What’s Your Spiritual Philosophy?

Have you ever written a book report about a book you didn’t read? Be honest! I promise I won’t go back in time and tell your teacher.

If you’re a Badass Butterfly Spiritual Life Coach, those days are far behind you. Because we practice what we preach, we speak about our work with an intimate understanding of the spiritual philosophy that directs our unique path of personal transformation and why we believe in it. To Badass Butterflies, Spiritual Life Coaching is not some 5th-grade book report we can just “phone in.” Our clients seek us out for DEEP individualized healing, and so depth is exactly what we offer. Happily, and with pride!

Ask yourself the following questions. I strongly suggest you write down your answers in your journal and keep going back to them to deepen them:

  • What do I believe causes personal transformation?
  • What specific practices and processes lead to personal transformation?
  • Where does personal transformation take place (mind, body, spirit, material life, or all of the above)?
  • Why do I believe what I believe about healing and transformation?
  • How do my beliefs inform my own healing process?
  • How do my beliefs inform my Spiritual Life Coaching practice?

You must have clear, concise responses if you expect people to entrust you with their time, attention, and money. If answers aren’t coming easily to you, it isn’t too late to find them. Perhaps you need to start with the tangible aspects of your healing journey to discover the philosophical principles that guide you. This is where the brunt of my work lies, y’all. I’m here to help you flesh this out. You can post any questions here, or in my League of Badass Butterflies Facebook group.

4 Pain-Free Steps Discover Your Spiritual Philosophy 

  1. Document your personal healing journey as if you were writing a memoir. This is only for research purposes (even if you decide to publish it later), so don’t worry about making it fancy or grammatically perfect.
  2. Review the steps on your journey that moved you towards personal transformation. What inspired you to make those decisions? What books, blogs, YouTube channels, or mentors pointed you in the direction that you decided to take? Write down a list of references and be specific!
  3. Revisit the ideologies that inform your inspirational guides and write down how they play a role in your present life.
  4. Write down your daily, weekly, and monthly rituals that you continue to use on your healing journey, especially the practices you recommend to other people. Write down why you believe they work for you.

You have probably noticed that quite a bit of writing is involved when you’re discovering how to put your belief system into words. This is good news! Eventually, the notes you take can become blog posts, memes, and videos. By privately documenting your progress as you find a way to succinctly describe your spiritual philosophy, you will have much of your public blog written by the time you are ready to publish it. For now, the content of your writing is much more important than the quality.

Knowing why you believe what you believe is only half of the race; expressing those beliefs to other people is how you get to the finish line. When you think you have a decent understanding of the ideology backing up your healing process, practice verbally articulating it to trusted friends, family, and mentors who support you. Let them challenge your spiritual philosophy until you feel confident discussing them with strangers. If you’re in the League of Badass Butterflies, feel free to share your spiritual philosophy with us! You’ll get the intelligent support and encouragement you need to move you forward.

As a Badass Butterfly Spiritual Life Coach, you are more than a healer and a teacher. You are a Hierophant for your clients, and you should carry yourself with the same level of wisdom and authority. According to Wikipedia, “a hierophant is an interpreter of sacred mysteries and arcane principles.” He spends his whole life learning Divine Truths and they apply to life on Earth. In Tarot, the Hierophant (or the Pope) is responsible for disseminating this sacred knowledge to those seeking his wisdom and expertise, exactly like a Badass Butterfly Spiritual Life Coach!

Like the Hierophant, Badass Butterfly Spiritual Life Coaches are deeply rooted in spiritual doctrine. Fortunately for you, giving up your secular life is not required to take up this role. In fact, renunciation of earthly delights will run the risk of alienating you from potential clients. The more you integrate your spiritual philosophy with your Badass Butterfly Lifestyle, the more powerful you are as its messenger. Even without taking your word at face value, people will be able to see the fruits of your beliefs and practices for themselves by observing how well they work for you, as you “walk your talk.”

I refer to healing as a “path” because it really is more of a journey than a destination. A solid spiritual philosophy ensures that the steps you take keep you traveling in the right direction. You’re already walking the path. If your goal isn’t to become a Badass Butterfly Spiritual Life Coach, “walking the walk” is enough. Articulating your spiritual philosophy is how you “talk the talk,” which is a HUGE part of being a leader capable of helping other people on their own paths towards personal transformation.

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