Venus Retrograde: The Goddess as Planet

Venus is retrograde from December 21, 2013 through January 31, 2014.  I thought it would be exciting to use this important astrological aspect to be the basis of the meditation for this week’s talk.  The thing is, as I researched and meditated on my subject, I started to understand the weight of the planetary action.  Why don’t we discuss this more often in casual conversation?  We talk about Mercury Retrograde all the time.  I have heard people who know very little about astrology, playfully say when something goes wrong, “Is Mercury Retrograde?”  There is even a website where you can check in to find out if Mercury is Retrograde:   Perhaps it’s because Mercury Retrograde happens more often than Venus Retrograde (Mercury retrogrades three to four times per year for approximately 20 days each time– WOW!  That can be up to 80 days of Mercury Retrograde in a year!  While Venus retrogrades one time for approximately 40 days straight every 1 1/2 years.)

The thing is, every retrograde period is a highly beneficial and important period for correction, digging deep, healing and rejuvenating.  This period of time for the planet Venus is a crucial for Goddess energy.  This is a time for the Goddess to rest, to heal, to realign, to recharge her batteries so that she can emerge at the end of the retrograde period more powerful than before.  This retrograde period is about honoring our cycles– planetary cycles, seasonal cycles, menstrual cycles.  All of these things we can take for granted, but I am happy to have been awakened to the immense power we have in the ethers around us.

That’s the foundation of this meditation– the power in honoring our cycles.  So I will share with you some valuable insights about retrograde planetary action; the connection between Venus the planet and Venus the Goddess; how to call this glorious energy into your life; and most importantly how to take advantage of this sacred time.

THE THING IS… I was really hyper last night because I had just had a 3 hour hypnotherapy session and I was FLYING and all over the place on the call– so I’m giving myself a mulligan and I’m going to do the same material next week, but I’m going to deliver it in a more, let’s say, “organized” manner.   So tune in next Wednesday at 5:00pm Pacific Standard Time and have a listen.  I know that some of you were not able to be on the call but you made donations already.  Your donations are appreciated and please, please, please hop-in on the next call without feeling like you have to make another donation.  Donations are totally optional and at your discretion.  I really do appreciate having your participation with me in this awakening process.  So thank you!

Wanna get a head start on the material?  Read about Venus Retrograde here:

Speak to you next week, friends!

Venus Retrograde


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