The Perks of Being a Spiritual Life Coach & Healer

So you’re considering going all in, following your heart, and becoming a Spiritual Life Coach or Healer. 🎊 Congratulations! 🎉

It is monumental work that is as challenging as it is rewarding. By now, I’m sure you’ve already considered the advantages as well as some of the drawbacks of this career path. There are the most obvious benefits: working from home- or wherever you want for that matter, being your own boss, setting your own hours, etc. And while those are all great reasons, in this article we’re going to talk about 5 cool perks that come along with being a spiritual life coach and healer that you probably never thought of!

You Live What You Teach

As a spiritual life coach or healer, you dive deep into the work of manifesting abundance with your clients – and you get to reap the benefits as well! As you work with clients to change the way they operate at their deepest levels, you’ll inevitably do the same internal work on yourself. [INSERT LINK TO WOUNDED HEALER BLOG] Between examining your internalized beliefs and behaviors, along with goals, dreams, and desires, you get to transform your deep-seated beliefs, find connection, and ultimately live the life you’ve always dreamt of, providing an example for your clients to do the same.

You Get to Help Others in Meaningful Ways

In traditional therapy, there is a lot of listening to problems, complaints, and challenges, and the therapist is almost forced to take on the burden of these emotions in order to help clients move forward. As a spiritual life coach, however, you get to listen and help your clients hear themselves in new ways so they can unburden themselves of their own challenges. It is in the listening and the asking of questions that you get to help others make meaningful changes in their lives, without feeling completely drained at the end of each session.

Also, coaching is not a regulated industry, so you get to do things YOUR way. While many therapists and social workers have GREAT intuition, they have often complained to me that they feel restricted by what they can do because their license is at stake.

While we all want to do what’s right by our clients, the ability to use ‘magical tools’ such as crystals, essential oils, a pendulum, Tarot cards, and even mediumship is what makes being a spiritual life coach and healer so BADASS. We’re not limited to therapies and what was written by authorities outside of ourselves. We tune into Source and get our Authority from there.

And our clients regulate us! If they don’t get results that satisfy them, they aren’t coming back and investing their time, energy, or money with us.

You Get to Further Your Own Learning

As a spiritual life coach and healer, there is always more to learn. That is perhaps the best part! No matter what your holistic interests, there is a way to further your personal development and then integrate it into your services as a coach. Think: Reiki, Chakras, Mindfulness practice, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Journal Therapy, Herbalism, Addiction Therapy – the choices are endless. There is an endless library of holistic modalities with which to continue your education that will make you a better, more informed coach, and a healthier, happier individual.

You Can Create Your Work Format

Being your own boss means having a lot of decisions you get to make regarding your business to make it the most enjoyable and most practical for you. It means not only getting to work from anywhere you desire, [LINK TO VISUALIZATION TRAVEL LIFESTYLE BLOG] but also how you’re going to offer your coaching. Do you want to work with clients in person? Online? A hybrid of the two? Do you want to work 1-1 live with clients or offer pre-written courses clients can take? You can build the business of your dreams and fill in the details as you go.

Also, let’s face it: in today’s world, you get to be the star of your own show. Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook– these platforms demand that you show off yourself– your face, your voice, your talents, your philosophy. How you show up is entirely up to you. This work LOVES your creativity and your generosity. It feels great to write, make videos, and SHARE. How you do it is only limited by your own thinking.

Serving Others is Your Divine Life Purpose

Finally, perhaps the best perk of being a spiritual life coach is that you are fulfilling your true calling, your Divine Life Purpose. Coaching is a fully satisfying experience for you because it allows you to live out your higher purpose in service to others. It gives meaning to your work and your life. It gives you the opportunity to use your gifts and puts you in complete alignment with the universe.

I do hope that you’ll come and join me in my League of Badass Butterflies Facebook group where we talk about the power of following your Soul’s Divine Life Purpose and how to do it without spoiling everything you’ve already built! Join the group and share your insights and questions about this blog!


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