From Unworthy to Badass:  Earning Your Badass Butterfly Wings

Caterpillar in prison of unworthiness

A Badass Butterfly is a woman who has broken free from the prison of unworthiness and lives her life from her heart, owning her Divinity and power.  Have you earned yourself a magnificent pair of Badass Butterfly wings? 

Badass Butterfly Left WingA Badass Butterfly’s wings are shaped from her earthly life experience.   Every obstacle and challenge that she overcame when she was an earthbound caterpillar nourished the wings that were developing inside her.  So Badass Butterfly wings are both her Divine gift and the spoils of her battles.  And they represent her responsibility for and the birthing of her greatest potential. They are the insignia of her Higher Purpose.

Giving up Your Authority: No Badass Butterfly Wings for you!

You earn your Badass Butterfly wings by breaking your heart and Soul out of the prison of unworthiness.  This means that you are no longer a slave to unworthiness and its 12 jailers (fear, impotency, limitation, ego, blame, inner criticism, inadequacy, powerlessness, irresponsibility, illegitimacy, shame and unforgivingness.) It means that you have jailbroken your heart from the prison of unworthiness.

As you know, this is not easy to do because this means you have chosen to believe in your magnificence more than your shame, fear and inadequacy.  It’s so much easier to doubt yourself than it is to go for your biggest dreams like writing your book, diving deep into intimacy or quitting your job and starting your own business.  Unworthiness provides us with comfort, even as inner criticism clouds our focus.

When you are in the prison of unworthiness, your mindset has been taken over by it and its 12 jailers.  When you give up your mind to unworthiness, you are surrendering your innate authority and your Divine right to a thriving life.  With the unworthiness mindset, you forget the magnificent nature of your heart and you lock away all its power opting to walk the unworthy path instead of the Divine one.  Unworthiness and its 12 jailers take over your mind and you begin to believe, think and feel unworthiness, and from these you make decisions for yourself based on this mindset of limitation. It’s really hard to make powerful decisions when you feel inadequate.  Your life begins to reflect unworthiness back to you and you can see it in your bank account, in your intimate relationships (or lack thereof,) in your work, in your home and of course, in your physical body. No Badass Butterfly wings for you… yet.


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Jailbreaking Your Heart from the Prison of Unworthiness

The prison of unworthiness creates a challenging inner condition and to break out of it requires tremendous determination, willpower and inner grit.  This is where your Badass Butterfly wings are trapped inside your caterpillar mentality and need to activate and break free.  This takes tremendous heart because you cannot overcome unworthiness from the outside in, you have to tackle it from the inside out.  For example, you don’t overcome the unworthiness mindset by taking on more responsibility and working harder to achieve more achievements or more money in the outside world.  This can garner you praise and a bigger bank balance, but this is a temporary and shallow solution because the unworthy mindset is what’s driving your work.

Conquering unworthiness begins inside the prison cell by focusing more and more of your attention on your heart and listening to your Soul. This is not a fight to amass material rewards, but a fight to take back your mindset and reinstall your Higher Self as the primary authority in your life.  This is why Badass Butterflies are Badass.

An unworthy mind is a tremendous foe because it’s not just unworthiness that you’re battling, but also the inner critic, inadequacy, powerlessness, unforgivingness, shame and all the other prison guards. Badass Butterflies have fought the most adversarial inner demons and come out on top.  They have challenged their own beliefs about themselves and the world around them.  They have assessed their own thoughts and made a conscious decision to change their focus.  They have mastered their emotions, not by cutting them off and denying them, but by honoring them and going on to make decisions based on their Divine truth, not a false reality.

Badass Butterfly Right WingIn my experience

Every liberated woman has fought tooth and nail to earn her Badass Butterfly wings’ vibrant colors and their markings.  First, she had to live the experience of unworthiness.  Then she had to deal with those 12 jailers, unworthiness’ henchmen.  Let me tell you from experience that it was hell!  For me, mostly everything I did was tinged with an underlying sense of unworthiness.  I was always falling short of my goals.  Self-criticism and feelings of inadequacy were dwelling behind all of my achievements.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve managed to accomplish a lot of fine things in my life, but most of the good things that have come through me were accompanied by a subconscious fear that I was going to lose what I had (which, of course, I did because we manifest what we believe, think and feel) and feeling like I was still not good enough.  I would be happy for a couple of days and then, BOOM!  A feeling of powerlessness or limitation would take over my experience and then I’d start losing whatever it was that I had built.

A Badass Butterfly has experienced this cycle and then done something about it.  Having the hard experiences strengthens and beautifies her wings, but breaking free from the prison of unworthiness is what makes her truly Badass.  It is NOT Badass to be lingering in the prison of unworthiness getting your ass kicked every day by shame and creative impotency.  But still, not everybody is willing or able to do the work to break themselves free from the prison of unworthiness.  They are still believing unworthiness, thinking it, feeling it and making decisions based on it.

If you have walked this path and done this work, and you are no longer held back by unworthiness and its prison guards in your body, mind and Spirit, then you are indeed a Badass Butterfly and you have earned a pair of magnificent wings that will carry you high to new adventures.  Bravissima!

But if you are still struggling to break free from the caterpillar experience, then please check out my Badass Butterfly Spiritual Life Coaching page and then book yourself in for a complimentary Discovery Session to learn how I can help you.

Share the Story of Your Badass Butterfly Wings!

Leave a comment and share your story of your Badass Butterfly wings.  Tell us all about your experience in the prison of unworthiness and how you rose above it.  If you have dealt particularly well with one of the jailers, then I want to know that story, too!

And I want to invite you to learn more about my work with unworthiness and its 12 prison guards.  If you are ready to jailbreak your heart, then book yourself in for a complimentary Discovery Session.

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