Get Out Of Survival Mode! New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo

The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo rises at 20:30 CEST in Zagreb, Croatia on Monday, August 21st.  Today is Saturday, August 19th.  I had a powerful awakening this morning. All eclipses are energetically significant because they represent an eclipsing out of an external masculine authority so that the internal feminine Authority reigns supreme. And please remember that when I speak of masculine and feminine authority, I do not mean men and women, but rather external and internal or doing and being or even, active and passive. I’m talking relative polarities. It is important to understand that for over two minutes on Monday, while the Moon makes her transit in front of the Sun, we will be fully in the Moon’s shadow.  The Moon herself represents shadow energy, mystery, and deep emotions. To find ourselves cast in the shadow of her royal shadowness is quite intense for our emotions and psyche. We MUST CARE FOR OURSELVES RIGHT NOW.  In ancient times, the Solar Eclipse is usually associated with the fall of kings.   In our solar system where everything revolves around the Sun (the king,) it is no small favor to have a tangible natural occurrence like this New Moon Eclipse remind us that our true Authority comes from within.

Okay, so if you’re new to my writing and my work as astrologer and spiritual empowerment coach, I want to give you a little background on the significance of the year 2017. I invite you to go on this ride with me, because it means something wonderful for all humans– male, female, black, white… it doesn’t matter. 2017 is important for everyone.  It is a ’10 year,’ which in numerology, represents Authority and Power. This is our year to claim ourselves as the true primary Authority in our lives.  Our true Authority is the connection to our authentic, honest self. This year, I’ve been urging my beautiful readership to look at their feelings around Authority– where they reject it, where they deny it, and most importantly, how often and easily they give it away to someone outside themselves. How often do you give your Authority over to a boss or an aggressive co-worker, a bully on the road, an unkind stranger that cuts in front of you at Trader Joe’s?  It doesn’t matter what we do or what our circumstances are. The one thing we can fully claim without anyone’s permission is our Inner Authority. (Here, I’m thinking Nelson Mandela in prison.  Wow.  How wild is it that our human lessons are often through contrast? How wild is it that to understand true Authority, we must sometimes be imprisoned physically, giving up our Authority and our autonomy, so that we must turn inward for esteem. Contrast is our friend… even when it hurts.)  Our Inner Authority is the conscious connection between our mind, body and spirit. When all three of these are aligned, we are an unstoppable force of love, manifesting all that we desire with ease and grace.  And I really should take this opportunity to check in with you about your personal astrology chart.  Have you gotten one for yourself?  I can make one for you; and they’re on sale still for just $20.  Your personal chart is a MUST because it talks about your issues of authority, money, intimacy, family, health, career, power, and a whole bunch of other stuff.  It’s over 30 pages of YOU. Place your order and it will be delivered to your inbox within 24 hours.

The Solar Eclipse that occurs on Monday is a formal awakening and invitation to this event. I want you to be ready so I am sharing with you the message that came through while I was meditating this morning. I was contemplating how when we are in ‘survival mode’ we cannot be in Authority. Survival mode and Authority do NOT mix.  In fact, when you have gone into survival mode, you have given your Authority over to forces outside of yourself.  The very nature and essence of survival mode is lack. A lacking mode narrows our focus to see always a scarcity of time, money, health, security, love and support. When we are in survival mode, we are in fight or flight both emotionally and physically. Emotionally, we feel unfocused, stuck, stagnant and we find it very difficult to get excited about anything. Our creativity goes out the window and God forbid we try to have an exciting and meaningful intimate relationship. It’s impossible when you’re in fight or flight because all your juice is directed toward an accelerated heart rate, the release of cortisol and a hyper-alert brain that is paralyzed with fear. There is an undeniable nagging sense of desperation and an impending dread over the hammer that is sure to fall. Physically, we feel depleted. We draw energy from caffeine and other stimulants because our bodies can’t muster motivation on their own. How can we expect ourselves to thrive and flourish, when our primary vibration and subconscious focus point is doubt or uncertainty?

We can fake it for a time, but that’s just masking the problem. We need real solutions and the solutions must come from the Soul. We cannot just keep putting Band-aids over our deep wounds. We must go into the heart of the matter and do the real work to repair what is broken. That is what this New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo is offering us. The Universe wants you to know the truth of who you are. The truth of who you are is Inner Authority, the God/Goddess within. For this very special eclipse, I want to give you three offerings.

The first offering is for our New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo Ritual. I want to offer my subscribers my Meditation and Activation to Release Fight or Flight.  The meditation link is included in the welcome email and will be emailed to you as soon as you sign up.  To get the meditation, please subscribe.

The second offering, you might have heard already at the Full Moon.  It was an interview that I did with Self-Love Expert and author of Sacred Seduction, Kitty Cavalier.  In that interview, Kitty and I discussed the importance of pleasure in our lives and how our Authority REQUIRES pleasure in order to thrive.  Pleasure is the fuel that nourishes our Soul.  This New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo is our greatest opportunity this year to make a significant break from the old structures of lack, hard work for little return and burn-out.  Watch the interview on Youtube or download and listen to the podcast on Soundcloud.  It is FULL of inspiration and information to get you feeling great and taking positive steps toward regaining a deep relationship with your true Authority.

And finally, I have for you this amazing oracle card that I drew in response to the question, how do we break free from fight or flight and survival mode?  I drew the card from my Rumi Oracle deck during my morning practice and the message is below.  I did a write-up about the amazing and powerful Rumi Oracle deck, if you want to check it out.  I would love for you to read it later.  But for now, I want you to read the card message all the way through. As you go forward into the next several days, see how you can absorb the meaning of this powerful message and apply it to your life.  Thanks so much for reading, friend!  And remember that you can subscribe and get these Moon Reports and Rituals delivered to your inbox.

Rumi oracleA New Gown:

“Weary and consumed by longing,
I was caressed by my beloved last night.
My wounded soul was set free,

when I tasted the sweetness of love.

My spirit was lifted at once
I surrendered my life,
while overflowing with joy,
and my vision was filled with light.

Love said, ‘Don’t feel so hopeless,
my weary and gloomy one,
for my generosity is beyond
forgetting those devoted to me.’

See how boundless divine justice can be
Behold my immeasurable kindness!
Love embraced my spirit
and all my doubts vanished at once.
A new and glorious robe of honor
was placed on my shoulders.

Love offered me the power of new vision
and the transforming touch of divine generosity
and placed the chalice of eternal wine in my hand.” ~RUMI

“I have the perfect gift for you. It is a gown of new colours, of colours perfectly suited to you and no other. The colours of this gown will make your eyes sparkle and gleam as though they were more beautiful than the most precious of gems. The colours of this new gown will make your skin seem luminous as if lit from within. For of course it is, beautiful angel, your complexion is radiant with the light of life. Your hair will shine with lustre and your entire being will be complemented by this gown as it enhances your beauty in all ways.

So hold on no longer to that shabby, tattered cloak so unworthy of you. Cast it off! Let me grace your shoulders now with this royal robe instead, that you may shine beautifully as befits a royal child of divine parentage.”
“Ah beloved, if you could only see the incredible gift, the symbolic robe, being offered to you now. Your fears would quake and tremble, disappearing more quickly than you could imagine! Your heart would take wings, and become so light that your entire being would lift clean off the ground, and soar like and angel-bird amongst the playground of the Divine Mother’s skies.

Yet like a young one, so much younger than your years and wisdom warrant, you may hold onto your tattered robes as though they were a security blanket. Though you know it is time to let it go, you may take pause and have a moment of doubt. You may wonder if the new robes will descend swiftly enough; or, that without what you have known to cling onto, you will be left stark-naked, exposed and vulnerable! These thoughts are not worthy of your status, but perhaps you are yet to realize you are of the most sublime royal lineage, that you are worthy of a cloak of galaxies, a crown of stars, a body of sacred earth and a voice of stirring music.

You may be craning your neck to see who it is that can bestow permission upon you to receive a gift of such dignity. In whom is such authority vested, that you may no longer be as the beggar, asking for scraps and contenting yourself with stale crumbs? You may simply decide to shed that, stand up to walk with your head held erect and with regal grace, and assume your place at the table of divine feasting. Remember that your royal birth certificate is stamped in your heart. There is no authority required, no permission to be granted. You are what you are already, and always have been thus. All that is required from you is to realize it.

This oracle comes to you with sacred portent. You are fast approaching a moment of a great leap, an evolutionary shift on your spiritual path. Your sens of yourself and your divine identity is about to be revealed and realized in a way more potent than ever before. This is wonderful! It is a divine happening! You must allow it. Do not confuse humility with humiliation. Do not humble yourself excessively. You do not have to battle with false pride either. Simply honour yourself as a living being, worthy of life, worthy of this royal path of divine realization. What a gift it is to cast aside belief in inferiority or superiority, unhelpful as those notions are for you now. What a gift instead to embrace your own path, irrespective of what any other may think, whether they hold it in glory or derision.

Who cares? Not you; nor I. Your royal heritage has been revealed, and in seeing the divinity within yourself, you become blessed to see it in all beings, all beings returning to the realization of royalty within. Crazed searching outside of the heart will come to an end. A simple golden path will be found, as though a river of molten gold flows from your heart back to the  oceanic heart of the Great Beloved, where, united again, you finally ascend your throne and claim your divinity once and for always.

This oracle comes with sacred guidance for you. You are stepping into empowerment in a new way and it is to be honoured. Do not allow yourself to be dragged into dramas or power games. You are worth so much more than that. You are tapping into your inner dignity and others may not know how to respond. Some will respond with love and acknowledgment; others with fear and judgment, calling you “too big for your boots” or “high and mighty.” Those are voices of fear, not truth. Be in your dignity and power nad keep going. It is the Divine that urges you thus, not the ego. Do not doubt the changes happening within you  now – embrace them.”*

~ By Alana Fairchild



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