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Who’s on your Spiritual Guidance Team?

I have lots of Spiritual Guides, but I particularly love working with Goddesses. The Goddesses who have come to me most often have been Artemis, Kali-ma and a few Goddesses who serve the Moon.  I get lots of visits from different Goddesses and usually they will work with me for two days and then they’re gone.  It’s important for me that I take their messages and integrate them very quickly!

Yesterday, I was visited very clearly by a Welsh Goddess named Arianrhod. She’s a #BadassButterfly! Her job was to challenge men to earn their rights to manhood.

She came to me to let me know that in my Spiritual Life Coach Certification program, I am to challenge my students to earn their rights as a coach. She showed me that I am to hold them accountable to the spiritual principles they claim to love, to drive them to deepen their self-love and self-respect, to make them build their businesses on high principles with solid foundations so that they are not struggling in their careers (and they don’t have to cheat in order to thrive.)

What a blessing to have been visited by the Goddess Arianrhod! What a profound honor to have her on my Spiritual Guidance Team.  I am so honored to be following in her footsteps. And I am so blessed to have created a business that lets me serve these daughters of the Goddess! Priestesses-in-Training is what they are. Badass-Butterflies-in-Training, in deed!

Do you know who’s on your Spiritual Guidance Team? How do you connect with them?

Even though Beloved Arianrhod came to me last week, my most clear and obvious Spirit Guides are the Moon and the Sun. I’m writing my book about them, so I am constantly reaching out to them for insights.  And you know what?  When I was young, maybe four or five years old, the Moon came to me and told me I was her daughter.  I knew at that time that I had been called to a powerful entity, but I didn’t understand what that all meant until I started channeling and teaching about her.  Writing about her has been the greatest opportunity of all.

I have other entities on my Spiritual Guidance Team, as well, though. Ancestors, Devas, Elementals, Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters… my Guides come to me from many different realms.  As I said I REALLY enjoy Goddesses, but you know, the planets are also Spirit Guides and I love them, too.  And hey!  When I was in India, I really dived deep into Hindu Gods and Goddesses. They are AWESOME and accessible and inviting.  If you ever get to go to India, you MUST visit some temples and do ritual.  It’s the BEST.  Take a look at some of my India travel adventures when you get a moment.  When I was in India, I was blessed to work with Sri Hanuman, Sri Shiva, Sri Durga and my beloved Kali-ma.  But I was taken on the wildest and most profound ride of my life when I was introduced to Lord Shani, who rules the planet Saturn.  OMG.  Lord Shani showed up right in my face and knocked the devil out of me!  Literally, he knocked the devil out of me.  He worked with me for years actually, stomping on my ego and calling me on my limiting behaviors.

If Moon was my Mother then Lord Shani was my Father.  That time spent with Lord Shani made me woman I am today– in integrity and fully aligned with my Higher Self.  Lord Shani doesn’t fuck around.   He dropped me at the gates of Hell and then led me through all the darkness.  He was by my side every step of the way.  And then he brought be to the gates of Heaven and said, “You did good, girl.  Go claim your reward.  You earned every cent of it.”  And here I am.  Oh, Lord Shani is there in the background gazing at me reminding me to stay in line.  But I took my time with him seriously and I am helping my brothers and sisters who are also his children when he calls me to do so.  We’re mostly born under the sign of Capricorn and Aquarius!  But if you have issues with Lord Shani or the planet Saturn, you’ll maybe need some help.  I can help you with that!  Book yourself in for a complimentary Discovery Session and let’s see how what comes through for you.



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