Badass Butterfly Monthly Energy Navigation Report (January 2022)

2022 is set to be a year of love and affection- both towards others as well as ourselves. And after the chaotic energy of the last two years, a year of strengthening relationships should be well-received. That isn’t to say there won’t be ups and downs – with four Mercury retrogrades in 2022 there is sure to be quite a bit of commotion headed our way as well. 😝 We’ve compiled the monthly energy summary for January 2022 in order to uncover a little bit of what to expect in this first month of the new year.

2022, in numerology, is a universal 6 year, bringing with it the major themes of relationships, stability, and responsibility. Each month of this year can always be looked at through the lens of those underlying themes.

The first month of the year is a time of newness and creation, while the responsible 6 year will be supportive in your efforts to go after your big goals and dreams. The first week of the new year coincides with a Super New Moon in Capricorn ♑︎ on the 2nd of the month, a time for new beginnings that occurs in a sign with the ability to amplify feelings of determination, patience, and persistence. So don’t think small this year when setting your New Year’s resolutions or goals as the energy of Capricorn will assist in your planning and realization of your big dreams. 2022 also happens to begin smack in the middle of a Venus retrograde which was set in motion back in December.  This retrograde from the planet related to love and money might cause some extra tension in your relationship or add financial-related stress to the start of the year. 🤦🏻‍♀️

The second week, which produces profound energy around partnerships, connections, and coming together is augmented by the first Venus star point of the new year on January 8th. The Venus star point occurs when the sun and Venus align in the sky and can intensify our emotions and create an energy-generating desire to strengthen and build up our relationships.💕 But look out for easily hurt feelings this week as the relationship-building 6 year plus the three singular twos in 2022 combined with the Venus retrograde could leave you more susceptible to being easily offended. 🥺

😬 The first Mercury retrograde of the year begins the 14th of January and continues into early February and usually brings with it communication issues and failures with technology or even travel. This coincides with the 3rd week of the new year, a number that prides itself on self-expression and communication of dreams and ideas. Keep a lookout for relationships and connections in the spirit of the 6 year who may be able to help you realize and carry out your creative ideas but be wary of traveling in order to foster these connections. The Full Moon in Cancer occurs on January 17th and may mess with your emotions while the energy of 3 can leave you easily distracted or sidetracked. 🙄

The 4th week of January introduces the energies of hard work, discipline and determination, intensified by the stability and responsibility of the 6 year. 💪🏼 While the number 4 works hard to move forward, it relies solely on the most conservative of methods to do so. Steer clear of this possible setback by keeping your mind open to new ideas this week.

So there’s your energy rundown for the month of January, Beloved Badass Butterfly. I hope you find this information useful in managing the changing situations, moods, personalities, and attitudes that crop up around you this month. Please come and join me in my League of Badass Butterflies Facebook group to share your experiences, and to get some deeper insights so you can navigate the world with ease.

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