What Do You Think? 🤔 Your Spiritual Philosophy Matters

Your spiritual philosophy is a complex and personal topic that can be difficult to articulate.

But if you are a Badass Butterfly Spiritual Life Coach, you practice what you preach! You speak about your work with an intimate understanding of the spiritual philosophy that directs your unique path of personal transformation and you articulate why you believe in it clearly. As a Badass Butterfly Spiritual Life Coach, you are committed to providing your clients with individualized and transformative experiences, and as such, you must be able to articulate your beliefs and practices with clarity and confidence.🦋

To Badass Butterflies, spiritual life coaching is not some 5th-grade book report we can just “phone in.” Our clients seek us out for DEEP individualized healing, and so depth is exactly what we offer. Happily, and with pride!😃

To begin to develop a spiritual philosophy, you must ask yourself the following questions. I strongly suggest you write down your answers in your journal and keep going back to them to deepen them:📝

  • What do I believe causes personal transformation?
  • What specific practices and processes lead to personal transformation?
  • Where does personal transformation take place (mind, body, spirit, material life, or all of the above)?
  • Why do I believe what I believe about healing and transformation?
  • How do my beliefs inform my own healing process?
  • How do my beliefs inform my Spiritual Life Coaching practice?

Answering these questions can be a challenging and introspective process, but it is essential for you to have a clear and concise understanding of your own spiritual philosophy. As Badass Butterfly Spiritual Life Coaches, we are often sought out by clients who are seeking deep healing and transformation, and as such, we must be able to clearly communicate our beliefs and practices to them.🤝☎

You must have clear, concise responses if you expect people to entrust you with their time, attention, and money. If answers aren’t coming easily to you, it isn’t too late to find them. Perhaps you need to start with the tangible aspects of your healing journey to discover the philosophical principles that guide you. 💭

This is where the brunt of my work lies, y’all. I am a master at helping new and aspiring spiritual life coaches discover, articulate, and share their most powerful spiritual philosophies. I’m excited to help you flesh this out! You can post any questions here, or in my League of Badass Butterflies Facebook group.🦋

I want to know your spiritual philosophy and I want to help you bring it to the world through your coaching. If you are ready to say, “YES,” to your Divine Calling and you have decided to take action to make it real in the world, then I would LOVE to be your partner in this endeavor, Precious!❤

Send me a DM and let’s chat about how we can unite to make your coaching (and business ownership) dream a reality. During our chat, I’ll ask you some questions about your coaching business vision and I’ll be listening to Spirit to hear the best way to guide you on this journey. If we feel great about the plan that’s coming from the heavens, I’ll present you the enrollment terms and we can get you started right away. 📩

I also invite you to join my League of Badass Butterflies Facebook group  (https://www.facebook.com/groups/leagueofbadassbutterflies.) This is a learning community for new and aspiring spiritual life coaches who want to develop their mindset as they develop their Divine Coaching Business. 👆


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