OA1: Who is The Spiritual Badass?

The Spiritual Badass recognizes that everything is Source Energy. She taps into that Energy and consciously directs it with skill and grace. Anyone can be a Spiritual Badass! I LOVE my work as a Badass Butterfly Spiritual Life Coach; I get to share with others how to utilize their connection with Source and their own emotions to manifest the life they desire!

How to Embody Spiritual Badassery

In order to be a Spiritual Badass, you must have a deep connection to the Divine. Your Divine Connection IS your superpower, and it’s the only thing you need. To embody Spiritual Badassery, you will take each of the following steps – Intuition, Drive, and Action – many times on your journey, as if you were dancing a waltz. The dance is cyclical, not linear.

Step 1: Intuition & the Divine Feminine

The defining feature of a Spiritual Badass is their intimate relationship with the Divine. Badass Butterfly Spiritual Life Coaches are experts at receiving messages from Spirit and using our observations to inform our life choices. Intuition is one way the Universe constantly speaks to us. By internalizing Divine Feminine principles of receptivity and creativity, Badass Butterflies listen to our hearts and heed our gut instincts, which we recognize as direct communications from the Divine. Some techniques for sharpening those skills are:

1. Stream-of-Consciousness Journaling. Observe your thoughts without judging them and de-clutter your mind, making room for Spirit to speak to you. I suggest that you use paper journals for those times when want to feel tactile and sensual, and electronic ones for those times when you’re out on the road, walking the dog, and you need to express yourself immediately. I’ve been using Evernote for over 10 years, and I love it. It doesn’t matter what media you use. Just use it regularly.

2. Create! Letting your imagination run wild gives your intuition permission to come out and play. Any creative pursuit empowers more freedom of expression. Art, poetry, and dance are just a few examples. Practice allowing your heart to speak its truth in a way that feels right for you. Practice this consistently. After a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, it goes around laying eggs, the symbol of creation. Your job, Badass Butterfly, is to create.

3. Dream Journaling. Observe the themes and messages from your subconscious. Write down any patterns or predictions that emerge. Writing down your dreams is a great way to get deeper meaning into you life and why you do what you do. WRITING IS BETTER THAN JUST REMEMBERING. The act of writing unlocks what’s hidden inside you. So just write or type out all the details that come to mind. Decipher them afterward. Look for those themes and patterns. Be a detective uncovering clues to your own psyche and the mysteries of your Spiritual Guidance Team who are all intertwined in your dreams.

4. Quality Time With Yourself. Take time to “just be” with your feelings. Notice the physical sensations in your body when you feel pleasure, sadness, joy, etc. Badass Butterflies, especially when we follow the path of professional healers and life coaches must be experts on the subtle energies in the bodies and the flow of emotions. I personally am a master at this with my clients because I am a master of this in myself. Practicing mindfulness, self-awareness, and meditation will help you develop your relationship with yourself, and your Spirit Guides, who love to reveal themselves when you are giving yourself high-end quality time.

5. Tarot, Astrology, & Other Divination Disciplines facilitate direct conversations with the Divine. Approach with curiosity and an open heart. Buy some Tarot cards. I wrote a guide on choosing the right Tarot deck if you need help. Tarot provides you with archetypical images that tell you stories and unlock hidden aspects of your mind, bringing them to the surface of your awareness for you to deal with. Astrology is your Soul’s blueprint for living in this lifetime.


Step 2: Drive & Divine Life Purpose

Once she sharpens her ability to receive spiritual guidance, the Spiritual Badass is driven to carry out her Divine Life Purpose. The Soul of a Badass Butterfly Spiritual Life Coach incarnated to become an expert at healing herself and a guide for others on their healing journeys. She knows her purpose from communing with her Soul. The Higher Self is the part of Self that never loses touch with Source, and the Soul is that part of you that holds your wisdom and gives you your earthly imperatives.

Your Higher Self holds all your good energy, your strength, and your power. It is your perfect, godlike monad, and it holds all your potential. Your Soul governs the potential of you in this lifetime. When you feel a particular need to do something, or you feel a particular connection to something, that’s coming from your Soul because your Higher Self holds ALL connections. Your Soul is about you in this lifetime, whereas your Higher Self is about all of the aspects of you (Quantum Theory) in all of your lifetimes. You probably feel more connected to your Soul than to your Higher Self because your Higher Self is so perfect. Your Soul is like that working partner that’s down in the trenches with you suggesting you go left or right, and feeling your pain, while your Higher Self is above it all, loving you unconditionally. If this is confusing in any way, just leave a comment about where you want clarification and I’ll address it happily. Just know that it’s your Soul that’s in charge of your Divine Life Purpose.

Here are some techniques for communicating with your Soul:

 1. Meditate Regularly: Learn to distinguish ego-based thoughts from the inner voice that comes from your Soul, your inner wisdom. You can also do meditations to connect to your ancestors, your past lives, or even with nature. You can also do meditations to connect to your Higher Self.  CONSISTENCY IS KEY; 5 minutes a day alone or 2 hours per week with a group is preferable to 10 days in a row, once a year!

2. Shadow Work: Believe it or not, the parts you like the least about yourself are also reflections of your Soul. EVERYTHING you feel is valid, even when it hurts. Spend time with your pain to discover what lessons your Soul came here to learn. And of course, ask me about shadow work exercises to help you grow.

3. Practice Non-judgment: If the truth about your Divine Life Purpose is hidden from your awareness, it might be afraid of judgment from yourself or others. Notice when you think judgmental thoughts about yourself or others and replace those thoughts with compassionate ones. Eventually, your Soul will open up to you.

4. Play! Your inner child still knows what your Divine Life Purpose is. Revisit activities that brought you joy when you were younger, see if they have the same effect on you now.

Step 3: Action & Manifestation

Spiritual Badasses have badass dreams! We work smart, AND we work hard to achieve them with skillful, disciplined effort. Manifestation is a practical application of spiritual inspiration, mental focus, concrete action, and emotional management for the purpose of making our desires real. I’ve got five easy steps for you to consider as you learn to master manifestation.

1. Inspiration: Your Soul expresses desire through your body. Feelings will tell you what you want to manifest.

2. Focus: Your mind maintains focus on the desire and makes concrete plans on how to achieve it. Re-mind yourself to refocus when you get distracted.

3. Commitment: Consistent daily actions show the Universe that you’re seriously committed to your desire and bring you into alignment with the final result.

4. Energetic Alignment: Emotions are “Energy in Motion,” so to be in energetic alignment with your desires, align your emotions with achievement and success.

5. Resolve Resistance: Conscious and subconscious resistance can sabotage manifestation at any stage. Acknowledge, validate, and integrate the parts of yourself that hold you back until they cease working against you from the shadows.


A Spiritual Badass is someone intimately connected to Spirit who knows how to translate Divine messages to guide her emotional and material life. In this waltz, we are dancing with Spirit. The dance begins whenever you take the first step. It only ends when you stop dancing, and you can always begin again.

And hey, if you are interested in uniting your love of spirituality and your desire to be of service to others, then come join my free Facebook group, League of Badass Butterflies. This is where I help aspiring Badass Butterflies awaken to their greatest potential as they heal their shadows and pursue their Divine Life Purpose.


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