s theme.  Though far from the traditional imagery of tarot, the artwork of the Rumi Oracle by Persian visual artist, Rassouli, is moving, provocative, and inspiring.  It takes you on a journey and stimulates your psyche to release it secrets.

Woman and rose

Artwork by Rassouli

Purchasing this card deck using this link supports the writing I do here on my blog, and I thank you for it.  All of my selections on my blog and website are handpicked because of their excellence and the tremendous value they bring.  Nothing is treated lightly or carelessly, so you know that my recommendations are coming from the heart.

Here is the description of the card deck:  “Rumi speaks a sacred language that we understand with our hearts rather than our minds. He knows the heart is the gateway to divine union and he doesn’t want you to play small this lifetime. He encourages humanity to live and love with absolute surrender, abandon and willingness to accept the mysteries of life. Whether you have studied his poetry for years or are drawn to him only now, this oracle deck will strengthen and illuminate your connection with this beautiful and powerful soul who loves you with a fierce passion. Rumi has a heart so open that the entire world that he loves so dearly can easily be held within it. His is a path of love. To dance in divine love with him, you need only be willing to enter your own heart. May the blessings of this spiritual brother lead you into the bliss of your own divine heart-centered nature.”

You can learn more and purchase this deck at Amazon:  Rumi Oracle: An Invitation into the Heart of the Divine.

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    September 28, 2022 / 3:07 pm

    I am Libra 22 October 2022 male divorced with 7 children. I very much love. Tarot, Astrology and Spirit Guide stuff. Please send me weekly readings. I have also become much interested in Rumi poetry.

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