Tarot Forecast for July 2018: Get whole NOW!

“It used to be thought that the events that changed the world were things like big bombs, maniac politicians, huge earthquakes, or vast population movements, but it has now been realized that this is a very old-fashioned view held by people totally out of touch with modern thought. The things that really change the world, according to Chaos theory, are the tiny things. A butterfly flaps its wings in the Amazonian jungle, and subsequently a storm ravages half of Europe.”—Neil Gaiman, Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch

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Here’s some insight from the Tarot about the energy and movement in the month of July…

I had an interesting experience as I was drawing our card for this month.  I had a powerful dialogue with a bunch of our Spirit Guides and they were really nurturing and loving and calming.  Then I had an abrupt injection of beings from the Earth and lower Earth realms that demanded I pay attention to their needs.  So, I paused and listened and what these guys showed me was that one of the biggest blockages to our moving forward with our most powerful Badassery is our subconscious concern for those who suffer.  We care about the suffering of the Earth, animals, children, women, and men.  We are compassionate people and it is difficult for us to fully own our own Badassery when others seem so far from even being able to contemplate their own because of political strife.  This collective subconscious block is part of what drives many of us to escape into compulsive behaviors like drug and alcohol abuse.  It is what causes us to binge watch and binge eat.  It is what causes us to become paralyzed with anxiety and overwhelmed with doubt.

This is particularly true of we sensitive spiritual types.  Naturally empathic, we be feelin’ stuff.

After grasping the magnitude of this phenomenon, the higher vibration energies swept in with their own perspective.  The message was very basic—extend our energy consciously, every single day to the different regions of the Earth.  We can do this through basic meditation and prayer.  Spirit is working with me on bringing in a simple process that will help the Earth, yes.  But it will open up the energy channels in our own psyche that felt like we were outside the realm of power to create change.  I am very excited about what is to come because it is going to help us all feel better.  I’ll need about a month to get the whole system up and running, but it will be something that you will enjoy and it will be so helpful to Mamagaia and all our brothers and sisters around the world.  It will be subtle and gentle but powerful—like the flapping of the proverbial Badass Butterfly’s wings…

I want to thank all those lovely energies that came forth and demanded our attention bringing both situations and soul-utions that we could use—soul-utions that would set us free.

As I progressed through my connection, asking Spirit what wants to come through as overall guidance for this month, I pulled the reversed Seven of Wands.

Upright, this card represents a fighting spirit that loves the exhilaration that goes along with the game of challenge.  When it is reversed, the card has slightly different meaning because the fighting energy has to do more with your own struggles inside yourself.  It is quite fitting, no?  Coming off the initial insights that I had before drawing the card… The idea is that we have dreams, hopes, goals and ambitions and we are prepared to do the hard work we need to make those dreams real.  But we cannot move forward out of integrity (dis-integrated.)  Our success will not feel real if we are out of integrity with how it comes about and how we maintain it.  WE ARE TOO CONSCIOUS TO BE HALF-ASSED!!!  We are too conscious to be ASSHOLES!

The message of the reversed Seven of Wands is to GET. WHOLE. NOW.  The message is to stop pretending to be strong in some areas and weak in others.  We are masters, rulers of our lives and we have the power to exert influence EVERYWHERE.  Our power begins inside.  We may not be able to physically, by ourselves, rescue the elephants from poachers, but we can sit down and meditate like a Badass.  We can send unconditionally loving light toward those elephants and the poachers alike blessing like… a Badass.  We have to KNOW inside ourselves, not just intellectually, but at the cellular level KNOW that we are Spirit.  We do not need to focus on outcomes, but rather focus on output.  The output of our Unconditional Love, of our Unconditional Presence is valuable, powerful and can alter the course of this planet.  It can also pay for our education, fuel our business, and take us around the world.

The Seven of Wands reversed is about making a decision to GET. WHOLE. NOW.  It is a call to drop the internal argument and choose the Higher (Badass) Self’s perspective in all moments.  Make the choice to see your Divinity and use your power to make your dreams real and bless the world.

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