Sunday Morning Wake-Up Call

📣 This was the Sunday morning wake-up call I got from my Spiritual Guidance Team today:

Are you really aligned with the attitudes, decisions, and behaviors that are required to achieve your biggest dreams and desires? 🤔

Or are you just hanging out in your comfort zone playing it safe? 😳

I got up this morning and thought, I want to create something big! (Now look… I had a very specific very desire on my mind, but I’m not sharing it because it’s incredibly personal. I do hope, though, that my message comes through clearly despite the only partial disclosure.)

My point is that I got up and told the Universe that I have a huge desire, and then, as usual, I waited to hear the Universe’s response.

The Universe said, “Are you aligned with the attitudes, decisions, and behaviors of the person who has achieved your desires?”

I paused and said out loud, “Oh, wow. Hmm. No. I’m not really, am I.” Gosh, DARN IT!

Spirit had called me out on my fear and my COMFORT ZONE.

And as your friendly neighborhood Badass Butterfly Spiritual Life Coach, I’m sharing with you the process I did to shift my mindset and my energy.

Those three power centers: Attitude, Decision, and Behavior are your tools for aligning and achieving your desires. It’s not about hard work, sacrifice, or suffering to EARN your achievements. It’s about ALIGNING.

You have to ALIGN your attitude, the decisions you make, and your choices of behavior with what it takes to achieve your desire.

Try this quick and easy process to learn EXACTLY what you need to change in order to immediately correct your trajectory so that you attain the outcome you desire.

Simply give good solid answers to the following questions. I suggest you write them in your journal. 📕

1. What must be the attitude of the person who acquires, possesses, and maintains this thing that I desire? So, for example, if your desire is to be in a healthy, intimate relationship, ask yourself, “What’s the attitude of the woman in a healthy, intimate relationship?”

And don’t be slovenly with your answers to these questions. Look deeply at the attitudes of the people who have what you want. Make a note of their attitudes and start practicing embodying them NOW. Don’t wait until the time is perfect. Start adopting these attitudes NOW. A 1% change NOW moves you closer to your desire than nothing.

2. What kinds of decisions does the person who acquires, possesses, and maintains this thing that I desire make? We are always making decisions. It’s estimated that in one single day, we make 35,000 decisions. Most of those decisions are outside of your consciousness, but for decisions within your control, are you choosing those that support your desire and move you closer to it? For example, if you have the desire to be a multi-millionaire, are you making decisions that expand your mind and your bank account?

If getting rich is your goal then you could make a list of the decisions that the person who has acquired, possesses, and maintains millions makes around career, investing, money, and saving.

3. What are the behaviors of the person who acquires, possesses, and maintains this thing that I desire? Hehehe! What are they doing that is different than what I do? I both hate and love this question. I hate it because the person who is doing the thing I want to do is making the tough decisions and it HURTS. I don’t do those things because they make me uncomfortable! But I love it because it is the direct pathway to growth and success.

So, let’s say you desire to lose weight and get down to your ideal weight, size, and muscle mass. Ask yourself what the behaviors are of the person who has lost weight and inches, and leaned out. What are their habits? What do they choose to do with their unruly impulses?

Your behavior is partially determining your destiny. So look at what you’re doing with your focus, time, and energy. Making behavioral adjustments go a long way when combined with adjustments to your attitudes and decisions.

This morning, after answering these questions for myself, I have clarity, focus, and a renewed excitement about my desire. Yes, I’ve gotta werk it. But it’s easier to werk it when my attitude, decisions, and behaviors are all taking me to where I want to go.

BOOM! Happy Sunday, my friends. ROCK ON and wave your banner of Badassery!


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