The Courage to Follow Your Soul’s Calling: Starting a Spiritual Coaching Business

Starting a spiritual coaching business can be a daunting task for any woman, especially if you have been successful in your 9-to-5 job for years. But, if your family relies on your consistent income contribution to thrive, the idea of going into business for yourself in pursuit of your Soul’s Divine Calling can feel scary and maybe even irresponsible. Why would you risk losing money or soiling your reputation and the respect your family has for you in pursuit of what could just be a flight of fancy? What if you go for it and fail?

It is natural to feel uncertain and fearful of pursuing a Spiritual Calling that may seem unconventional or unfamiliar. However, the rewards of pursuing your soul’s purpose and making a positive impact on the lives of others can be immeasurable.

This is one of the biggest challenges of starting a spiritual coaching business which is overcoming self-doubt. It is common to feel like you are not qualified or experienced enough to help others on their spiritual journey. However, it is important to remember that your unique life experiences and spiritual insights can be valuable assets to your clients.

Look, I want to be honest with you about the process of becoming a spiritual life coach. It takes balls. It’s not just your future that’s on the line. It’s your family’s lifestyle and your reputation that hangs in the wings of this life-changing decision.

If the thought of using your hard-earned wisdom and your spiritual gifts of magick in service to other people in need excites you, then send me a private message and we can chat about how you can work with me in my certification program -OR- you can join my League of Badass Butterflies Facebook community for free to learn more about my work and my coaching technique (!


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