A Very Friendly Moon

Wow! I was lying on my belly doing some reading and writing and I felt this friendly presence over my shoulder. When I reached out with my mind, I felt this coolness and the image of a very white child’s face appeared. I imagined that the silvery faced child was outside my window peering down at me grinning because she was watching me without my knowing it. It then came to me that this being was a spirit guide. And then I saw their image reflected in my iPad. It was the MOON! She was totally shining in my window lighting up my heart with her loving energy. What a funny awakening to the fact that the Moon gives me messages. I took that for granted because the Moon is there for everyone. But it just occurred to me that not everyone actually has conversations with her! So yeah, I have a relationship with the Moon! The thing is, she is there for EVERYONE. Everybody can talk to the Moon!

Gosh. I remember being a child and saying to my mom that I wanted to walk to the Moon. My mom was like, I’m sorry, but you can’t walk to the moon. I was so disappointed! But I don’t need to walk to the Moon. She is here peering into my window urging me to dream her silvery dreams. The funny thing is that Moon represents mother. I often ask the Moon the deliver messages of love and appreciation to my own mom who has transitioned and is probably living in the Moon at this very moment. <3


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