OA2: Are You An Emotional Badass?

Butterflies amaze me for SO many reasons. They’re obviously beautiful, yet free from ego. They’re industrious and wise, instinctively locating nectar and nourishment to fuel procreation. Within a species, chrysalises are practically identical, yet no two butterflies look exactly the same. Badass Butterfly Spiritual Life Coaches are similarly multi-faceted and magnificent. Like the insect, we are not born into this lifestyle but we grow into Emotional, Material, and Spiritual Badasses after our version of a metamorphosis. 🐛🦋

Emotional Badassery is the ability to hold space for yourself and guide others through the process of emotional healing and transformation. The Emotional Badass has an intimate understanding of the spiritual philosophy guiding her actions. She moves from a place of True Authority, informed by personal experience that proves her philosophy works in the real world. She alchemizes pain into peace. This combination of knowing, being, and doing allows Emotional Badasses to balance self-care with coaching others in a responsible, holistic way.

KNOWING You’re an Emotional Badass: Your Spiritual Philosophy

Everything begins with Spirit and is translated into the material world, including our feelings and emotions. According to my spiritual philosophy, observing the physical sensation of feelings and experiencing emotions as “energy in motion” (without mentally labeling or judging them) bridges the connection between the Higher Self and the human experience. SO much of the work I do and the way I live my life is directed by this principle.


That is one part of my spiritual philosophy. Now it’s your turn. What is your spiritual philosophy?

Know exactly WHAT you believe, WHY you believe it, and HOW it works to build the skeleton of your spiritual philosophy. Write about it OFTEN, in your journal or on your blog, to flesh it out. A solid spiritual philosophy will guide your actions towards the life you desire, and help you explain exactly why you’re such a badass at handling your own and others’ emotions. ❤️‍🩹

BEING an Emotional Badass: Street Cred. & True Authority


Your spiritual philosophy can be as solid and valuable as a golden goose egg, but without credibility and authority, you’re the only person who benefits from that knowledge. Before my client testimonials, I demonstrated my “street cred” by letting my lifestyle speak for itself. The tangible results of consistent practice support my spiritual philosophy’s validity. Through my blog, videos, and face-to-face interactions, people get a sense that I know what I’m talking about and that I believe in what I do because it works. I’m living evidence.

For some, discussing philosophical ideas is less challenging than talking about how Badass they are. If this is your experience, move towards that discomfort. Engage in Shadow Work to discover and heal the parts of yourself that shirk away from boasting. Then, add that to your Treasury of Boasts! You have SO much to offer, but how will anyone know if you don’t tell them? Here are a few practices to get you started:

  • Treasury of Boasts Exercise: write down literally EVERYTHING you can do that is of value, from rocket science or parenting to reading or typing really quickly. ✍🏽
  • Document Your Journey: write a memoir about yourself, FOR yourself. Practice recounting your story of transformation until it feels natural. 📝
  • Treasury of Triumph Over Trauma Exercise: list all the challenges that you’ve overcome, how you coped with or healed from them, and the results of your actions. 🏆

I find it helpful to set a timer for 10 minutes at a time, revisiting the exercises as needed.

DOING Emotional Badassery: Alchemizing Pain into Peace

The ability to alchemize pain is the Emotional Badass’s not-so-secret weapon. She recognizes pain as a partner in her spiritual expansion, not a burden to bear and suffer through. In her work as a Badass Butterfly Spiritual Life Coach, she helps others to see that healing and transformation come from integration: raising a feeling’s vibration until it matches the frequency of peace. Let’s explore some simple steps…

Step 1:

Awareness ~ To heal, we must feel.

Step 2:

Experience the Pain ~ Resistance only prolongs suffering.

Step 3:

Validate the Pain ~ With practice, acceptance and tolerance become validation and integration.

Step 4:

Repeat ~ A regular practice of objectively observing your feelings is strength training for Emotional Badasses

Death & Transformation

Caterpillars do not energetically perish in their cocoons, yet they are completely transformed into something different. In Tarot, the Death card – representing change more often than a literal death – shows us three vastly different and equally valid responses to change. As Death marches steadily forward, the Adult resists it and suffers. The Child is fearless, curious, ready to learn. The Elder reaches out to embrace Death, knowing it is not an ending, but a transformation. 🧘🏾‍♀️


The Emotional Badass isn’t afraid to transform. She knows that change is the only constant quality of the Universe. Specifically, the Emotional Badass does not cling to or run from her feelings. Instead, she rides the waves of pleasure and discomfort as they come to her, maintaining her perspective that everything is temporary. If she is also a Badass Butterfly Spiritual Life Coach, her Divine Life Purpose is to show others how to do the same.

And hey, if you are interested in uniting your hard-earned wisdom and your desire to be of service to others, then come join my free Facebook group, League of Badass Butterflies. This is where I help aspiring Badass Butterflies awaken to their greatest potential as they heal their shadows and pursue their Divine Life Purpose. ✨


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