This Week’s Spiritual Guidance: Testing your Badass Grit

I’m sitting here thinking about aligning with my Higher Self and wondering what it would be like to really embody Her. On one hand, I would be So. Badass. On the other hand, I think, well, this body and mind are certainly not prepared to handle that much Light and Power. I still have a lot of work to do in my evolution! I can’t even handle a tiny touch of love and success without going into an anxious, hand-wringing panic attack… worried that I will lose what I have. So yeah, if my Higher Self decided to fully integrate, my whole personality would dis-integrate and my Soul would be left with a mess to clean up in another lifetime.

Now look, I use this term ‘badass’ in a very particular way.  For me, the term ‘badass’ means that I am standing in my Authentic Authority Authoring my God/Goddess-given life according to my own vision with Unconditional Love for my brothers and sisters and Unconditional Trust in the Universe.  I KNOW that the Source of All Life is loving and supporting me unconditionally.  We all have a vision for ourselves, our lives, our careers and even for the world and we’ve probably only achieved about 1% of our God/Goddess-given potential.  In my lifetime, though, I have had tremendous resistance to expressing my full power.  WOW!  I’m having a human experience.  Who knew??  Hahahahaha!  The human experience is partly about experiencing the contrast to our Divinity and right now, with the shifting energies, I have been distracted, unclear, confused, and disjointed.

The thing is, we all have a vision for ourselves, our lives, our careers and even for the world and we’ve probably only achieved about 1% of our God/Goddess-given potential.  For some reason, though, I am personally feeling tremendous resistance to going forward with my next steps.  The last few days, I have been distracted, unclear, confused, and disjointed.

I’ve been listening to my friends and my clients, and they, too, are having a similar feeling.  It’s almost as if the beautiful surge of confidence and power of the last month is leaving us flat, ‘wonky’ and, well frankly, afraid.  Many of us have been notoriously lacking follow-through, and we have a history of incomplete projects, tasks and ideas.  Also, as I hinted at earlier, many of us are afraid that the good feeling wave of excitement and enthusiasm will be crash and be gone forever.  Then how are we gonna get anything done!  Our confidence to move forward was so000000 bolstered just four short weeks ago!  And this is where it gets really interesting.  We had a great lineup of cosmic forces pushing us to dream big and to take big strides.  That was when the Sun and New Moon were in the sign of Libra.  Libra is an Air sign and can be notoriously ‘overconfident.’ The thing is, now that the Sun has moved into Scorpio, the momentum of big confident thinking has gone and now we must dig deep into the heart of our big thoughts, our big dreams, and our Badass personality.  We have to rely on ourselves to stimulate ourselves.  We must get our inspiration from within.

Over the last month, if you’ve been following my blog and videos, you’ll know that there has been lots of Badass energy coming forth— meaning, we were willing to believe that we could achieve greatness, so we took a risk on making big goals and acknowledged our big dreams.    And we felt in our bones, the tremendous joy that comes with knowing that you are on the right path.  Now, though, we don’t have that fantastic line-up of cosmic forces bolstering our confidence— instead, we have powerful forces challenging it.

Our job right now, is not to back down and return to our previous small-minded, scattered, and uncommitted way of being.  Now is not the time to give up, lose the thread, or slip into the old patterns of behavior.  NO.  WE MUST FIGHT FOR THE VISION THAT WE HAVE POWERFULLY CREATED.  And the things, we must realize that the fight is NOT against any outside force; nor is it against our past.  The fight is against apathy, habit and the desire to return to what is comfortable, even at the sake of our greatness.  We must keep our eyes focused on the prize and remember that we are the center of the Universe and that the Divine is alive and thriving within us.  We are the center of the Universe because this is a sphere and we are the creators of our experience.  This does not mean that we are to be blind to others and to use them as a means to our own happiness.  In fact, it means the opposite.  It means that we are Source energy and that must stand strong in our own Authority and work with the integrity of God/Goddess.  God/Goddess feeds and nurtures and loves us ALL… Unconditionally.

This is a very big deal, my friends.  We are being called to act with Unconditional Love, Unconditional Forgiveness, and Unconditional Compassion.  All of these must first be truly directed toward the self and then naturally radiated to the external world.  The Badass works and lives her life from the inside out.

It is up to us to dig deep into our personality and to bring forth the characteristics of groundedness, commitment, discipline, trust and consistency to create a solid foundation on which to birth our new Badass personality (aka the Higher Self.)  The sign of Scorpio, where the Sun is now transiting, is about death and rebirth.  So it is time to die to the old way and to birth a new You.  We have said what we want and we have said what we will do to achieve it.  It is now up to us to take action in every moment.  This is a Marriage of Heart and Mind and the two must work together to create the life worth living.

So how do we die to our old ways?  How does the fearful, low esteemed self die?

The Emperor.  The Emperor is about being the True Authority in the Universe.  It is a masculine energy that KNOWS what it wants and it knows that it is worthy.  He is not worried about looks.  He is not worried about his past.  All he knows is what he wants and he expects the world to form to his vision.  Say, “Yes,” to this powerful energy that is being born.  THe message from the Tarot is not so much about focusing on the death of the small-minded and fearful self, but it is suggesting that all your energy should be focused on your heart, what you desire.  Focus your energy there and let go of the fears, doubts and resistance.

This Tarot card reading is meant to get us back on the confidence track. We have the 7 of Wands.  This card is about being in a battle that is challenging our supremacy. It is about having challenges, but meeting them with enthusiasm and true grit.  It’s about being faced with opposition, but finding the challenge exhilarating rather than daunting; finding it to be an opportunity to dig-in rather than a chance to become a victim.  YES.

“In this potent and revealing time, may we be supple, yet courageous.  Yielding, yet fierce.  May we bring our gentle, loving awareness to the parts of us that are most afraid, and boldly embrace our faith in the Great Mystery of our life’s process.” ~Henry Seltzer, Astrograph

It’s time to rise up on your own merits.  Although the Moon and other planets are here to support you, you do not need them to fuel your achievement.  You gotta do you.  So here’s your challenge for this week.  Your challenge is to dig into your confidence and affirm it in every breath you take and every move you make.  Your confidence is your KNOWING.  You GOTTA KNOW YOU’RE BADASS, Friend.  You gotta know.  You gotta know that God/Goddess and the whole Universe wants you to have your heart’s desires.  You gotta know that you can do it.  If you don’t know it, you should definitely be enrolled in one of my classes and coaching groups.  Book yourself in for an Emotional Wellness Strategizing Session and let’s talk about it.  Check out all my programs on my Emotional Wellness website.

Okay.  I’m going to be giving you an Energy and Focus forecast each week.  If you would like to have them delivered to your inbox each week, please sign up.


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