Kirby De Lanerolle at Spirit Word South Africa


Here are the full sermons that Kirby De Lanerolle gave at Spirit Word South Africa.  They are long, but totally shifted my vibration and helped me change my relationship with food.  I can say honestly, that I am experiencing still, no hunger.  In fact, this lack of hunger has intensified.  Even when my stomach rumbles because it is empty, I have no desire to eat.  That does not mean I don’t eat!  I enjoy eating and I enjoy cooking.  It’s just I don’t desire food– I enjoy it.  I actually feel like I have no issue with food.  This is the first time in my life that this has ever even been a consideration.  It’s still early on, but the fact is, I have understood viscerally that love was missing from my life and so if I find myself looking to food for anything other than art and nutrition, then you will know that I am out of touch with Source/God/Goddess/Love.  I will be keeping my mind on the Light, so this should not happen.  Even when times are tough, I am learning to pray and rely solely on Source to nurture and sustain me.  When times are good, Source fills me and sustains me, not food. And this is a journey.  I might find myself when the big shit hits the fan turning to jars of nut butter for support.  Sigh.  BUT NOT FOR TODAY, BABY!  The journey of 10,000 steps begins with one.  I’m at day 21 and feel blessed.  I was blessed at day one.

Part 1:  [youtube][/youtube]

Part 2:  [youtube][/youtube]



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