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Many people wish me well on my ‘search’ for peace and answers. I feel it’s important to clarify because I am not searching for anything. Searching implies an active state of doing something, that is the act of searching. It also implies that there is an expectation of an outcome of some kind; and that there will be no satisfaction until that thing is found.

No. I’m not searching. I have come to this island to allow Spirit to assist in my own awakening to that which exists already inside me. Why would anyone go searching for peace? Quiet your mind and experience peace. Why would I go searching for love when I am my very own best beloved?

If I go searching for something, I am bound to miss out on all the beauty that exists outside my scope of vision when I have a goal in mind. So please, help me realize Goddess Me by wishing me the best in my Allowance. Help me remember to allow my Higher Self to speak in her way and allow my lower mind to LISTEN quietly to her messages.

I’m sure there’s a message in the roosters who crow at 3am; and the cow who moos forlornly at 4am. Let me sit with it and allow myself to awaken to the answer.


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Here I am! Eccomi qui!

Florence, Italy


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