Day 2 of New Moon in Taurus Self-Love Challenge


Welcome to Day 2 of the challenge!  For today, we’re going to be building on the beautiful work that you started yesterday around your heart.  There were two processes we worked.  One was the exploratoin of our true self which we did with the Who Am I? meditation.  The other was to write down what gifts you’d like to receive from the Moon, the Sun, Venus and Taurus.  You can revisit yesterday’s challenge page to see the specific details of the action list.  If you did that meditation and took the time to reflect and write down your desires, you may have felt a shift in your consciousness.  Perhaps you felt excited, happy, optimistic and ready.  Or maybe you felt anxious, worried or fretful– maybe even doubtful.  Don’t worry.  You do not have to take any actions on that stuff right now, unless you feel inspired to do so.  We are in the feminine process of manifestation right now, so we do things with ease, feeling our way through, knowing that the Universe is working on our behalf.  You’ll have opportunity in the coming days to do Shadow Work.  Just keep yourself open to inspiration.

The work that we do today will help to relax you a bit because we are going to take the emphasis off your rational and logical mind that wants to DO or take action.  Remember that Mercury is retrograde and it is normal to feel a little slow or stagnant right now.  This is why this challenge is really important– it is designed to help you get out of your head and into your heart so that you can work on the thing that is within your control… your own vibration.

Your work for today is simple:  read the blog post I made about the Higher Self’s perspective, revisit the desires you wrote yesterday, do a round of Breath of Fire and a round of the Mahalakshmi Mantra with the Priya sisters (there’s a link and instructions for the Breath of Fire and the mantra below under the tab marked Mantra) and then just observe how you feel.

Below you’ll find your objectives for the day, your inspiration, action list and the mantra.  Remember to take from my offerings what feels good for you and feel free to discard what doesn’t.  This is your practice and challenge.  I’m just here as a guide, but no guide is better than your own innate wisdom.  I trust You 100% and so should you. Enjoy your day and blessed be. ♥

Big hug,

Crystal Lynn

Action List
Day 2 Objectives:

  1. To revisit our desires and create a space of allowing them to come through us in their own Divine Time.
  2. To learn a bit about the Higher Self and try taking its perspective.
  3. To continue to affirm what we have by giving and sharing.  Please note that giving and sharing is a BIG part of healing because it is by giving that you are demonstrating that you possess something.  You cannot give something that you do not have.  So when you give, you are saying to the universe, “I appreciate what I have.”


“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ~Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī

Do you ever wonder who your Higher Self is and why he or she is expressing his or herself as you? I mean, why are you you and not me, for example? Or G.W. (G Dubya?)

I do.

As I was sitting in meditation this morning, I felt like there was someone around me. Someone bigger than me, calmer than me, more grounded then me. It did not feel like me myself, but I felt like I belonged to them. In my mind’s eye, I saw a beautiful heart in my chest and that this heart was the heart that I shared with this bigger, calmer me. Her heart was kind of behind my heart and our hearts were joined by a golden thread of energy.

My ego quickly began counting the difference between ‘me’ and ‘Her.” It went into separation and started naming off my problems and highlighting were I was falling short. It was a quick download of everything that I was doing wrong in this moment and then it was a tally of my shortcomings. She’s not sick. She’s not confused. She’s not addictive.

Read the whole article…

Action List
Here is your action list for today

  1. READ:  Higher Self’s Perspective:  Unconditional Love.
  2. JOURNAL:  Revisit your desires from yesterday.  Take several minutes and write down your resistances to those goals.  By resistances, I mean fears, doubts and negative beliefs you are holding.  Be sure to really empty your mind onto your journal.  The process of writing is going to help you get the energy out of your mind and body and onto paper.  This is illuminating and will help you put things into perspective.
  3. MEDITATE:  Today’s meditation will be in the form of Pranayama (which is breathwork) and mantra (which is the recitation of a sacred affirmation.) You can get the details for this on the Mantra tab.
  4. GIVE:  Remember that giving is an aspect of receiving.  It helps to solidify your practice and helps you integrate your lessons quickly.  All of the planets and aspects with which we are working are particularly generous.  They know themselves as infinitely abundant. So please make giving a big part of your journey this week.  Giving is an affirmation of having and it is your belief (and ultimate KNOWING) of your having that is going to make you realize it in your inner world and subsequently in your material world.  In other words, if you want to receive more sexual flirtation from Venus, you have to KNOW that you have it.  Go out and flirt!  Don’t wait until you think you’re ready.  Flirt when you’re not wearing make-up and dressed frumpy.  Flirt when you’re dressed to the nines.  You have it now.  Go share your beautiful self.  Same thing with money.  Don’t wait until you think you have more money than you need… hell, that could be like waiting for Godot (remember that from French Existentialism?  He never arrived!)  Take a risk on trust and give now.  You don’t have to empty your bank account, but you also can relax the purse strings a little bit.  These planets and aspects are not waiting to give you what’s already yours.  It’s already yours!  You’re just tuning into them to turn on your own channels that are blocked by your egoic self.  So stop pretending like you don’t have it and go give it.  Do this every day.  Give something every day because you are abundant every day.  Give to charity, make a donation, offer something to the homeless, volunteer to help, make a meal and share it with someone, give money to a friend, bake cookies for your local fire department, go perform for children in the hospital, share your smile, share your ideas, talk to people in line at the post office, share yourself.


For today’s meditation, we’ll be using Breath of Fire to warm your belly, shake loose resistance in our generative (sexual) organs, and awaken our Kundalini energy.  We’ll also do a round of the Lakshmi Gayatri mantra.  I’ve included an mp3 that you can download because you might just LOVE this mantra. Performing it is fun, upbeat and invigorating.  When reciting mantra, it is customary to sit still and focus on your 3rd eye or a chakra.  But for this one, you might find yourself being moved by the energy, so feel free to engage and dance.  There’s nothing wrong with a little holy rolling!

So for today’s practice, do one round of Breath of Fire and at least one round of the Sri Lakshmi mantra.  ENJOY!!!

Learn how to do Breath of Fire with this 3-minute video…

Here is the Lakshmi Gayatri Mantra as performed by the Priya Sisters…

Here are the words to the mantra:

Om Mahalakshmyai cha vidmahe
Vishnu patnyai cha dhimahi
Tanno Lakshmihi prachodayat

“Om. Let us meditate on the Great Goddess Sri Lakshmi, the consort of Sri Maha Vishnu. May that effulgent Maha Lakshmi Devi inspire and illuminate our mind with understanding.”

Goddess Lakshmi rules love, wealth and beauty. In the Hindu tradition, the planet Venus is called Shukra, which means, lucid, clear and bright. Shukra is ruled by Goddess Lakshmi.


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