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Have you ever said something to yourself like, “I knew I should’ve taken that other route to work today,” or “something told me to grab my umbrella on my way out,” or “why didn’t I speak up when I had the chance?” For many of us, intuition only comes into our awareness when we DON’T listen to it. For Badass Butterfly Spiritual Life Coaches, intuition is how we navigate the world on a daily basis. As Badass Butterflies, we are able to observe the innate wisdom of our “gut feelings” and receive directions from Spirit because we embody the Divine Feminine.

What Is The Divine Feminine?

We all have the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine available to us, regardless of our own sex or gender. The Divine Masculine is characterized by taking action for the Highest Good of our selves and our communities. The Divine Feminine is how we KNOW what the best course of action is. Ancient rulers would almost always consult their spiritual Higher Power for guidance before making major political or military decisions. They would often do so by seeking out a member of the community who had an intimate relationship with the Divine, such as a shaman, medium, oracle, or High Priestess. Rulers had too many secular responsibilities to spend all day in prayer and meditation! Best to call in an expert to pass on those Divine messages.

Once an integral role played by real women in societies all around the world, the High Priestess lives on today as a useful archetype for understanding how to embody the Divine Feminine. In Tarot, the High Priestess is a woman seated confidently in front of the veil between material and spiritual realms. She holds a book of Divine Law in her lap (by her gut) and the crescent Moon rests at her feet. Like the Moon, the High Priestess is associated with water, dreams, the subconscious, and being guided by emotions. She is the #2 card in the Major Arcana and flanked by black-and-white pillars on either side, implying that she holds space for left-brained, logical thinking, even as she favors her right-brained, creative, emotional nature.

Okay, but who cares?

WHY is it so important to embody the Divine Feminine?

Well, the Divine Feminine is your own personal High Priestess. She is always with you, you just have to learn how to listen to her. She is your intuition, your inner guidance system, and your ability to receive messages from Spirit, God, the Universe, or whatever you choose to call your Highest Self. Without a direct, intimate connection to the Divine, Its messages can easily become muddled by egoic motivations and past traumas (like when your gut says “take this exit, not the next one” but you don’t because you’re afraid you’ll get lost). When you embody the Divine Feminine, you are deeply connected with the untamed, creative, and unfettered parts of yourself. Like a wild animal, you trust your instincts to inform where to go, when to work, when to rest, what and how much to eat, and you LISTEN to and obey those urges.

How to Embody The Divine Feminine:

The best way I’ve found to embody the Divine Feminine is through a daily (yes, daily!) practice of mindful movement such as yoga or tai chi, meditation, and journaling. Be kind to yourself as you learn how to listen to your body, quiet your mind, and pay attention to your feelings. Building new habits is tough, especially if you’re unlearning a lifetime of overvaluing thoughts and actions and undervaluing feelings. Most institutions don’t hand out a “Most In Touch With Your Emotions Award,” after all. Start small and don’t be discouraged if these practices don’t come naturally to you.

There are more fun ways to build an intimate relationship with the Divine Feminine, too:

  • Exercise your creativity with visual art or sacred dance, if writing isn’t your thing.
  • Track the cycles of the Moon, or your own Moon cycle if you have one. Honor its fullness and darkness with monthly rituals and reflection. 
  • Create a Dream Journal. Write down what you remember as soon as you wake up and contemplate what your subconscious has revealed to you.
  • Connect with water and treat yourself to a luxurious bath. Invoke the energy of a specific Goddess by adding essential oils or other items that She can enjoy with you: red roses for the Greek Goddess Aphrodite or honey for the African Orisha Oshun, for example.
  • Worship at the temple of your own body with elaborate, sensual grooming routines and loving touch.

Remember that you ARE the High Priestess AND the Goddess she serves. You were born with direct access to Divine Guidance, you only need to open yourself up to receive. Receptivity IS the Divine Feminine. The next time you hear a voice that feels like it’s coming from your body and not your mind, be still and listen to what it has to say. Whether it’s a grumble from deep in your gut, an echo in the chambers of your heart, or a chill up your spine, it could be Divine Guidance reaching out to you. Are you willing to reach back?


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