Why Every Heart-Centered Entrepreneur Needs to Follow the Moon Every Month

As a spiritual life coach or healer, you most likely consider yourself a heart-centered entrepreneur. By that I mean a businessperson who isn’t simply all about the numbers, a person who runs a business or practice that aims to provide something -whether tangible or intangible- to their clients/customers that impacts their life in a meaningful way.

It means you are of service to others and that is not only to help them succeed, but it is also how your business succeeds as well. And while the numbers do have meaning, (you do need to be profitable after all), being a heart-centered entrepreneur means that your real passion comes from fulfilling your deepest core values and leading a life that aligns with that message.

So how does all of this heart-centered stuff come into play with following the phases of the Moon? That’s what we’re here to find out!

The Moon Phases and Your Spiritual Business

As human beings, we have always felt a sort of Divine connection to the Moon, women in particular. Historically, we have looked to the Moon for guidance, energy, and strength.

In astrology, the Moon – the embodiment of Divine Feminine energy – governs our emotions, monthly cycles, and even our fertility. The Moon connects our Soul to our instincts and intuition.

When it comes to our emotions and the phases of the Moon, we closely mirror the moon’s messages and energies. So it makes sense that by harmonizing ourselves to these lunar phases we can better understand the effects they have on us, make use of their energies instead of fighting them, and make more well-informed decisions in regards to not only our lives as a whole but specifically our businesses.

The Moon takes approximately four weeks to orbit around the Earth, and as it does so, it moves through eight different phases of waxing and waning. The Moon waxes as it gains fullness and power, and wanes as it becomes smaller again. The ebb and flow of this energy work in conjunction with our own. Knowing exactly how the various phases of the moon affect our energy, decision-making, creativity, and more, allows us to be more in tune with this energy as we create and grow our business. In this article, we’ll go into detail about the various phases of the moon and how they can affect your spiritual coaching business.

New Moon – New Beginnings

The New Moon is, logically, a time for new beginnings, new direction, and a fresh start. In your business, this could look like several different things. Perhaps it is taking your entire business in a new direction- working with a new niche, or transitioning from in-person to online business.

It could be the time to launch a new project, a new website, a new opt-in, etc. It could also be the time to get started on a new idea or, conversely, time to take a step back, reset, reboot and recharge. Lean into the emotions you’re feeling during this time in order to make the best decisions for you and your business.

Waxing Crescent Moon – Set Intentions  

The waxing Moon (when she is getting bigger) is time to use your freshly charged emotional batteries to set your intentions for your business for the month. Use this time to give voice to your desires and make strategic plans to go after your goals.

First Quarter Moon – Decisions and Challenges

Now that your intentions are set and deals made with the universe, the first quarter moon is the time to take action. It is the time of making decisions and also dealing with potential setbacks and obstacles. Find the balance between firm and flexible, and good things will come to you and your business.

Waxing Gibbous – Adjust

You’ve gotta roll with it! This lunar phase may wreak havoc on even your best-laid plans but the best thing you can do is go with it. Step back, make necessary changes, edit your plan of attack and adjust your schedule. You can use this time to evaluate what’s working and what isn’t, decide to change direction, or move on from something that has run its course.

Full Moon – Reap the Rewards

I’m sure I don’t need to remind you that the Full Moon can be a time of intense emotions. When it comes to your business, you’ve got to do your best to let cooler heads prevail. As it is also the most powerful of the Moon’s feeling phases (meaning you feel the most,) you can use this to your advantage by tapping into your own deep healing power. If you’ve put in the work both for yourself and your business, the intentions that you set should be playing out in both your personal life and your business. Be open and prepared to deal with any challenges that come up around them.

Waning Gibbous – Gratitude

This Moon brings with it strong energies of gratefulness and excitement. The work you’ve put into your business in the last two weeks is paying dividends and you are feeling the love from the universe. Tap into those feelings of gratitude and pay it forward. Show some extra love to your clients or your collaborators/employees during this time.

Last Quarter – Let Go

As the Moon gradually gets smaller, it is a time of letting go. Perhaps a launch didn’t live up to your expectations, a discovery call took a wrong turn, or you lost a client. Whatever it is that didn’t quite meet your expectations of success this month, it’s time to release it and move on. You’ve got to let go of these supposed failures if you want to set strong new intentions when the time comes. Declutter your business of any unnecessary things you’re holding onto. That might look like physically cleaning out your desk and office or it might look like cleaning up your website or even your client roster.

Waning Crescent – Rest

As an entire lunar cycle has come and gone, you might be feeling depleted at this time. It is not the time to make big decisions or launch new projects in your business. Take this time to rest and recover.

The Moon is a powerful source of energy and by tapping into it we can connect to our full potential, thrive our businesses, and grow as human beings. As heart-centered entrepreneurs with spiritual coaching businesses, we can breathe new life into our goals and business plans by following the phases of the moon and using its waxing and waning energy to make better business decisions.

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