ROAR, Heart-Centered Entrepreneur! 9 Powerful Strategies You Can Implement with the New Moon in Leo to Manifest a Pride (Tribe) of Loyal Followers

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Building your tribe is essential if you want to be a successful Heart-Centered Entrepreneur. The Sun and New Moon in Leo will help you connect with your people and deliver them exactly the right message! In this episode, I give you nine powerful ways that you can use NOW to harness the Leo energy and connect with your lion’s pride of loyal followers.


On August 18, 2020, the New Moon will be in Leo. If you haven’t already enrolled in my Healing the Healer Masterclass to learn how to do shadow work, then please go sign-up now! It’s totally free to join. We are just getting started and you’ll want my support during this New Moon phase, because it’s bound to be challenging. Issues of unworthiness, particularly around money, are likely to come up and this class will give you some very interesting approaches to deal with any fears or insecurities that arise.  So go sign-up, Beloved Heart-Centered Entrepreneur!

Leo is a fire sign, and this period brings dynamic, extroverted energy to all of us. The New Moon will be aligned with Mercury at this time, so communication will become a key element in our experience. Many people will feel less shy when it comes to expressing themselves, forming new friendships and improving their existing relationships.

You might find yourself exchanging creative ideas and brainstorming with your co-workers or friends about new projects and new adventures. You will definitely be more curious and will have the motivation to learn new things. More than anything, though, you will feel passionate and encouraged, even through the ups and downs that come along to challenge and stretch you during every Sun and New Moon transit.

Planetary Obstacles and Challenges to the New Moon in Leo

For this New Moon in Leo season our biggest bringer of obstacles will be the planet Saturn, which will be in opposition to Mercury. Saturn represents power, control and even domination. Some people might be affected by the position of Saturn in a way that makes them controlling and manipulative. This is because when Saturn comes around, he activates our hidden feelings of unworthiness. It’s his job. He activates the feelings which rest below our conscious awareness so that we can look at what is sabotaging us. This is for our own good, Precious One. It’s painful, but essential. Saturn also rules our ambition and this, too, can awaken some of our darker aspects, such as a deep hunger for what we want. This shouldn’t be too big of a problem for you if you are willing to put in the work that will help you heal unworthiness and bring you what you desire.

Because of Saturn’s influence, this challenging period will also deeply impact your career. Don’t be surprised if your focus on your finances intensifies during this time. Some old emotions might resurface during this period and unconsciously affect your actions. So, keep an eye on your feelings and how you react to things. Through it all, stay positively focused by recognizing the gifts in every challenge. Remember that you are being strengthened by any obstacles that come along, and that this is why you are a Badass Butterfly, as well as, a Heart-Centered Entrepreneur.

There are some softer aspects to this period, as well. The Sun and Leo are masculine energies. So they are outward, logical, rational and linear. The Moon is feminine energy– intuitive, inward, feeling and dancing. New Moons are a time where the Moon turns her attention from the inner world of feelings and emotions to the outer world of manifestation and birth. This is the time to think about what you desire to manifest and how you will go about it.  It’s a time of visioning, planning and affirming your desires in word and deed. So start thinking about what you want to create in the future, write it down, set your course of action and start walking to it, step-by-step.

Finding Gentleness with the New Moon in Leo

There are lots of things you can work on creating right now because, you know… cats are into EVERYTHING! Hahahaha!  Cats are so curious and Leos are big, beautiful cats with giant teeth and claws. So what do you want to create? Leo rules the 5th house, which is the house of romance, pleasure, children and creativity. SOOOOO go flirt, have sex, make babies and then make art! Or bring all of these qualities to everything you do. For me, I love exercise, cooking, long walks, spirituality, writing, wine and running my business. For this New Moon in Leo, I’m raising the stakes on my exercise routine by getting back into tennis. I’m also cooking more creatively (fancier recipes, new ideas, new tastes, etc.) I’m also doing some art work to help my Spirit Guides reach me more fluidly. And with my business, I’m revamping my curriculums and adding some new classes that excite me. I’m also inviting my students to collaborate with me.  There are so many things you can do during this New Moon in Leo! I invite you to share your ideas in the comments below, or hop over to my Facebook group and join the discussion there.

There will be a lot of balancing of the masculine-feminine polarity due to the influence of Venus in Cancer. Venus represents love, but also balance and diplomacy. You might find yourself trying to mediate between people to rebuild their connections. It also influences your love life. If you are in an existing relationship, you will feel inspired for trying new things and finding ways to reconnect. A little vacation or getaway sounds like a good idea at this time. For the singles, in an unexpected place, and unexpected way, you might meet someone new. There will also be new opportunities for new connections. Making new friends, getting involved in community projects, volunteer work, socializing becomes very important during this time. The only downside is the conflicting influence of Saturn that will make some of you feel stuck or restricted, not knowing what to do. Being an Aquarius, when Saturn has strong influence, I always consciously slow down and see how I can find more excellence in the situation. Saturn rules both Capricorn and Aquarius and we actually tend to do very well in Saturn periods. In this case, because we’re dealing with Venus and relationships, we would all do well to slow down and see how we can deepen our connections. Ask yourself:

  • How can I be a better listener?
  • How can I be more generous with my attention?
  • How can I be kinder?
  • In what ways can I be a better friend?
  • In what ways can I bring more love to this situation?

If you are trying to build a solid loyal follower base on social media, or in your own community, there are some really great ways that you can take advantage of this planetary alignment, keeping the New Moon’s energy at the center.

Use these 9 Powerful Strategies to Manifest Your Pride of Loyal Followers with the New Moon in Leo

Self-expression will be very important during this time. In a way, it’s the moment you’ve been working for, and if you are well-prepared, you should not feel too panicked. If you’re ready to rock and roll, the spotlight will be on you, and the effects of the planetary alignment will last all the way through the Virgo season. This means, if you catch the ride, you can go far. Try not to be overly critical of yourself. Don’t judge yourself harshly. If you find yourself a bit lost, always contact your friends, and ask for feedback, get their opinions, and create a healthy balance. With that being said, let’s look at the strategies you can use with the New Moon in Leo.

  1. Leverage Your Content. How long does it take for you to write an article for your blog? It takes me hours. I deliver meaningful content and it takes time to produce it. Not to mention the time it takes for my proofreader to correct it, and then, of course, comes the publishing and sharing process. Producing one article totally from start to finish takes me a minimum of 15 hours. I’ve checked in with other authors and they’ve confirmed that the creation of a well-constructed 1500 word article, its publishing, and then its shares to social media take anywhere from 10 to 20 hours. In my past life, I would write an article and post it to my blog and promote it through social media and it brought lots of visitors to my site. The problem was that I wasn’t consistent with my delivery and I didn’t leverage my content, meaning that I didn’t create more content from the original one. For example, a written article can become a video, and a video can become a podcast and a podcast can become a downloadable lead magnet. Remember that Leo is all about working smart, not hard. Why on Earth would you just write an article, but not leverage it? Leveraging amplifies your message by 500%. Use this New Moon in Leo to step away from your work and see how you can get more out of what you’ve already done.
  2. Share Your Work on Social Media. Don’t hide your work or let it sit quietly on your blog all by itself. Create a marketing strategy and take advantage of the Leo spotlight to consistently share every bit of your material. Most Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs miss out on their share of the audience because they forget to share every article every time. Take the opportunity to focus on your social media presence. There are many platforms out there. Don’t limit yourself to only one. It’s important to create a presence throughout the most popular social media platforms so you can increase your chances of being discovered by  different groups of people. Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Vimeo, Pinterest, are some of these popular platforms. Many coaches will tell you to focus on just one platform, and I agree with this as a primary focus. HOWEVER, it is perfectly acceptable to copy and paste your posts between the social media outlets. Companies like Hootsuite make it possible to do this easily. Create an account or a page on each of them and post content simultaneously.
  3. Be Seen! Throughout all of Leo season, the Universe is urging us to be seen. So get yourself out there in videos and photos. If you have writings, publish them. If you have classes, launch them. This is a stellar opportunity to be seen, heard and appreciated. If you don’t want to show your face on videos, remember that you can always upload your audio files with a still photo on Youtube. And what about if you feel confident, but don’t have any fancy recording equipment? You might be surprised to learn that many people start with just their cell phones in front of a window, with sunlight coming through the window. You don’t need a professional camera or mic in the beginning. Get informed on techniques to increase your followers organically. It takes a bit of work at the beginning but it creates a more solid and loyal base. Many people who pay companies to get followers are only fooling themselves because, in practice, it doesn’t yield the rewards they might hope.
  4. Content! Content! Content! Speaking of the New Moon in Leo, content is key. It is very important during this time to know exactly what to post, when to post, and where to post it. What kind of content you will create during this time is important. Remember that communication skills will be both positively and negatively impacted by the planetary transits. Depending on which zodiac sign your clients are, some may experience a boost in their communication skills, others will feel stuck and unable to express themselves as they wish. Articles, tips and tricks to help them maneuver these challenges could be winners right now. Also, remember that the main topics for Leo are relationships, both personal and professional, socializing, being creative, being open-minded, trying new things, developing new ideas, meeting new people, manifesting love, soulmate, money. When you create your content, consider working with these subjects and be sure to make your articles interactive. The more people are engaged, the more followers you will get. Enable lower privacy settings on your posts so people who are not following your pages or groups can also find and see you. Social media algorithms favor engagement among users. Pose questions to your followers, encourage them to share their thoughts and ideas. Don’t be afraid to be provocative. Try to post once or twice a day, but keep your stuff meaningful and relevant. Too many posts might have a negative impact on your tribe, they might get annoyed and stop following you. Remember to encourage your readers and viewers to participate and join your conversations. Especially on Youtube, encourage your followers to like, share and subscribe at the beginning and at the end of your videos. Being good at content means that you also do keyword search related to your niche and try to find smart ways to incorporate these keywords into your posts. Encourage your followers to share their personal experiences in the comments section. By doing so, you will find out what some of the main issues that keep popping up are. This will, in turn, give you more creative ideas to create more content directly focused on their needs. Use audio-visual materials. Use good quality photographs and even background music if you have the chance. Choose relaxing melodies, soothing colors, and pictures that further your story.
  5. Build Your Email List. The best way to do it is to offer a free product in exchange for your followers’ emails. This is called a lead-magnet. This can be a very short free e-book focusing on relationship issues, manifesting love, or a soulmate. You can also create a short, online, free audio or video course that is only available to your email subscribers. Let them know that you won’t be spamming them, but you will only send them updates and detailed information they wouldn’t find elsewhere on your social media accounts. They will be the first and only ones to know. Sending emails twice a month is a great way to start out!
  6. Focus on Fresh New Beginnings. The New Moon in Leo symbolizes the ending of one cycle and the beginning of a new one. Remember that just a few weeks ago, we had the Sun in Cancer. During this time, we were knee-deep in our fears and mired in negative emotions. We successfully made it through all that. Yay, us! Now, many people will want to find the energy and the motivation to make a new start, and many of them will need the strength, focus and courage to start from scratch. As a Heart-Centered Entrepreneur, keep your focus on topics like “How to start from scratch” or “How to find the motivation to keep going when everything seems to be against you” or “How to find love”, etc. Whatever your niche is, set action plans for your followers and come up with creative strategies to keep them going and encourage them to come back for more guidance and insight.
  7. Control. This New Moon in Leo season will manifest itself in two opposite groups. Some people will feel like they have lost all the control, while some others will become control freaks. Equally, focus on both of these aspects and develop strategies to help people overcome their weaknesses. One way to do this is to organize an in-person or online group session during which you can practice mediation. Talk to your followers about the importance of finding balance with the help of mediation and show them how they can do it. You can also do Youtube, Facebook, or even Instagram live videos.
  8. Become Active in Your Local Community. This is where you walk away from your computer, put on your jewel-tone face mask, don your best duds and head to a networking event! Join community events or courses or lectures where you can meet new people and develop a rapport with them. If there aren’t any local events, consider creating one. You can get the word out on social media, by leaving posters or flyers at the local stores, coffee houses, restaurants. Don’t shy away from small talk. It can be an opportunity to pass out your business card.
  9. Give An Offering. Many people will become concerned about their finances during this time. It’s the impact of Saturn. Consider giving a financial offering to encourage your followers to purchase your services. If they can’t afford the full price of your services, then consider providing weekly or monthly installment options. Create a post promoting your offer. You can also consider offering a ‘friends deal’ where two people can participate in your offering for a reduced rate. Create a blog post in social media with a call to action to make them act quickly while there is still a chance.  A note about ‘discounting:’ Personally, I don’t believe in discounting my prices. I don’t like the word ‘discount’ when it comes to my business.  My family made some really bad business decisions and they used the word discount and we paid a dear price for all the discounting. Certainly, the word discount means ‘to reduce the price of something.’ But it also means to deem something as lacking value or not having credibility. Words have value energetically.  So I encourage you to stay away from that word as much as possible. When I launch programs, I offer my students and clients a reduction in their investment as an incentive for payment in full, for example. This way, both my clients and I feel great about the transaction. They know that I won’t be discounted and they like being offered money!

As you move forward, keep in mind that motivation will be difficult for some folks during the New Moon in Leo. It will affect everything from relationships to professional performance, from socializing to finances. It will be crucial especially around the 18th and 19th of August because this is the beginning of the new Sun transit into Virgo. People, in general, will be mentally and emotionally open to how they can make new beginnings, how they can develop their existing projects, or improve their lives in general. If you, as a leader and Heart-Centered Entrepreneur, can create your content around motivation and new beginnings and how they relate to the many areas of their lives, you will create a bigger and more solid circle around you.

Now go out there and get your pride! And remember to sign-up for my Healing the Healer class to learn how to use shadow work to overcome unworthiness.

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