Heal Your Tribe! 12 Ways to Incorporate Meditation into Your Work as a Spiritual Life Coach, Healer or Heart-Centered Entrepreneur

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We constantly juggle work and family life, personal time and socializing with friends. It is becoming harder each day to find and keep strong, healthy, and productive relationships. With the overuse of technology, most of us are confined in our little spaces, not paying attention to what is going on in the outside world, or even to the person in the next room. Being a parent, a spouse, and a friend should not be an overwhelming task. But as we strive to advance in our career, or just trying hard to even keep our jobs, our relationships lose their balance. There is always so much to do, but so little time, or not enough drive and motivation. UGH! And as Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs, we feel the impact of life’s challenges more than most. We’re empathic by nature, and so we tend to take on whatever is around us!

The thing is, dear friend, I really need you to recognize that your Heart-Centered Super Power works both ways. Just as you pick up so easily on the stress of others, your own stress level or lack of motivation can be contagious to those around you. We are all releasing energy with our thoughts and if you have a strong daily spiritual practice of meditation, shadow work and yoga, you will definitely be a beacon of Light in our Universe. But if you don’t manage your emotions and you let your egoic thoughts run you ragged, you can become a harbinger of darkness. What happens within you does not stay internal. It goes out and causes a domino effect. Before you know it, you, your family and community members are all stressed out due, not just to the global pandemic and the news, but because stressed out has become the new norm.

In my humble opinion, we, as Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs, have a great responsibility to hold ourselves together. Why does this responsibility fall on our shoulders? Because we know what’s up energetically and spiritually! We’re the ones in community that are tuning in, reading the signs and watching out for synchronicities.

That knowledge is power! Our ability to broadcast pain and hurt is as powerful as our ability to broadcast joy and love. So it’s up to us to take care of our own vibration, and to let that inspire change in the world around us. Look, it doesn’t help that as Spiritual Life Coaches, Healers, Yogis and other healing artists, we tend to be very exposed to negativity simply because working with it is our job! Folks come to us in pain, and even though we are trained to have a healthy detachment from the stories of our clients, we can’t help but be affected. Keeping ourselves energetically, emotionally and spiritually healthy are essential to thrive our own physical health, but also to help our families and communities thrive. You can learn more about my recommendations to keep negativity to a minimum in my article, Keeping Negativity at Bay: How I Deal with Client Negativity As an Empath, Spiritual Life Coach and Healer.

In this article, I want to remind you of the power of meditation. I know you do it every day, but I have definitely noticed that it is lacking in many places where it could help you as a practitioner, as well as, your clients, students and customers thrive. This is especially important because during this time of change, the emotional balance of our tribe can become difficult to manage. YIKES! We all might feel like our emotions are going up and down drastically. But there is opportunity here, too! The Universe is not punishing us, nor is it trying to hold us back. It is giving us a chance to own our deepest desires as we confront contrast. You will certainly have the urge to break free of any mental and physical limitations and rid yourself of the chains that bind you. You will have a strong desire to do what you want, even (maybe) without giving yourself enough time to think about the consequences of your decisions and actions.  Please BE CAREFUL, friend!

As a Heart-Centered Entrepreneur, you will definitely see a surge in clients who are suffering from emotional imbalance. While the forced limitation of shelter-in-place makes us overly extroverted, our natural compassion and desire to connect adds more depth to these feelings, which can create a spiraling effect of emotions. A lot of past emotions will resurface, as well as a lot of old wounds reopening. One way to help yourself, as well as your tribe, during these changing times is to dedicate some serious time to meditation.  Practicing forgiveness and gratitude will become more important than ever to move on healthily, and to heal those wounds permanently. Also, doing shadow work is important. If you’d like to learn more about shadow work and healing issues of unworthiness, I’m offering a free Masterclass designed for healers to learn these in depth. It’s really powerful!

Here’s an Example of a 10-Minute Guided Meditation to Heal Emotions

Note: There is no right or wrong way to do this as far as the position of your body. You can lie or sit down in a comfortable position. What is most important is that your muscles are relaxed and you are comfortable.

Lie down or sit in a comfortable position.

Slowly breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth. Continue breathing in this way until you feel a sense of relaxation all over your body, your muscles relaxing with each breath, and you feel the present moment. You are in the now. 

Slowly redirect your thoughts to something that you find difficult to let go. Maybe you have been angry at someone and you can’t forgive their actions. Focus on this thought and observe your feelings. You may have a desire to get angry and say many things to this person, or about this situation. But instead, each time you try to deal with it, you want to avoid confrontation and back away from it, or you dive headfirst into an argument that leaves you more frustrated. Whatever the negative feelings are within your heart, and in your mind, observe them all. Keep breathing in and out slowly. 

Now imagine yourself as an outsider observing this situation. You are very relaxed and you are watching things unfold in front of your eyes but you are not a part of it. You see yourself clearly and you observe your own emotions and reactions as an outsider. The more you observe yourself as someone else, the clearer you see what makes you act the way you do. And you see that the real you is not this person. 

Now turn around, and see the big light of energy in front of you. This energy is full of love, forgiveness, and compassion. It is calling you. Walk towards this light and let it cover you. It’s a bright, peaceful light, and the minute it surrounds you, you feel a comforting feeling of immense relaxation, peace, and freedom. Keep breathing in and out, and with each breath, feel yourself become stronger. You are worthy, you are lovable, and you are enough. 

With this armor of healing energy, turn back towards the situation you have been thinking of. You are still there, with the other person. You are filled with feelings of kindness, love, and peace, You are ready to forgive yourself for letting yourself suffer so long. Everything is OK now. You don’t have to feel the pain anymore. You are now above it. You have learned from it, and you know yourself much better now. You are a better version of yourself already. You are ready to forgive the other person who caused your emotional pain. You are now ready to let go. Because none of these negative sentiments serve you. 

During this meditation, if your mind keeps wandering back to the phase where you were focusing on your emotions, just let go and slowly bring yourself back to the light. Let that light cover you again, bringing with it the feelings of comfort, relaxation, peace, and freedom. 

Now slowly open your eyes. Congratulate yourself for allowing yourself the opportunity to learn and grow, and to forgive and let go.

The Purpose of Emotional Healing Meditation, Particularly During the Full Moon

The Full Moon is my favorite time of the month, in spite of it being particularly challenging. Astrologically speaking, the Full Moon represents the ending of a cycle, and the beginning of a new chapter. The round shape of the Full Moon represents this cycle and its completion. Intuitively, we become more focused on our inner world of our thoughts and feelings. The Full Moon is the perfect time for purifying, clearing, and for letting go of harmful, negative energies. Many people who work in crystal therapy or provide Tarot guidance find that the Full Moon is the best time to neutralize the energy and cleanse their crystals and cards.

I mention this now because as a Heart-Centered Entrepreneur, you can very easily integrate the Full Moon into your practice and it can make your meditations so much more meaningful to you and to you clients.

As vibrational beings, even though our emotions might be out of whack during this period, it is the best time to heal them and raise our frequency. Because our intuition is more open, we are in a better mental and emotional state to receive guidance. With the energy we receive from the Full Moon, we can exercise self-awareness, forgiveness, and feel more peaceful as a result. Just keep the Full Moon in your mind as you read the rest of this article.

12 Ways You Can Incorporate Meditation into Your Coaching/Healing Practice as a Heart-Centered Entrepreneur

Awesome Way #1: You can make it a habit to start your sessions with a brief meditation. Five minutes is plenty of time, but you can feel free to go longer if that feels better for you.

Awesome Way #2: If, during the session, your client starts to show emotional distress or frustration, you can pause the session and take them into a meditation.

Awesome Way #3: At the end of your coaching session you can hold a brief meditation. You can also do this in meetings and other gatherings where people are working together toward a common goal.

Awesome Way #4: Holding weekly meditation livestreams is a great way to create community. It’s also a wonderful way to share your philosophy, values and your mission. And what a wonderful way to meet new people.

Awesome Way #5: Creating high quality audio files (mp3) meditations. If you are not confident with your voiceover skills, you can always hire someone to do it for you. You can give this file to all of your clients and tell them how to use it.

Awesome Way #6: I like meditation experiences where you invite people to join you in-person and you can take your participants on a journey where they benefit from the physical participation of others. This is challenging during this pandemic, however, if you have a large, open space, outdoor space, a yard or garden, you can certainly take advantage. Also, doing this kind of thing in a park is AWESOME– particularly when the weather is great. Admittedly, you have to plan a bit for the park environment (considering how your voice carries, the other people in the park, park rules and regulations, et cetera.) But it’s nothing dramatic. My park meditations would have anywhere from 20 to 50 people and I started using a lightweight microphone to help my voice carry. I also started working with musicians during these events and it was an awesome way to bring different elements to my healing community.

Awesome Way #7: You can do #6 online using Zoom or Skype. I love this because it allows you to really reach around the world, and this is AWESOME.

Awesome Way #8: You can create meditations that correspond to the Sun or Moon transits through the zodiac. Even if you are not a professional astrologer, you can tune into the Sun and Moon. Whether or not you realize it, you have a relationship with these celestial bodies. If you tune your awareness to them, you will find that they are constantly communicating with you. Practicing your connection to them, and then sharing your messages with your tribe gives them the benefit of learning from you, and it is an awesome way to show others how they can thrive these relationships for themselves.

Awesome Way #9: Creating meditations that connect to your favorite aspects of nature are also powerful. For example, meditations to help people connect with trees, the ocean or mountains. Meditations to help folks connect with Spirit Animals is also a great way to facilitate happiness. When my clients say that they have been seeing butterflies or dragonflies, hawks, herons and even black cats, we both really enjoy having them close their eyes and breathing into their heart-space to connect to the message of that spirit animal.

Awesome Way #10: If you want to really impact people in a big, important way, deal with their negative emotions. Getting very specific and creating a series of meditations to help people deal with difficult emotional issues like depression, anxiety, grief or loss not only helps YOU understand these emotions more profoundly, but what you will share will absolutely benefit and transform your tribe. Meditation to Deal with the Loss of a Loved One, Meditation to Deal with the Feeling of Emptiness, Meditation to Help You Stop Being Judgmental. These are just some of the great meditations that you can offer. What a great gift!

Awesome Way #11: Creating a series of positive emotion meditations to help people raise their vibration.  For example, a series of joy meditations, or meditations that help people create a new understanding of success.  But also meditations that help people find connection, intimacy and a sense of belonging.

Awesome Way #12: Helping people deal with current world events through meditation is also really powerful. For example, economic downturns, war, natural disasters and politics.  Wow!  What a welcome series of meditations that would be!  You could title it “Meditations to Put World Leaders and Happenings in Divine Light.” I would support that product, for sure!

Incorporating meditation in-session works not only for individual sessions, but also for group sessions. If you are coaching remotely, through an app or a video call, this technique is still useful.

As a Spiritual Life Coach, healing artist or a Heart-Centered Entrepreneur, you are probably already using this method to help yourself and improve your own quality of life. You can dive into your own mediation before you start a session, or at the end of one. You can also practice this whenever you personally need grounding, or whenever you find yourself having a hard time dealing with stress. Being a Heart-Centered Entrepreneur can be tough at times! Meditation helps you quiet your mind and access your inner thoughts. It reduces your stress and helps you organize your mind. Your clients reap these same benefits when you guide them.

The purpose of this meditation is to make people be more aware of the real source of their negative emotions and reactions. Similar to the techniques used in shadow work, this type of meditation lets you and your clients explore their inner world, find their true purpose, understand themselves on a deeper level, and have the strength and motivation to let go of what no longer serves them, what is holding them back, and what is holding them hostage. Meditation and heart-centered work go hand in hand. Offering this help would immediately set you apart from your competitors and bring you more authority.

Meditation for beginners might be difficult because people tend to find their thoughts wandering around. A guided meditation, done by you, will help them bring their thoughts back into where they need to be. And for a period of time, until they feel confident enough to do it themselves, it will be more beneficial for them.

And lastly, if you really want to make the most out of your meditations and you want to do some serious work around healing the dark parts of your subconscious mind, then I invite you to join me in my free Masterclass called Healing the Healer: 3 Powerful Tools for Healing, Transformation and Self-Realization. I look forward to meeting you there!

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