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9 Steps to Transform Your Limiting Self-Perception: How “I Can’t” is Hiding in Your Psyche and Sabotaging Your Ability to Level-Up

July 28, 2020 | 0 Comments

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When I was young, I really thought that I could accomplish anything that I put my mind to. So when I was young, I dreamed big, thought big and took big risks. But somewhere along the way my courageous mindset got plagued with doubt. Let’s face it. Most of my big talk as a young woman was not backed by commitment, hard work, tenacity or determination. I talked big, but really, I wasn’t prepared to put in the hard work required to bring about the excellence that big, badass dreams need in order to be successful.

The thing is, instead of recognizing early on that I wasn’t willing to do what was required, I pointed my finger at circumstances and blamed them for my lack of success. I blamed my mother and my absent father for 90% of my failings. At the time, it felt like the correct path, and so I muddled through countless hours of therapy and healing sessions, shadow work and ceremony, attempting to decondition my old mental and emotional programming.

While healing my early childhood wounding did tons to clear my psyche of its shadows and debris, I still found myself dealing with catastrophic failures, when it came to pursuing my big- ticket dreams. Gosh! When I look back over the last 20 years, I can easily identify five or six times when I made big plans and I set out to achieve them, only to find myself dealing with devastating loss, instead of drinking from the cup of victory. So why, after all my therapy, chanting, meditating and clearing, was I still suffering such devastating loss whenever I went for a big win?

I Can’t… My Blockage to Thinking Big

What I found, after all the healing was done, was that I had tremendous strength of self-efficacy for small-stakes goals that required busy work, and not a lot of creative thinking outside the box.  But for the big things that mattered to my heart– those things that were generated from the depths of my passion and that fueled my desires, the attitudes, thoughts, behaviors and choices, that would require me to be far from my comfort zone… the things that would challenge my emotional and intellectual safety and cause me to face my greatest desires and my greatest fears, all these caused my feelings of self-efficacy to utterly break down and shatter like crystal.

Basically, I spent years living my life dancing around what I desired, instead of going directly toward it. For example, in my heart of hearts, I wanted to go to live in Italy.  So what did I do? I spent a year in Spain, Cambodia and France. I could have gone to Italy then, right?  I was just a country away. But instead I went to Croatia… for almost two years!  And even while I was there, Italy kept calling me. And I found myself taking trips to Slovenia, Costa Rica, Romania and Greece.  And finally, during one of my powerful morning meditations, I decided to look squarely at my desire to move to Italy and to confront the fears, doubts, worries and concerns that were holding me back from pursuing my true dream.  What I found was a strange feeling of “I can’t,” tainting my energy.

I was afraid of the idea, and I couldn’t get my head around it. In the past, when I would think about where I wanted to live, I would try to imagine myself in Rome or Florence, and instead of getting that heart-warming excitement and anticipation, I would feel a genuine aversion to what I was seeing. Deep in my psyche, I would hear a little voice whispering, “You can’t.”

And when I would try to imagine myself at my farmhouse retreat in Tuscany, working in the garden, cooking in the kitchen and coordinating duties with my team members, I would try to work on a mini-business plan, which is something I feel very comfortable doing for both online businesses and brick-and-mortar businesses. Instead of feeling eager and enthusiastic like I normally would, I felt that same aversion, tinged with self-doubt and trepidation. I remember looking up at my scribbled notes and the thought that rose into my mind like a whale rising from the depths of the ocean was, “I can’t.”

Your Relationship with Self-Efficacy

I can’t is the enemy of self-efficacy, and it is the main reason why I kept meeting with loss and failure when I reached for my biggest goals.  I was happy to work hard, but the hidden belief, I can’t, was always going to block my achievement. This is a Law of Attraction Universe, so the material world reflects the inner world, by calling to our three-dimensional experience whatever is a match to our inner life (our beliefs, thoughts, attitudes, and of course, the choices we make). My inner world has historically been a liminal place of starts and stops, where I was reaching for things, and either falling short because of inadequate training, or simply losing interest and giving up before the fruits could ripen.

Self-efficacy is partially your belief in your ability to do something. However, when you look at it deeply, you come to see that self-efficacy is a sort of inner-personal manifest destiny. It not only involves your belief in your ability to get something done, but it also brings to the forefront of your mind:

  • Your perception of your place in the world.
  • Questions about your personal capability, reliability, determination, commitment and follow-through.
  • Issues regarding trust in your talents and skills.
  • Your particular challenges to access both the internal and external resources that can supplement you where you need help.
  • Awareness of your support system and your ability to allow yourself to be supported.
  • Your ability to step away from your individual perspective to gain a broader view of yourself and the situation.
  • Your ability to trust in the bigger picture, as you move back in, to address the small details and particularities of your quest.
  • The health of your relationship with worthiness. Do you deserve to have the success you desire, even if you put in the work to attain it?

Do Some Shadow Work

What I have experienced over the last year, is an awakening to my personal relationship with self-efficacy and the subsequent healing of that relationship. What I want to do is challenge you to explore your relationship with self-efficacy and to see how “I can’t,” might be sabotaging your success.

In your journal, do an exploration of your relationship with self-efficacy. Look at each of the questions and statements below and write down whatever comes up for you.

  • Before we begin, please write down two or three of your really big, important dreams.
  • What is your place in this world? Why did you come here?
  • Explore your personal capability, reliability, determination, commitment, and follow-through. What do each of the above qualities contribute to the achievement of your dreams?  In what ways are you suffering because you are lacking, or falling short in these qualities?
  • Make a fearless inventory of the skills and talents you need in order to thrive your desires. How do you feel about your ability to perform these skills and talents?
  • Make a list of the resources you know and can call upon, to help you as you pursue your big, important dreams. What resources are you missing? How can you acquire more of what you need?
  • Inventory your support system. Remember that support can be emotional, spiritual, intellectual and/or material. Do you feel the support of your support system?  Of what percentage of your day do you feel supported?
  • Take a giant step back away from yourself and see yourself and your big, important dreams with an objective eye. What do you see? How far away from your dreams are you? What are some ways you can bridge any gaps you see?
  • When you step back into your human perspective, what small details do you need to address so that you can feel capable?
  • With regard to your big, important dreams, what is your relationship with worthiness? Do you deserve to have the success you desire, even if you put in the work to attain it?

Please share your comments below, or better yet, come over to my free Facebook group for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs. It’s called You Lead! Intuitive Business Development for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs, and it is so much fun! We have live weekly coaching calls, classes, exercises and an entire toolbox of things you need to pursue your dreams and thrive your life. There is an application to join the group, just to keep the quality of the group high. It’s short and sweet and if you’d like to join us, please fill it out.

And lastly, if you want to do some serious work around self-efficacy, shadow and the dark parts of your subconscious mind, then I invite you to join me in my free Masterclass called Healing the Healer: 3 Powerful Tools for Healing, Transformation and Self-Realization. I look forward to meeting you there!

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New Moon in Scorpio November 7, 2018: Taking Your Life Back from Your Ego

November 4, 2018 | 0 Comments

Beloved friend, Happy New Moon!  The best way to access the entire New Moon in Scorpio Report and to support my work is through a membership in the Badass Butterfly Training program.  You can get the complete New Moon in Scorpio Report AND the entire New and Full Moon Rituals depending on the membership level you choose.  Membership pricing starts at FREE!

★ Do the 3-day New Moon in Scorpio Ritual any time between November 4th and finish before November 14th for the best effects. The New Moon rises in Scorpio on November 7th at 5:01pm CEST.  Moon Rituals are all available as part of your Badass Butterfly Training at the Gentle Cocooning level and higher.   Sign up for membership and get access to the entire Full Moon Report, the RITUAL and my entire Badass Butterfly Self-Love program.

★ As always, I am really excited to meet my readers and to offer assistance when you need it.  I invite you to book yourself in for a complimentary Emotional Wellness Strategizing Session to discuss your spiritual and emotional needs and how I can help.  You can also ask about my different programs.  Here’s the thing, though, Lovely… I am so happy to do a complimentary session with you, BUT there are lots of assholes who book appointments with me and do not show.  Yep.  I called them assholes. If you are someone who inconsiderately books appointments and doesn’t show-up or drop a note to cancel, then you are, in my humble opinion, an asshole.  Book the session if you understand the value of our time are serious about the time and date you’ve chosen.  If not, please refrain from clicking that link.

★ Last note: if you’re a member of the Gentle Cocooning Training or higher, then you’ll have the Sun and Moon Quick Guide on your training dashboard. I suggest you download it and put it at your altar or workspace to remind you of what’s happening over the next couple of weeks.

Keywords for New Moon in Scorpio:

Connection Death and Rebirth  Sexuality ★ OPM: Other People’s Money ★ The Occult

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆*:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Introduction to the New Moon in Scorpio…

Have you been getting your booty whipped by the Universe, Beloved Badass-Buttterfly-in-Training?

Forgive me as I say this… But I hope so.  Because it is in the booty whipping that the Universe is priming you for success.  And not just a lukewarm, mediocre success.  The Universe is priming you to be a kick-ass, top of the line champion of champions.  A true Badass Butterfly.  Right now, Precious One, your Greatest Potential is being offered to you on a silver platter… a silver platter that is being protected by a big, badass scorpion.

Hehehehe!  Happy New Moon in Scorpio!  The New Moon rises in Scorpio on November 7th at 5:01pm.  Rejoice!  Because it’s time to take back your life from your ego.

If you can feel the booty whipping, you’ll note that every time you arrogantly reach for your Highest Potential you find yourself getting stung.  You rack your mind and keep trying different approaches, but each time that long and lithe scorpion tail reaches out and thwacks you back a step or two.  Each time you’re stung, there is a terrible pain that you feel in your core.  Shock, humiliation, betrayal… the rug is pulled out from beneath your feet and you find yourself suffering.

The thing is, Beloved, you must understand that right now, this is your period of awakening, and you are in the fight of your life.  You are fighting for the greatest treasure:  ownership of your life—your AUTHORITY.

The period began a few months back and it is gaining momentum.  In the Spring, the Universe dared you to dream your biggest dreams and you said, “Yes.”  That “Yes” was a signal to the entire cosmos that you are on board the success train.  The thing that you may not have understood, however, is the deep changes you would need to make at the level of your Soul in order for you to have that success be long lasting and forever.

You see, Beloved, you are NOT just an ordinary human being.  You are Divinity in form and this is what must be awakened in you SO THAT OUR ENTIRE PLANET CAN SHIFT.  You are a change-maker but the change must begin within you.

Your dreams, hopes and ambitions are all worthy, but there must be significant change in your ego so that your Inner Wisdom can come through.  Your ego is a mask that you formed to protect your Inner Light.  But along the way, your ego became the driver of your focus and this is really the only problem you have.  Your problems are not your outer world circumstances.  Your only issue is managing the collection of thoughts, beliefs, choices and focus that make up your ego.  Your ego is a mask of lies that cover up the Truth of the nature of Reality and subsequently, your innate magnificence.  The time has arrived for you to drop the mask.  The Sun and New Moon in Scorpio are the doorway.

If you are reading this article, then Spirit has guided you here because you need to know what I’m about to tell you.  You need to know that the mask of your ego is the source of all your pain and it is time for that mask to be removed for good.  It is time for you to let go of all the lies you’ve been telling yourself about who you are and why you do what you do.  You’ve been perpetuating myths and only living up to a millionth of your greatest potential and now is the time to get off the path of suffering and Self-destruction, and to get on the road to true enlightenment.

When the Sun rises in any sign, we become more like that sign.  It’s like our personality has been implanted in another landscape that looks identical to the one we are accustomed to, but there’s a very thin filter that is slightly changing our perception.  With the Sun’s shift into Scorpio on October 23rd, we all became a little more feminine, intuitive, a little more sexual.  When it rises in Scorpio, our outer, masculine authority and our personality shift to become Scorpio-like.  Imagine yourself to be a powerful being dialed into their emotions, connected to their bodies and super aware of their desires.  That’s what you are right now.

As I said, on November 7th, the Moon rises new in Scorpio.  The Moon is our inward (feminine) Authority and when she rises, we enter a time when we should think about what we desire to manifest for ourselves in the material world.

Scorpio is a magical sign, most recognizable by the level of its intensity.  Scorpio people are intense! This is mostly because of Scorpio’s ability to be present and CONNECTED in the moment.  You could easily swap out the word ‘intense’ with the word CONNECTED and get the gist of what Scorpio feels like.  But many people suffer from a crisis of CONNECTION so ‘intense’ helps them understand Scorpio a little bit better.

When you investigate the keywords for this Sun and Moon phase, you’ll find that ‘connection’ is at the center of all those 8th house qualities.  In this house is contained things that pertain to death, and rebirth; taxes, inheritance, debt and credit (aka other people’s money;) sex, intimacy and connection; the occult, magick and the underworld.  Pluto is a dwarf planet, but that little guy is a badass that is responsible for all our urges to power.

Your ego is thinking that your Highest Potential is caught up in the illusory material world.  It thinks this because it is a limited little monster that can only see through the eyes of the past and its limited perception.  So if you keep on reaching for the platter of your Highest Potential with egoic hands, those hands are going to get stung.  If you keep on looking at your Highest Potential with egoic eyes, your eyes are going to get stung.  It’s all gonna hurt.  But you know what?  Every sting brings you the Medicine you need to dissolve the mask of the ego.

My advice is to let it.

Start off by CONNECTING to the sting itself.  You know that pain you’re feeling?  Ego wants to avoid that pain, so it walls it off and tries to distract you so you can’t feel it.  Stop it right there and instead, reach for the pain.  The nature of Scorpio gives you access to your deepest emotions, so reaching for that pain to heal it is one of the great opportunities of this Sun and Moon transit

Now, normally, during the New Moon phases, I don’t encourage you to do a lot of Shadow Work, meaning working with your negative emotions.  But that is changing.  I am encouraging you to delve into your dark emotions now because you can take the pain and use it to create your future.  And again, this is the nature of Scorpio, so try to enjoy the process and be appreciative of it.

The Sun and New Moon in Scorpio are here to help you stop resisting the simplicity of your Highest Potential.  Stop complicating your life with your egoic needs and desires.  Stop hiding behind your ego’s weird-ass eccentricities, judgments, and fears.  Take a risk on feeling your way with your heart and allowing the Universe to bring you what you need according to Divine Timing.  Let go of your egoic obsessions and instead, sit still and just be.

There is an opportunity for you to have a tremendous breakthrough RIGHT NOW.  But it’s not going to come by your ego forcing its way into the situation and demanding that the Universe answer it.  The Universe does not give a flying f*ck about your ego’s demands and the way your ego wants the world to behave.  The Universe cares only about your vibration and your vibration is determined by what you identify with most.  If you are identifying with your Authentic Self, which is innocent, connected and trusting, then you are going to experience a world that reflects innocence, connection and trust.  But if you are identified with your ego, which again is about the past, fear, and limited perception, then you are going to experience all that—repetitions of past drama, trauma, obstacles, and anxieties.

There is so much more to this article, Lovely.  Become a member of the FREE Beloved Caterpillar Training and get the New Moon and Full Moon Reports AND all the other benefits of being a member, including our Monthly Spirit (Self-Love) Challenge and the replay of our monthly gathering of Badass Butterflies.

And as always, I am really excited to meet my readers and to offer assistance when you need it.  I invite you to book yourself in for a complimentary Emotional Wellness Strategizing Session to discuss your spiritual and emotional needs and how I can help.  You can also ask about my different programs.  When I show up and my reader is there, it is a joyful pleasure to hear your voice and learn about you.  That’s why I do this.  So book yourself in.  OH!  One other thing… there’s an intake form to complete before finalizing the appointment.  If you do a half-assed job on it, (for example, one word answers, blanks, etc) I will cancel the appointment.  I show up 100% and I expect you to be invested at my level– otherwise, we are not a vibrational match and neither one of us need to waste our energy trying to connect.  Thanks for understanding, Precious One!

Happy New Moon!



Full Moon in Taurus October 24, 2018: Let Go of Shame and Embrace Unconditional Self-Love

October 19, 2018 | 0 Comments

Beloved friend, Happy Full Moon!  The best way to access the entire Full Moon in Taurus Report and to support my work is through the Badass Butterfly Training program.  You can get this full report AND the entire New and Full Moon Rituals at the Gentle Cocooning membership level.  So hop over there and sign up for membership and get access to the entire Full Moon Report, the RITUAL and my entire Badass Butterfly Self-Love program. Save 10% on a year of this awesome program if you sign-up before October 31st.  Use coupon code Halloween18.

Do the 5-day Full Moon in Taurus Ritual any time between October 21st and finish before October 27th for the best effects. The Full Moon rises in Taurus on October 24th at 6:45 pm CEST.  Moon Rituals are all available as part of your Badass Butterfly Training at the Gentle Cocooning level and higher.

Just a quick note: if you’re a member of the Gentle Cocooning Training or higher, then you’ll have the Sun and Moon Quick Guide on your training dashboard. I suggest you download it and put it at your altar or workspace to remind you of what’s happening over the next couple of weeks.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆*:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Keywords for Full Moon in Taurus:

Intimacy ✧ Connection ✧ Self-Worth ✧ Sacral Chakra ✧ Root Chakra

Happy Full Moon in Taurus, Dear Friends! The Butterfly Maiden is our Spirit Guide for this powerful Moon phase. The Butterfly Maiden represents transformation and she comes forth to help us break out of the shell of our Shadow.

Our doubt, fear, and low self-esteem become a prison for our Soul, and every time the Moon becomes full, we are given a chance to break ourselves free. For the Full Moon Ritual, I called upon a Goddess to help us expand, grow and develop during this Full Moon phase, and the Butterfly Maiden came forth. Mind you, she also came forth two weeks ago at the New Moon. I don’t consciously choose these cards, friends.  I pull them from Doreen Virtue’s Goddess Oracle deck every two weeks.  Clearly, the Butterfly Maiden wants us to truly become the Badass Butterflies we are meant to be!

As you know, each month I write two reports that tell you how to best work with the New and Full Moon energies. Right now, in this very moment, the Moon is Full in Taurus. Taurus is the sign that rules what you have materially, what you earn for income, and what you value. It is also the sign of your SELF-WORTH! Do you realize that what you earn and what you have are directly related to your SELF-WORTH AND SELF-ESTEEM???This Full Moon report is packed with information to help you find healing and wholeness where you might be feeling broken, lost or stuck.

And to enhance what I have written in the reports, I also prepare two special healing rituals that are meant to help you overcome the parts of your Shadow self that are stuck. Your Shadow Self is the part of you that is living in fear and doubt and suffers from anxiety and is experiencing lack. Right now, the Full Moon Ritual is having you face your self-worth and how you deal with intimacy, sexuality, and money. This is a HUGE Moon phase we’re in right now, my friend.

If you are reading this report on this page, then you are probably not a member of my Badass Butterfly Training.  I want to encourage you to join the training so you can have at least access to the FULL report.  You can get this at the FREE Beloved Caterpillar level.  So hop over there and sign up real quick and access the entire report on your dashboard.  If you’re not convinced of the excellence and power of my work to give you what you need, then you are welcome to read the short but sweet version of the report below…

When I first moved into my apartment here in Tuscany…

… I found a little black scorpion in my bedroom. It was dead which I found both relieving and terrible as I still had to deal with removing it. I don’t know about you, but I hate dealing with dead things.

Anyway, the important thing is that there was a scorpion in my bedroom! That’s totally auspicious because although scorpions have a terrible sting, Scorpio energy rules the bedroom and coincidentally, it rules dead things. I took this little visitor to be a blessing of abundant romantic interludes and the promise of what is to finally die for good. YES!

On October 23rd, the Sun moves into the sign of Scorpio and the on October 24th, the Moon rises full in Taurus. This means really good things for us all—although it may be a tough road to hoe. Scorpio rules the 8th house, which is the House of Transformation and Taurus rules the 2nd house of Self-Worth. This is a powerful combination because we are being given a golden opportunity to transform our feelings of self-worth. If you follow this guide and work with the Sun and the Moon, you just might find that you have freed yourself from shame and welcomed Unconditional Self-Love into your life.

So many people write me each week asking how to feel worthy, how to recognize their worth, and how to feel appreciated. I have found that many people don’t have a clue about what it means to truly value themselves. Getting a manicure is not valuing yourself. It is a lovely thing to do for yourself, indeed. But religious trips to get a mani-pedi or even a massage are not evidence of how much you love yourself.

Evidence of Self-Love is your willingness to release your guilt and shame. It is your willingness to leave the crappy job and the impoverished relationship that is dragging you down. It’s the confidence and trust that you put in yourself that you can achieve whatever it is you desire—even if it takes hard work and tons of grit. And hey, your self-worth is your ability to surrender to the arms of this loving Universe and KNOW that you are meant to not just survive but thrive… and take ALL of your actions from this place of trust and knowing (not just the safe ones.)

This is huge, friend. And this is what the Sun in Scorpio and Full Moon in Taurus have in store for us. This period is ultimately about how you connect OR NOT—whether you are disconnected from life and living on the outside or if you are a welcome insider… powerfully manifesting like a badass and knowing your worth. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and what you choose this month will affect your happiness at the deepest level. On your list of things to consider should be sex, money, creativity, connection to Spirit, intuition, vulnerability, sensuality, death and rebirth (as I mentioned earlier) but most importantly, think CONNECTION.

We are on the threshold of a great opportunity to create everlasting change.  I want you to thrive.  The Universe wants you to thrive.  But what about you?  Are you ready to break free from the safety of your cocoon?  Or should I say, the PRISON of your cocoon… The Butterfly Maiden has come and although she is young and light, she is going to deliver you all the input you need to transform from caterpillar to Badass Butterfly.  Call upon her and accept her guidance with appreciation.

Beloved, this is plenty of information to help you connect with the Full Moon energy.  If you want to connect more deeply, then you’ll want to read the entire report and do the Full Moon Ritual.  You will need a membership for that as my juiciest work is EXCLUSIVE to my Badass Butterfly Tribe!  Check out the membership page for details.  Here’s a little hint… if you just want to read the complete report, then sign-up for the FREE Beloved Caterpillar Training.  If you want the complete report, the ritual and the meditations, sign-up for the Gentle Cocooning Training for just $18 per month… if you want to go all in, then sign-up for a year of Gentle Cocooning Training and save 10%.  Use coupon code Halloween18.

Just a reminder–when you are ready for some assistance to go deeply into exploring your limiting negative beliefs and finding emotional balance, book in a complimentary Emotional Wellness Strategizing Session with me. During this session we will discuss how I can help you find power, creativity and a healthy relationship with the full spectrum of your emotions and uncover your Authentic Self.  I look forward to meeting you!

Tarot Forecast for October

September 28, 2018 | 0 Comments

Here’s some insight from the Tarot about the energy and movement in the month of October…

I love the Princess of Wands’ fall colors.  The orange also represents the creative and sexual Sacral Chakra, while the green implies an open Heart Chakra. If you look closely, you’ll see that the Princess’ gown has little green lizards on it.  Lizards are modern day dragons and represent fire and prosperity.

From the Druidcraft Tarot: “If you have drawn this card it can either refer to that part of you which is outgoing and full of life, or to someone you know or will know in the future, whose dynamic enthusiasm will inspire you to get involved in creative projects.  When not signifying a person, this card may represent the initial spark of interest in a project or a relationship, or it can indicate a message or communication, particularly one conveying news about the beginning of a venture.  It may also indicate a general quickening of the pace of life—a new phase of activity just starting.”

This is a super affirmative reading giving us a blessing for the month of October.  Read the Moon and energy reports which will come out soon and prepare to have a powerful month!

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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius July 27, 2018:  Claiming Authority and Squashing the Inner Tyrant

July 23, 2018 | 0 Comments

Do the 10-day Full Moon in Aquarius Ritual any time between July 23rd and August 3rd for the best effects.   The Full Moon rises in Aquarius on July 27th at 20:20 CEST.

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Keywords for Full Moon in Aquarius:
Eclipse Enjoying Life Mercury Retrograde
Friends, Networks, Community ✧ Sexy Sex Time Life Purpose

Full Moons are a time of culmination and endings.  We are done with the tedium of what was started at the New Moon six months before and we and the Universe have started a work of art that is resting in utero, incubating.  And like with all great works of art, before it can be unleased or presented officially to the world, all the final kinks must be worked out.  Whatever final challenges or obstacles that were left undone or incomplete must be worked through before you go into the finishing process.  A master artist would never finish a piece without addressing its flaws or the parts that don’t fit together perfectly.  Part of the joy of creating art is working through the kinks and challenges.  And you can develop your person as you develop your art.

The Universe does not like unfinished business and Full Moons are here to help you find the hidden obstacles and challenges that are hindering the manifestation of your biggest dreams.  Our Monthly Full Moon Ritual is the PERFECT exit strategy to use each month because it touches on all the important things you need to do before you enter the birthing of your dream. It gives you all the closure you need as you move through and process the obstacles and challenges blocking your manifestation—forgiveness, Unconditional Love, appreciation, and of course, confronting the Shadow.

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I don’t know about you, but I do NOT like ending anything (especially relationships) without having a sense of clarity about why things are ending, what role I played to contribute to transition, and (this one is really important for me) being in integrity with the highest vibrational aspect of my dream.  I simply don’t want to be wealthy without being loving.  I don’t want to be thin without being healthy.  I don’t want to be in an intimate relationship with a liar.  And most importantly, I don’t want to look in the mirror and see a fraud.  I don’t like crap swept under the rug or shoved away in a closet.  I address my issues and don’t give up until we have healed and come to balance. When the Moon goes Full, this is our opportunity to deal with Shadow energy and confront ‘the other’ for healthy closure.  ‘The other’ might be another person, but most likely, ‘the other’ you need to confront is yourself—the part of you that feels stuck, wounded, fearful, and afraid of moving toward your goals, dreams and desires.

The concept goes like this:  You are endowed with the ability to create like the Divine.  This means you are co-creating your physical body, as well as, the material manifestations around you.  When you DECIDE that you desire something, the Universe automatically starts moving you in that direction.  That’s how powerful your mind is.  That’s the power of DECIDING.  Once you have decided truly, you are going toward that which you have chosen.  Immediately.  Period.  Once you have TRULY decided that you desire something, you are immediately on the path to realizing it.  The Universe is going to take you there on the fastest, most direct route.

AND I must make a distinction between ‘wanting’ and ‘desiring.’  Energetically these are different.  Wanting implies a lack.  Its nature is focused on what is outside of yourself—without.  That’s lack.  Desire arises as an active point of attraction from the inner part of your being.  I want a cookie.  I desire satisfaction.  From desire can spring a wanting, but not the other way around.  When you focus on the wanting, you’re focusing on what’s outside.  The primary problem with wanting is that wanting delivers more wanting.  If you’re wanting you’re not having.  It’s like trying.  Trying is not doing.  Desiring, however, in and of itself is the aim.  It’s all you have to do.  Desire is a creative force that harnesses your internal energy and causes it to form its own vortex—its own point of attraction.  Desire is not focused on what is lacking.  It is a drive that simply goes toward itself.  Once you truly decide on behalf of your desire, you are automatically aligned with the object and you should definitely assume that everything you are experiencing is taking you toward it and is a part of the agenda of you having it.

The thing that I want to emphasize, though, is that your Soul has an agenda for you, which your ego is embodying and so what can happen is that your egoic mind (being limited by its story, its fear, and its need to control) may not like what it sees happening around you as you launch forward toward your goal; and so ego puts the brakes on what’s happening by calling up fear, doubt, and again, the need to control. Your particular personality is a part of your Soul’s agenda.  You came down to Earth with your personality so that you could live and learn whatever you need to learn.  Your personality shapes your earthly experience.  It colors it.  The Soul’s agenda is always going to come first and this is one reason why you should do regular meditation and communion with your Soul to know what is going on behind the scenes of your personality and outer experience.  Your Astrological Blueprint is a SUPER clear and straightforward roadmap of your Soul’s agenda.  The planets and stars are here to serve your Soul and it is no random accident that you were born in the exact place at the exact moment you were. You chose this at your highest and most pure level.  Arming yourself with self-knowledge is a great way to heal your past and prepare yourself for the future. It’s also a great way to learn why you are here.  You can order your Astrological Blueprint for just $20.  It’s 30+ pages of some really good insights!

The Full Moon is the ideal time to commune with your Soul and develop an understanding of the nature of your Shadow self.  As you develop your conscious relationship with your Soul, your dreams become easier to manifest because you stop working against your Soul.  Remember that we are looking for alignment between Spirit, mind and body.  Alignment means that you are not working at cross purposes.  The Full Moon energy wants you to dig out the dark parts of the mind that are resistant to the Soul’s agenda and the hidden parts that are sabotaging the materialization of your desires.

For example, let’s say you have a desire to meet your Perfect Partner.  You decide that you’re ready and you go on a dating website and put up a thoughtful profile.  Within one hour of putting up your profile, you have 30 hits from a variety of men.

You carefully begin reviewing the profiles and you notice a sense of dread as you start reviewing profiles and responding to emails.  You notice pangs of doubt about your own attractiveness when you see particularly handsome men.  And you notice a particularly critical voice that finds something wrong with each and every fellow.

Boom.  You’ve just been ego’d.

You decided that you were ready for your Perfect Partner.  The Universe instantly started delivering you opportunities.  Your ego threw up all sorts of roadblocks to the realization of your dreams.  You are coming to understand that your Soul has its own agenda and hopefully you’re starting to realize that one key, in addition to your Astrological Blueprint, is the Moon.  I would argue (if I were the argumentative type—which I am) that the Moon is our best ally in the sky to help us manifest.

The Moon consistently delivers an entire healing agenda for us each year.  When she is new, she is about creating and visioning the future, starting new gigs and making big investments in your dreams.  When she is full, she is about going deep inside yourself to find all the hidden, shadowy, subconscious thoughts, ideas, behaviors and beliefs that are sabotaging the Universe’s generous manifestations.  The Full Moon, in particular, is just what you need to deal with your ego and its drama.

In the example with the dating and the Perfect Partner, that egoic mind was never going to let its owner enjoy the abundance of Perfect Partners that were around because that ego was afraid of being abandoned, feeling inadequate, and a whole host of other things that it feared.  The key is to understand that when you decide something, the Universe is taking you there directly without any hesitation.  Your job is to recognize your Soul’s agenda and get your egoic self out of the way so that you don’t miss any awesome opportunities.

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Here’s another example.  And actually, let’s not use an example.  Let’s do a challenge.  I want you to go out and create $2100 in the next three days.

Pay close attention to what your mind is doing right now.  Be a good observer and take good notes. Is your mind excited with the prospect of being a sleuth and manifestor?  Or is it apprehensive—thinking thoughts of impossibility and no-can-do-ness?  Are you thinking about how it can’t be done?  Is your mind coming up with loads of excuses for not being able to manifest $2100… Or are you thinking about how it can be done?

What you think and how you feel are shaping the Universe.  We are co-creators with the Universe.  If you DECIDE you are having $2100 within the next three days, the Universe MUST respond to that TRUE DECISION.  If you hem and haw and say the words, “I decide to have $2100 in three days,” that is not a TRUE DECISION.  The Universe does NOT respond to your words.  It responds the hemming and hawing because hemming and hawing is a FEELING of doubt and apprehension.  Your FEELINGS are your prayer.  If you are FEELING doubtful, fearful, apprehensive, or anxious, your results from the Universe are going to be reflective of those feelings—absence, slow delivery, delivery with conditions, tainted delivery, etc.  Your hemming and hawing decision MIGHT get you $2100, but delivered over the course of the month (not three days) and it might come by you having to pick up $2100 worth of pennies (which is a lot of work!)  That’s because our example displayed a mindset that wouldn’t simply allow the Universe to work in its natural way—quickly, efficiently and easily.  You were probably taught that ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’ and ‘you have to work hard to get money’ and ‘money is the root of all evil.’ You might be one who ‘believes what they see with their own eyes.’  You might be in the habit of seeing money come as the effect of a limited set of conditions (ie, 40 hours of work) and you are unwilling to truly release your attachment to this as the primary source of income.  If this and any other negative and limiting beliefs is in your head (meaning you believe it) then you cannot expect this Law of Attraction Universe to deliver you anything other than what you believe. Your belief generates a feeling.  Perhaps when thinking about $2100 in three days you feel doubtful.

Luckily you probably also have some strong beliefs that say, ‘With a little luck, I can do anything.’  Or maybe even, ‘If I work hard enough, I will achieve my goals.’ And these are a couple of the best beliefs of all:  “I can,” and “I Am.”

What your mind repeats and what you feel inside are energy sources driving your points of attraction.  Your job, in order to be the Badass Butterfly master manifestor, is to get super aware of what you think and how you feel; and then to get that thinking and that feeling aligned with your Divine inspirations.  Now, I’m going to interject a little commercial here and tell you very briefly about my program called Badass Butterfly’s Master Manifestor Training Program that is designed to make you a Master Manifestor, not just on the surface for little things like $2100 in three days, but deep in your core for kick-ass powerful BADASS MANIFESTATIONS… your graceful Badass Butterfly life.  This program is a make-over for your entire being.  The thing you have to know is that this is NOT a quick-fix that will inspire you for a day or two and then let you drop.  This is a program meant for people who understand the need for deep change at the cellular level.  This means that you need to heal your deep wounding; you need to learn real self-love; you need to heal your erroneous thoughts, create new powerful thoughts; eradicate all those old beliefs and integrate new, exciting beliefs that will let you think BIG… Confident like a Badass.  You have to change your vibration and live into it, integrating the hard lessons as well as, accepting your gifts.

The program is designed to help you integrate big healings at the cellular level so it is an investment of not just your time, but of your heart and Soul.  This is deep work is meant to take you from caterpillar mind through cocoon, through metamorphosis into beautiful Butterfly Badassery.  I am so serious about this.  I know you have the power to create this world in the way that reflects the gorgeousness of your Divinity.  This program is designed to get your ego out of the way so that your SOUL’s beautiful agenda of Reparation, Healing, Light, Love, Prosperity, and Oneness can thrive.  So that all your earthly dreams of travel and career and romance and family and community can come through and be built and we can all bask in your glory.  Actually, we’d all be basking in one another’s glory!  Because that’s what Badasses do.  To learn about the program and enroll early to save 50% off the first month, just sign up and join me for my webinar.  You can join the program at any time, but it officially launches September 9th.

How to benefit from the Full Moon in Aquarius

This Full Moon in Aquarius just happens to be a Lunar Eclipse.  This means that the Sun, the Earth and the Moon are aligned perfectly so that the Moon will be in Shadow for a full one hour and 43 minutes.  During this total Lunar Eclipse, the Moon (which happens to be the Blood Moon) will turn a reddish ruddy brown—a bit like dried up blood!  You won’t be able to see this eclipse from North America, but Africa, the Middle East and Asia should be able to enjoy it.

Energetically speaking, this eclipse is a big deal.  Essentially, the feminine Moon is being totally eclipsed by the Earth’s shadow.  What you might experience is an emergence of the many layers of your earthly self.  The Sun will be shining on your face, so to speak, and so you will probably enjoy a surge in power and find yourself feeling optimistic and bold.  GREAT!  The thing is, and this is why I hope you did a whole bunch of deep Shadow Work last month when the Sun was in Cancer, because the Sun is currently all about looking forward to the future and living its life outwardly.  We spent the entire Sun ingress Cancer contemplating our Shadow, now we are being urged to come into the Light.  YES!  The thing is, let’s not forsake that which is feminine and feeling.  Let’s not forget that healing is ours during this time.  This is still a FULL Moon and that means Shadow Work.  Hey, I think this is the perfect time to dig deep in to the Monthly Full Moon Ritual because you will be more optimistic about your Shadow Self.  You’ll be more proactive and maybe you can expect to feel like more of an Authority in your own body and mind.

I was talking with Source the other day and we were exploring my own personal inner tyrant.  I learned that a tyrant is a being that oppresses and bullies his subjects to bow to his desires.  He makes his desires law and he neglects the needs of those around him.  My inner tyrant subjugates my unlimited, all-powerful Divine Self to its narrow, weak-minded reality.  But get this… I LET IT!  I give up my Divine Authority over to a petty tyrant.  This is the thing that we need to confront with this Full Moon Eclipse in Aquarius.  So get on it, Precious One.  Stop thinking the thoughts of the limited and start embracing what is powerful in yourself.  It’s time to move from precious caterpillar to Badass Butterfly. And of course, I am here to help.

⊰∙∘☽༓☾∘∙⊱• Book a complimentary Emotional Wellness Strategizing Session with Crystal Lynn•⊰∙∘☽༓☾∘∙⊱•

The Full Moon is the time when you get to sit down with all your Spirit Guides and suss out your inner workings.  In the Monthly Full Moon Ritual that I have created, you take 10 days to go inside to reveal and heal that which is blocking your Divine manifestations.

On July 28th, the Moon rises full in the sign of Aquarius.  The sign of Aquarius makes up the 11th house, which is the house of your Life Purpose, your network, and your greatest desires.  Aquarius (11th house) is opposite the sign of Leo (5th house) and this means the Aquarius and Leo are not opposites, but actually aiming for the same thing, but at different levels and with different approaches.  The Sun enters Leo on July 22nd and will stay there until August 23rd.  The Sun transits influence our outward personality and during this time period, we will all experience ourselves becoming more Leo-like—more bold, strong, confident, playful, exuberant, analytical, theatrical, and dominating.  Leos are robust beings and the 5th house, which they rule, is known as the House of Pleasure.  I, however, like to think of it as the House of Procreativity because everything about this house can be directly related to procreation.  Hahahaha!  This fifth house informs our sexual pleasure and from this can come children, which are also ruled by this house.  Gosh!  This is a funny house because this house also calls to mind the innocence of childhood.  The functioning of this house also speaks to our ability to let go and surrender to pleasure at the bodily level. I remember being a kid and loving to receive touch from loving adults.  When Mom would rub my back, it was the BEST feeling.  And I was a gassy kid and my aunt’s friend, Betty- Jo, used to rub my tummy.  It was awesome being in my body and this pleasure is informed by the 5th house.  The 5th house speaks to our willingness to allow the Divine to move through us in the form of pleasure.  This is an excellent time to be in a body!  Aren’t we lucky?

Right across from the 5th house of pleasure and procreativity is the 11th house of friendship which brings all that creativity and pleasure seeking into a higher expression as we are called to contribute to our  community.  The 11th house is all about friendships, networks and the role we play within the context of these relationships.  It is also about our hopes and dreams.

So I want you to pause for a moment and think about something, Precious One.

  1. What wants to be healed in you right now with regard to your friendships, your network and your community?
  2. What aspect of your creativity is blocked right now?
  3. What ultimate dream wants to become real through you, but you are suppressing?

As you explore this with your mind, I want you to stay present in your body.  Pay attention to its promptings.  Heed your physical sensations as they are clues to Higher Truth.  They are your pure, unadulterated INTUITION.  When I speak a deep truth, my abdomen warms up like a battery that just turned on.  Notice your physical sensations.

This Full Moon in Aquarius is an opportunity to break free of the prison of negative thoughts and stuck emotions once and for all.  I don’t mean that you are going to obliterate them.  But I do mean that the conscious decisions you make during this period will help you shed the monkey of oppression.  Aquarius is a super intellectual sign.  It perceives the world through the mind.  Healing that you do now will help you take the parts of yourself that tend to be over-rational, over-thinking, over-heady and make you less attached to your thinking.  In Badass Butterfly’s Moonlight Book Club this month, we are reading Michael A. Singer’s The Untethered Soul.  In this book he challenges the thinking part of us and asks us to release our attachment to its voice.  I was first introduced to this concept by Eckhart Tolle in The Power of Now.  I think we’ll make that our book selection for September.  But both of these philosophers are suggesting that we think too much!  We rely too heavily on putting pieces together with our mind and we squeeze out the natural flow of Intuitive Knowledge that comes from our Divine connection with Heaven and Earth.

I’m telling you friends, Intuition is fo’ real!

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, which represents the Crown Chakra.  This means that Aquarius is an excellent channel of Divine information.  But we don’t access this information by thinking.  We are excellent thinkers, but our best ideas come when we detach from the brain, breathe into our heart and connect to the world that exists beyond the veil.  By the way, I am Aquarius, and my channeling abilities are off the hook.  I am constantly delivered insights and messages.  I’ve learned to turn off my thinking and allow the flow of Light to inform my life.  Hahahaha!  This is how I got my Apollo and my farmhouse in Tuscany.  Hahahahaha!  Too funny!  It makes me laugh because when I think about stuff, Spirit is like, “Girl!  Stop thinking and start feeling!”  The moment I start feeling, Magick happens all around me.

We have the opportunity with this Full Moon in Aquarius to heal our mind and connect with Spirit, heal our community and deepen our sense of connection, and call forth our most powerful dreams and clear the path for them.

Join the Monthly Full Moon Ritual and do the work to clear your Shadow, find forgiveness, and bless your future.  If you are interested in my Badass Butterfly Training:  I AM a Master Manifestor Program, then book in for a complimentary Emotional Wellness Strategizing Session.  During that session, we’re going to talk about your hopes and fears and I’m going to help you find a path to wholeness and healing.

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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer July 13, 2018: Connection! Connection! Get your Fresh, Hot Connection!

July 10, 2018 | 0 Comments

Do the one-day New Moon in Cancer Ritual any time between July 10th and July 20th for the best effects.   The New Moon rises in Cancer on July 13th at 4:47am CEST.

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Keywords for New Moon in Cancer:
The feminine nature eclipses the masculine Home Nadir Going with the flow Connection Feeling good in your body

Note:  This report contains an exercise that will raise your vibration.  Enjoy! 

As the Sun makes its way around the Zodiac, all of us are presented with a new opportunity for growth and development.  The Sun’s energy has direct influence on our outward expressions.  Have you ever noticed that you feel particularly good in March?  Or more inspired in November?  Very often we attribute these mood shifts to the seasons, but I would like to suggest that you are responding at least as much to the Sun’s influence as to the weather’s.

All the celestial bodies exert their influence as they orbit the solar system.  As Venus navigates the signs, she’s influencing our sexuality, our desire, and our creativity.  As Mars makes his way, we may find ourselves energized in our body, spending money more freely, or exhibiting a short temper.  As the Sun progresses through the Zodiac, our personality is greatly affected and takes on the characteristics of the sign and house he is occupying.

Around the 18th to the 21st of each month, you can start observing how you feel to see if you can notice the shift.  Personally, when the Sun moved from Gemini into Cancer on June 21st, it felt like a real blessing because it unleashed a powerful awareness of my emotional self.  Deeply buried feelings have been revealing themselves to me for further exploration, reparation and integration.  While the Sun was in Gemini, my mind was light and I could barely keep my feet on the ground.  I was Effervescent Badass Butterfly lighting gently on the daisies.  The moment, though, the Sun hit Cancer, I became grounded and more deep in my feels. Today, I am Emotionally Aware Badass Butterfly.

Personally, I LOVE this Sun transit because I am Aquarius and my nature is air, meaning that I experience the world through my mind.  Aquarius is mostly on the outside happily viewing the world like a scientist views an experiment.  Curiosity is my driving force.

By the way, you probably know your Sun sign, but do you know your whole astrological blueprint?  Your astrological blueprint is your Soul’s agenda for coming to Earth.  I can run your report and email all 30 pages to you within 24 hours for just $20.  It’s an awesome document.  I return to mine at least six times a year as challenges come up for me.  It always has valuable answers that give me insight to my life purpose.  Okay, back to Cancer…

Cancer, though not the opposite of Aquarius, is definitely on the other end of the spectrum.  Cancer is a water sign, ruled by the Moon, making it feminine, receptive, and experiencing the world through the emotions.  With the Sun in Cancer, we are all more feeling-oriented.  Connection is the driving force of Cancer, and this is the big opportunity that comes with the Sun transit and the New Moon Solar Eclipse is bringing.

In this modern world where we are highly connected through technology, we can find ourselves disconnected emotionally.  The more dialed in and connected we are to our apps and devices the more isolated we are from the little instances of human interaction.  I had dinner the other night with several girlfriends and their children and while we adults were free to enjoy uninterrupted adult time,  most of the kids were in their individual worlds with their iPads, not disturbing us, but not interacting with one another either. I found it to be a bit disturbing, but I couldn’t cast judgment because I benefitted too much from the kids’ preoccupation! I did, however, come home and cancel my Netflix account and I have decided (especially since I am getting more grounded and less nomadic in Italy) to stop using iBooks and Kindle and to start investing in paper books again.  I have never liked reading on a device and only tolerated it because I traveled.  Now that I’m settling down into the farmhouse lifestyle, I’m buying me some books!

So, the nature is Cancer is nurturing, feeling, and protective.  We can imagine that the crab’s hard shell is protecting some soft and tender flesh.  Yum!  (To all my vegan friends:  I’m kidding!  To all my omnivorous friends:  YUM!)

Cancer makes up the 4th house of the Zodiac and here are governed all things of the nadir.  In everyday terms ‘nadir’ means ‘the lowest point.’  In astrology, it means the point below the observer.  The nadir is everything that makes up your emotional self.  It is your collection of things that grow you. In this realm comes your home and family of origin, your childhood experiences, how you were nurtured (or not) your relationship with your mother, and your karma.  This 4th house gives clues to the well-being of your Inner Child.

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How to benefit from the New Moon in Cancer…

This is a special New Moon in Cancer because it eclipses the Sun by 20 degrees.  Eclipses add another level of depth to the Moon phase.  The Sun represents masculinity, reason, directness, and consciousness.  When the Moon eclipses it, the idea is that the feminine, raw, wild self is coming forth to deliver the culmination of past thoughts and behaviors.  Eclipses are a time of reckoning and they usually herald some kind of big shake up.  None of the subsequent fallout should be surprising, though.  You can see and feel it coming.  If you’ve been listening to the subtle murmurings of your body and your intuition, then you will.  If you feel a bit lost or clueless to these feelings, don’t worry.  Just be aware that something is there and start tuning in now.  Take one minute three or four times a day and just pause and stand still in the silence and see what arises into your consciousness.  Over the course of this Moon phase you just might feel the femininity, intuition, indirectness and the unconscious mind moving to the forefront.

Home (your physical living space.)  The nature of Cancer tends toward security.  Cancer is represented by a crab—a soft being with a hard shell that protects them.  Cancers are naturally good at setting up house and their nurturing way of being extends into an inviting coziness. They give warmth and hospitality to all who come through their door.  You feel like you have been invited into a safe haven when you enter the space of Cancer—whether it be their physical home or their work space or just their presence.  With the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer, we are presented with an opportunity to make our home cozy, comfy, and a center for retreat and safety.  During these next several days, you might enjoy sprucing up your space with some comfy throws and maybe a new pillow or two.  You may find yourself lighting candles, burning incense and warming up your environment. These are some very basic things you can do to invite more comfort and grace to the home space.

Don’t hesitate to invite friends, have a party and celebrate with some fun. And remember to take the feeling of home with you wherever you go.  Home is where the heart is and your heart goes everywhere—even to the grocery store!

You could also literally consider home security right now.  If you feel an impulse to secure your home with an alarm or security system, this is a great time to start looking at different options and getting some quotes.  As we are in the Shadow phase of Mercury Retrograde, I suggest you don’t actually invest or commit to a security system contract until after August 19th (maybe even holding off until August 27th if possible) since it is inadvisable to sign new contracts during the retrograde period.    You can do it, if your instinct says to do so (ALWAYS take responsibility and follow your instinct) but don’t be surprised if you find yourself having to renegotiate the contract.  I’ll talk more about Mercury Retrograde in another report.

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Nadir.  Cancer rules the 4th house—the house of Mother, home, the emotional self, nurture, and nadir.  In astrology, the term ‘nadir’ refers to the point just below where you are.  The point just above where you are is called the ‘midheaven.’ So, in the natural astrology wheel, Cancer rules the nadir and Capricorn rules the midheaven.  Midheaven is what you give to the world.  It is your achievements and the world’s response to what you put out.  Nadir is your most intimate and private self.  It is the home of home—the root of your being.  It represents your deepest emotional needs.  And ooooh, honey, this is why the Sun in Cancer transit can hurt so bad.

With this New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer I want you to take plenty of time to focus on what is bugging you.  Now, I know that we normally do Shadow Work with the Full Moon and Light Work with the New Moon, but this is Cancer we’re talking about.  Every day is a good day to explore Shadow when we have a Cancer transit!  So, I’m going to give you a VERY powerful way to touch on the issues at your nadir and totally shift your vibration naturally… gently.

All you need to do is take a sheet of paper and make two columns.  Column 1 you label “Contrast” and column 2 you label “Clarity.”  In column 1 you simply write down five things you are attracting but that you don’t want.  And in column 2, you will look at what you don’t want and write down instead what you do want.  After you complete column 2, you then go back and draw a line through what you wrote in column 1.  For example (I’ll do just two, but you should really do a minimum of five):



1.           Mean dogs when I’m walking Apollo in the dog park ·      I desire to walk Apollo with confidence and find ourselves encountering fun and well-behaved dogs that reflect Apollo’s good nature.

·      I desire to trust the natural protection that comes along with knowing the Divinity of all things.

·      I desire to feel connected to the Divine.

2.         Falling asleep when I am writing something difficult to communicate ·      I desire to stay awake and present through all the different parts of the writing experience.

·      I desire to embrace writing challenges with sincere appreciation of the full spectrum of experiences.

·      I desire to be true to the inspiration that comes through me and to nurture myself as a writer and channel of the Divine.

The next thing you must do after completing the columns is look for evidence of your clarity column in your life NOW.  For example, as I am writing this, I am noticing that I have a strong desire to stay awake and present.  I feel true to the inspiration coming through me.  I am feeling confident and I am appreciating the Divine around and inside me.  The key, though, is to keep this up all day and then the next day, too!  Your vibration will change immediately, but it’s up to you to maintain the momentum of your positive thinking.  It is up to you to stay focused on what is helpful and serving your joy.  It is also always up to you to master your focus.  Keep your list near you for the next week—in fact, all through the New Moon phase.

This exercise is powerful because the contrast in column 1 was inside me working quietly on my subconscious mind.  Those things are rooted in my nadir, my emotional baggage (ie not trusting the Divine and checking out when the going gets tough.)  By vocalizing these things that were quietly bugging me, I first (got them off my chest) and second, made my mind focus on what I desire instead of what I don’t want.  These two things are game changers in the Law of Attraction and this is exactly the kind of thing you want to do with the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer.  The Solar Eclipse aspect of this Moon phase means that we are able to eclipse or edge out something big, hot and oppressive that is holding us back.  Isn’t the contrast of column 1 the perfect thing to release right now???  And since the New Moon prescribes that we focus on what we do want for ourselves, isn’t it perfect that we now have a positive focus? When I did this exercise, it felt amazing!  I instantly felt my resistance lowering as I started thinking about what I desire.   I hope you like this exercise.  I learned about it from Michael Losier, a Law of Attraction and Emotion Code Coach.

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Going with the flow.  Cancer has a sense of ease and flow about their being.  The thing is, Cancer is ruled by the Moon and the Moon changes sign every two days or so.  This means that Cancer is at ease in the natural cycle of life.  Oh, they may not change home or jobs very often.  But the subtle energy shifts that occur from day to day don’t ruffle the feathers of the Cancerian (or should I say ‘disturb the shell of the Cancerian!’)  Our opportunity with this New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer is to relax the mind and slip into the feeling, intuitive energy in the body.  Practice sitting back and allowing the world to flow around you, flow through you.  Let this be your meditation.  Let this be your practice while you drive, while you work… see what happens when you let go and let Goddess.

Connection.  The powerful gift of connection comes from Cancers ability to have everything it needs in its container.  As we have seen, home is an integral part of Cancer’s being.  Contrast this with Pisces who is also a water sign but finds itself like a fish out of water here in the 3-d earthly plane.  The nature of Pisces is to be beyond the veil, in the realm of the mystical.  Cancer is a water sign who is always at home on Earth because she is self-contained.  The opportunity with this New Moon in Cancer is to explore how to feel connected everywhere all the time.

Personally, I would explore themes around belonging, intimacy, trust, and generosity.  Diving deep into these things will help open you to feelings of connection.  Feel free to do your own personal explorations in your journal or check in with me for a professional Tarot reading if you want to go deep into any concept.

Feeling good in your body.  The last thing I’m writing about is feeling good in your body.  Take the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer opportunity to connect with your body, celebrating the fact that you are alive and have cells!  Dance a little.  Make some love.  Enjoy a delicious meal.  Cancer loves its pleasure and the opportunity of this New Moon is to delve into your carnal desires—give into your passion.  You need that, Badass.

And that is that!  By the way, my friend, please remember that the Completion Process is a powerful healing technique for the Inner Child originated by spiritual teacher Teal Swan.  I was among the first to be certified in it and I have incorporated it to my coaching program.  If you feel like you want to experience this service, then book yourself in directly. If you have any questions about it, check it out on my website.  There’s also a video of Teal taking me through the process personally.

Alright, my beloved Badass Butterfly!  That’s it for now.  Remember to sign up for the Monthly New Moon Ritual and join me at the top of every month on the first Saturday for Spiritual Guidance for the Badass Butterfly:  A Monthly Gathering.

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Tarot Forecast for July 2018: Get whole NOW!

July 6, 2018 | 0 Comments

“It used to be thought that the events that changed the world were things like big bombs, maniac politicians, huge earthquakes, or vast population movements, but it has now been realized that this is a very old-fashioned view held by people totally out of touch with modern thought. The things that really change the world, according to Chaos theory, are the tiny things. A butterfly flaps its wings in the Amazonian jungle, and subsequently a storm ravages half of Europe.”—Neil Gaiman, Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch

*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ Download the Spiritual Guidance for the Badass Butterfly pdf ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*

Here’s some insight from the Tarot about the energy and movement in the month of July…

I had an interesting experience as I was drawing our card for this month.  I had a powerful dialogue with a bunch of our Spirit Guides and they were really nurturing and loving and calming.  Then I had an abrupt injection of beings from the Earth and lower Earth realms that demanded I pay attention to their needs.  So, I paused and listened and what these guys showed me was that one of the biggest blockages to our moving forward with our most powerful Badassery is our subconscious concern for those who suffer.  We care about the suffering of the Earth, animals, children, women, and men.  We are compassionate people and it is difficult for us to fully own our own Badassery when others seem so far from even being able to contemplate their own because of political strife.  This collective subconscious block is part of what drives many of us to escape into compulsive behaviors like drug and alcohol abuse.  It is what causes us to binge watch and binge eat.  It is what causes us to become paralyzed with anxiety and overwhelmed with doubt.

This is particularly true of we sensitive spiritual types.  Naturally empathic, we be feelin’ stuff.

After grasping the magnitude of this phenomenon, the higher vibration energies swept in with their own perspective.  The message was very basic—extend our energy consciously, every single day to the different regions of the Earth.  We can do this through basic meditation and prayer.  Spirit is working with me on bringing in a simple process that will help the Earth, yes.  But it will open up the energy channels in our own psyche that felt like we were outside the realm of power to create change.  I am very excited about what is to come because it is going to help us all feel better.  I’ll need about a month to get the whole system up and running, but it will be something that you will enjoy and it will be so helpful to Mamagaia and all our brothers and sisters around the world.  It will be subtle and gentle but powerful—like the flapping of the proverbial Badass Butterfly’s wings…

I want to thank all those lovely energies that came forth and demanded our attention bringing both situations and soul-utions that we could use—soul-utions that would set us free.

As I progressed through my connection, asking Spirit what wants to come through as overall guidance for this month, I pulled the reversed Seven of Wands.

Upright, this card represents a fighting spirit that loves the exhilaration that goes along with the game of challenge.  When it is reversed, the card has slightly different meaning because the fighting energy has to do more with your own struggles inside yourself.  It is quite fitting, no?  Coming off the initial insights that I had before drawing the card… The idea is that we have dreams, hopes, goals and ambitions and we are prepared to do the hard work we need to make those dreams real.  But we cannot move forward out of integrity (dis-integrated.)  Our success will not feel real if we are out of integrity with how it comes about and how we maintain it.  WE ARE TOO CONSCIOUS TO BE HALF-ASSED!!!  We are too conscious to be ASSHOLES!

The message of the reversed Seven of Wands is to GET. WHOLE. NOW.  The message is to stop pretending to be strong in some areas and weak in others.  We are masters, rulers of our lives and we have the power to exert influence EVERYWHERE.  Our power begins inside.  We may not be able to physically, by ourselves, rescue the elephants from poachers, but we can sit down and meditate like a Badass.  We can send unconditionally loving light toward those elephants and the poachers alike blessing like… a Badass.  We have to KNOW inside ourselves, not just intellectually, but at the cellular level KNOW that we are Spirit.  We do not need to focus on outcomes, but rather focus on output.  The output of our Unconditional Love, of our Unconditional Presence is valuable, powerful and can alter the course of this planet.  It can also pay for our education, fuel our business, and take us around the world.

The Seven of Wands reversed is about making a decision to GET. WHOLE. NOW.  It is a call to drop the internal argument and choose the Higher (Badass) Self’s perspective in all moments.  Make the choice to see your Divinity and use your power to make your dreams real and bless the world.

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Spiritual Guidance for the Badass Butterfly: Your Moon and Energy Guide for May 2018

May 9, 2018 | 0 Comments


Hello and welcome to this month's Spiritual Guidance for the Badass Butterfly.  The month of May begins with Beltane, the Gaelic festival that celebrates nature, fertility, and all the creative forces that serve us.  It’s this optimistic and hopeful energy that will carry us through the month and prepare us for the hard work we will be doing to manifest our dreams.  A few months back I told you about the terrific alignment of planets that will happen in Capricorn in 2020.  Well, friend, your work for that spectacular event begins NOW.  If you think 2020 is a long way away and that you can sit back and coast your way through; think again.  That celestial event rewards BIG (Jupiter) thinking, HARD (Saturn) work, and DEEP (Pluto) vision.  These are the power hitters in the Universe.  May of 2018 is your opportunity to align yourself with your Badass Butterfly Nature.  Own your dream and lay the groundwork now for its Badass Manifestation.

★ Please note that this report is incomplete.  It is missing the Full Moon in Sagittarius occurring at the end of May.  I just couldn’t get clear, so I will prefer to wait until I could sit with it and then I will publish before the Moon phase begins.  Read on, though, for the powerful info I’ve provided to take you through the first three weeks of the month…

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About this report:

Spiritual Guidance for the Badass Butterfly is a monthly report that will give you insight about the energies affecting we Badass Butterflies.  Each report takes the Moon as its primary guide, but it will also draw from other benevolent energies such as angels, devas (Gods and Goddesses,) and elementals such as Faeries, for example.  The report will be released at the end of each month so that you can prepare for the upcoming month with plenty of time to organize.  Consistent inner work is essential to be a badass. We need consistent practice and focus on our vision and we need to stay vigilant to the promptings of our Higher Self. I'm working to help you find the way.  My reports, rituals and classes will help you deepen your connection to Spirit, promote your emotional wellness and empower yourself spiritually over the course of the month.

How to use this report:

  1. The best thing to do is to sign up to have this report delivered to your inbox each month so you don't miss it.
  2. Make note of the Important Dates and mark your calendar with the dates you need to know.
  3. Lightly read (skim) the whole Moon report that follows to get the overview of what opportunities are present for the coming month.  See what makes you tingle and take notice.  This is your intuition letting you know what work will be most important for you.  Definitely make note in your journal about these things!
  4. Keep in mind that my reports are channeled and contain a wealth of helpful information meant to empower you from the inside out.  My sacred work is to help my readership evolve into their Badass Divine Nature.  Your Higher Self is Badass.  I am to help you realize (make real) this.
  5. Personally, I would download the Moon Phase Report pdf and print it out so you can make notes on what is important to you.
  6. Consider joining an Emotional Wellness Happy Hour if you have a tough problem you want to tackle.
  7. Three days before each Moon phase, come back to this report and thoroughly read the section for the current Moon phase. This thorough reading is going to activate the healing inside you so your transition through the Moon phases will be more powerful.
  8. On the dates provided in the report, go to the Full Moon Ritual or New Moon Ritual and do the ritual as prescribed.  Following the Moon each month is a powerful way to assist in your Soul's evolution. The Moon is a powerful Spirit Guide for personal development.
  9. Be consistent in your practice and your commitment to your emotional wellness and spiritual empowerment.
  10. Join the Emotional Wellness and Spiritual Empowerment Facebook group to connect in community with like-minded Souls creating their thrive from the inside out.
  11. Please share this report on your favorite social network.  It is VERY much appreciated, Friend.  Seriously.  It's so helpful. 

Important Dates for May 2018

Moon phase dates...

Mark the following dates in your calendar so you can start the rituals promptly.  If you are signed up to receive the Moon reports, then you will get a reminder to start the ritual in your inbox the day you should start it.  NOTE:  The dates and times below are in Central European Time based on my location in Zagreb, Croatia.  The exact time and date will vary according to your location in the world.  Click the date links to find out the exact time and date for your area.

New Moon in Taurus:  May 15 at 13:47 CEST

Full Moon in SgittariusMay 29th at 16:19 CEST

Other important planetary transits and dates to note...

The Sun entered Taurus on April 21, 2018.

Venus enters Cancer on May 19, 2018.

The Sun enters Gemini on May 21, 2018

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆*:・゚✧*:・゚✧

About the year 2020…

Read about why these 2020 dates are important

Pluto in Capricorn Dates:  2008 through 2024

Saturn in Capricorn Dates:  December 2017 through December 2020

Jupiter in Capricorn Dates:  December 2019 through December 2020

Sun in Capricorn Dates:  December 22, 2019 through January 20, 2020

Mercury in Capricorn Dates:  December 29, 2019 through January 17, 2020

Tarot Forecast for May 2018

It is very clear that the month of May wants us coming to terms with our wild, Life Force Energy.  We’ve drawn the card, Cernunnos from the Druidcraft Tarot, which is The Devil in most traditional decks. Here’s some insight from the Tarot about the energy and movement in the month of May…

As I was meditating on the coming month, I was given two clues to where we are going this month.  One hint said that we should look at how we have used our time, energy and focus over the last few months and the other hint said that we should strongly embrace our future.

Cernunnos is the wild, Celtic god of the hunt.  He embodies the creative energy of sexuality and you can bet that this month of May will be full of opportunity to procreate and co-create some fun.

As I said before, this card is traditionally associated with The Devil.  The Devil card represents someone who’s wild nature has become ego led.  There is a loss of integrity, a loss of connection between themselves and God/Goddess, and a loss of humanity.  Traditionally, this is the card of ego and addiction, enslavement and submission.

What the makers of Druidcraft and the more pagan perspectives understand is that the wild, unbridled energy of sexuality is not to be suppressed or denied… and it certainly is not to be beaten down or scared out of us.  Instead, these perspectives embrace Life Force Energy and through discipline and love, they train themselves to use it wisely, in balance and in service.

This month finds the Sun in Taurus (sign of fertility and wealth) and then in Gemini (sign of intellect and commerce.)  Both Taurus and Gemini enjoy the dynamics of sex play, so everyone will be experiencing an increase in their fervor.  The lesson right now from Cernunnos is to allow the energy to flow, but not to be ruled by it.  Facilitate the flow of energy with creative activities that nurture you, but don’t get caught up in the illusions created by the ego.  Remember that ego makes up stories and creates scenarios that are usually based on fear.  Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real.  You can do better than that.  If the opposite of fear is Unconditional Love, then choose the higher frequency.

Cernunnos is going to encourage your wild passionate self to emerge.  Let it!  If Spirit moves you, then dance barefoot in that fountain, kiss that gorgeous man, and run wild with the wolves.  Loving yourself means expressing yourself.  It also means quieting your mind and listening to your Inner Wisdom.  Indulge in the ol’ rumpy-pumpy and take some long walks in nature to listen to the wisdom of the trees.  Strive for prosperity and remember that quality time with your loved ones is priceless.

Reading Tarot cards is fun and easy.  Tarot is different than Angel or Oracle cards.  All are wonderful tools that I ADORE, but I personally enjoy the imagery and traditional symbolism often used in Tarot.  Everyone can read Tarot cards without a class, but if you would like to learn how to do it, then please sign up for my Badass Butterfly’s Moonlight Tarot School.  It’s a 12-module program that will teach you everything about Tarot including how to choose the right deck, how to create a safe and clean zone for doing your readings, how to recognize the Spirit Guides that come forth with Tarot, and of course, the meaning of all the cards.  There is a beautiful handbook and each module comes with a video teaching to help you learn the material.  I’ll have you reading Tarot cards right on the first day, so you don’t have to wait to start exercising your Intuition. It’s a very exciting class. Get all the details and sign up online.

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Moon Reports for May 2018

New Moon in Taurus May 15, 2018: Strong Purposes = Mo’ Money

Do the one-day New Moon in Taurus Ritual any time between May 12th and May 22nd for the best effects.   The New Moon rises in Taurus on May 15th at 13:47 CEST.
Get help for this New Moon in Emotional Wellness Happy Hour:  New Moon in Taurus

Keywords:  Purpose, Root Chakra, Self-worth, Talent, Income, Wealth, Money

It’s May!  Spring is well underway.  The warm weather is making the world a little easier to navigate.  It’s feeling good to get outside and connect with the world.  Personally, I have my mind set on work and what I need to accomplish before the summer is over.  I have decided that I am moving to Italy and this means that I am entering an entirely new perspective and understanding of my being and my purpose here on Earth.  Living in Italy is my ultimate dream.  Back when I was 19 years old and touring Tuscany with my boyfriend, I decided then and there that I would at some point in my life renovate a farm house in the Italian countryside.  As I matured and expanded into my current vocation as Spiritual Life Coach and healer, I knew that I would turn that place into bed and breakfast and healing center.  I had been dancing around this Italian dream for years living everywhere but Italy and then in March I DECIDED that I must make this dream real.  So, I am going for it.  I won’t go into more detail about this because I want to focus on the impact the Taurus Sun and New Moon in providing you the foundation of the launch pad to make your dreams real.

The Sun has been transiting Taurus since April 21st and the New Moon rises on May 15th.  The sign of Taurus occupies the 2nd house and this house governs your possessions, your income and it is the backdrop for your earthly purpose.  Our purpose drives our beliefs, our actions and our manifestations. I shared the realization of my dream with you because I am being called to take responsibility for my life purpose and use it to make a straight line toward my dream.  And now is the time for you to take action on YOUR dreams.  Taurus can help you do it, if you are willing to get clear about your purpose.  Living life purposefully is the key to being a master manifestor.  Purpose is the driving force behind all the powerful manifestations that excite us.  Purpose is the key to accomplishing your goals and feeling excited about waking up in the morning.

What drives you when you awaken in the morning?  Is it coffee, kids and job?  Is it obligations to things that depress you?  Or do you awaken each morning to the siren call of your Soul?  Do you come out of sleep feeling excited or despairing?  Your relationship with purpose is a powerful influence.

Now look around at your possessions.  Do your possessions bring you’re a sense of pride?  Are you more of a quantity person or a quality person?  Are you more quality driven or bargain driven?

Our purpose influences what has value for us in both the short- and long-run. What we value influences our choice of the things we make our possessions.  All of this is determined by Taurus and the 2nd house in our astrological natal chart.  The 2nd house and Taurus are ruled by the planet Venus.  In our astrology chart, Venus tells us how we love, our relationships, artistic expression, what we consider beautiful, how beautiful we feel ourselves, our sexuality, and our relationship with wealth, money, and resources.  All of these things are up for consideration right now with the Sun in Taurus and the New Moon rising in Taurus on May 15th.  This is a truly significant opportunity for us to get purposeful and clear about what we want to possess materially and how we show up in the world.  If you’re familiar with the chakra system, then your Root Chakra should be tingling right now, trying to get your attention.  Everything that I’m talking about in this report is distinctly Root Chakra oriented.  There will be hints of the other chakras that come in, of course, but Taurus is an Earth sign and a primary influencer on this Chakra.

As the next two weeks progress, don’t be afraid to dive into the Taurus and Venus issues of sex, beauty, money and relationship in your mind and with your prayers. The Universe will respond to you affirmatively with any wishes you put forth because the door is open and welcoming you.  In this report, I’m going to tuck into what I believe is at the core of all these things and at the very least a key influencer of how you are showing up in the world:  Purpose… and then I’m going to share with you the foolproof process for being a master manifestor and then I’m gonna talk about MONEY.

How to benefit from the New Moon in Taurus

I am very aware that many of my readers are not stepping fully into their power because they lack a powerful connection to their Purpose AND they don’t understand that money follows Purpose.  This Sun and Moon are creating a doorway for all of us to enter a new level of existence—one where we develop a relationship with Purpose and allow it to bolster our energy, bolster our confidence, enhance our focus, fuel our drive and launch us into a vision of ourselves in the world that we never could have seen before because our perspective was too narrow, to rigid and just plain old small.  Along with this awakening drive comes money because money follows purpose.

Here’s a little story to help you understand where I’m wanting you to go with this Moon phase.

I have a puppy now.  His name is Apollo.  He is a very good dog, but there was a time when he was not very obedient. It was for good reason:  I WAS NOT A TRUSTWORTHY LEADER.  Because I had been accustomed to living my personal life without significant purpose (work is excluded here.  I am SUPER purposeful with my work,) my days were unfolding inconsistently.  I would awaken when I wanted.  I went to bed when I wanted.  I ate what I wanted.  I spent as much money as I wanted, when I wanted to spend it. I popped off to where I wanted on a whim.  In the last four months, I had been to Greece, Romania, France, and Costa Rica… and not just for a weekend.  I was in CR for a month, in Romania for a week, and Greece for three weeks.  France was a quickie, but I had time to visit friends, walk the entire city and polish off a bottle of champagne.

Although I am a HUGE advocate of following one’s heart, I am also very aware that one’s feminine, heart-led nature must be shaped and directed by meaningful purpose.  As I said, with my work, I am very purposeful.  I know what I’m here to do and I offer no resistance to it.  In my personal life, however, it wasn’t so clear.  I was meandering through my life.  I was raised to believe that my personal life doesn’t matter.  Work matters.  So boom—my personal life was purposeless—just a’wandering the world feeling my feels.

This is where Apollo comes in.  Dogs have purpose.  Their purpose is to follow their instinct and their nose. Their instinct is to survive, and to survive their instinct naturally follows a pecking order. Apollo and I are a two-dog pack.  His natural instinct is to follow the pack leader—but the leader of us is NOT determined by size, intelligence or human-ness.  Apollo and my purposeless self were in competition for leadership. I wanted to be the leader, but I had to earn that by actually leading, which I was not doing because my personal life had no stronger purpose other than comfort and meandering.  Me meandering meant that the puppy was meandering.  The two of us were a mess—he was going one way and I was going another.

A key factor in effective leadership is purpose.  The most purposeful dog in the pack will naturally become the leader because purpose is a VERY strong magnetic force.  It is a powerful driver of energy that pulls everything along with it—focus, energy, manifestations, emotions… all these follow purpose like ducks flying south for the winter.

Purpose is like a missile heading for a target.  For example, in my neighborhood, the folks don’t fix their dogs.  When a female dog is in heat, all the male dogs have one instinct and that becomes the dominant purpose that overrides all others: get it, boy! Even a strong alpha leader cannot control his pack when a bitch walks by.

My Apollo is still pretty young, but puberty is about 30 days away and I know that I need to establish the upper hand before my boy becomes a horny teenager.  YIKES! As leader of our two-dog pack, my purpose needs to be strong enough to dominate his instinct at all times.  My dog is MY responsibility and I must see the bigger picture and lead him with purpose.  Please notice that I am not saying that I must dominate my dog with force.  I am saying that my PURPOSE needs to be stronger and more compelling than his instinct so that I can own my role as leader in our pack.  I am the leader—not the puppy.

What does this have to do with you, your purpose and the energy of Taurus?

Purpose, Purpose, Purpose.  Okay.  I am strongly suggesting that too many of us are not living life with significant purpose AND we are seeing it manifest in challenges around our material possessions.  This is the problem that comes to me every week from my readership, from students in my classes and private session clients.  I am suggesting that this Moon phase is posing an opportunity to THRIVE.  My theory is that if we tune in and uncover powerful purpose in our lives, then we will see significant increase in our vibration.  Our confidence will rise, and we will set bigger goals for ourselves and prepare ourselves to take bigger risks for our dreams.  We will become less afraid of failure and learn to see ‘failure’ as a stepping stone to bigger badassery.  All this will lead to an increase in our desirable material possessions.

I made a post on Facebook a few days ago asking my friends what their Life Purpose was.  The responses I got (and there is no disrespect intended here) were so weak.  Oh, they we lovely responses—love, peace, kindness… but those sappy purposes are not going to change the world, help you achieve your goals, help you lose weight, feed the homeless, save the whales, stop addiction, or launch that badass business you’ve got in your heart.  Love, peace, kindness, and happiness are wonderful things to experience on the road of life.  They are awesome to give unconditionally. And at the same time, I believe that we are here to do more than that.

I made another post on Facebook and I asked folks what their dreams were.  Oh!  Now, I got some interesting answers and they were much more powerful than simply being a nice person.  These folks had dreams of creating beautiful works of art through painting, music, sculpting and they wanted businesses that stimulated their creativity and helped other people find their thrive.  They wanted to create organizations that would help orphaned children, feed the hungry, provide water to the famished, fight court battles that would change laws.  The thing is, these dreams were walled off and locked away in a part of their minds considered “Unattainable.”  There were all sorts of reasons why these folks couldn’t pursue their dreams, and most of these reasons were valid because they were coming from the limited perspective they had of themselves (ie powerless)… yet the reasons were actually invalid because they are actually Divine beings that have forgotten their Divinity.  My perspective is that if these folks uncovered the powerful PURPOSE that exists in themselves, they would be instinctively guided down the path to make their dreams real.

I am challenging you with this New Moon in Taurus to uncover a powerful Life Purpose and make your dreams REAL.

Okay.  So how do we uncover our Life Purpose?  Ah-ha!  This is a process that takes more time than I can take here, but don’t worry.  I’m going to give you a simple way to start the process.  I also invite you to join my Emotional Wellness & Spiritual Empowerment Facebook group where we’ll be working on this together over the course of the next two years. Ha!  The next two years?  Yep!  The year 2020 is a powerful one in which those who have established powerful purpose and committed to it can expect a special boon in whatever it is they are doing.  It’s a perfect alignment of planets and we have PLENTY of time to get on board this train… that is IF we start doing something about it now.  You can read more Badass Butterfly’s Manifestation Challenge in my blog.  I am currently offering guidance for the folks in my Facebook group so that we can go through the uncovering and building process together.

For this New Moon in Taurus phase, I want you to simply write out what you think might be your purpose in a few basic areas of your life.  You can create purpose around any area of your life that you feel you need to have more direction.  When I tuned in for myself, I realized that I wanted to have more purpose around my spirituality, more purpose in my social interactions and more purpose around living my greatest potential.  Here are the things I came up with for myself:

“My Spiritual Purpose is humility-- to walk in this world and to have my mind constantly focused on the Unconditional Love of God—to never lose the awareness of my connection to the Divine and to build my whole existence on this Truth.”

“My purpose socially is to connect profoundly with the people around me… I am here to be present with my friends and to express myself authentically—letting myself be seen, allowing myself to trust that my vulnerability is an asset and not a flaw, and to uphold this space of truth for my beloved posse to do the same.”

“My purpose materially is to live life to the fullest and express my greatest potential in every moment.  This begins with my ability to trust in myself and the Universe.  I am here to say, “Yes,” to all the visions for a better world that my heart sends me.  My purpose is to trust my heart and trust that I am fully capable of carrying out the will of God as expressed through me.”

This process of thinking about purpose is not so easy in the beginning. At first, I thought that having goals meant that I had purpose, but actually goals are birthed from purpose.  And I have found that it’s a helluvalot easier to obtain my goals when there is purpose driving them.  Interestingly, since becoming more purpose driven, I have found myself working more efficiently and making healthier (more rewarding) choices around food, exercise, and time management.  I’m also noticing that instant gratification is less of a driving force because it does not serve my primary purpose.  Things that harm me are falling away without much effort.  And of course, Apollo is not questioning my choices by pulling on his leash, ignoring me when I call, and whining when I leave.  I am more confident, and my dog is following my lead trusting my decisions because I am now trustworthy.

Now that we have established that purpose is going to help you better shape your material world, let’s talk about the Cycle of Manifestation and money.

The Cycle of Manifestation.  The Cycle of Manifestation is the framework for the Law of Attraction.  I’m giving you general framework for it here so that you can apply it to your goals.  I’ll be talking a lot more about this in the Badass Butterfly Manifestation Challenge.

Taurus is an Earth sign and it occupies the 2nd house of the Zodiac.  Earthly accumulations like wealth, income, property, jewelry, investments, and your attitude toward what you value are all influenced by Taurus and the 2nd house.   Your income and your self-worth are intricately connected so the emphasis right now on Taurus is important for those of us who need to do extra work because we have issues of self-esteem, self-love, and we who need to find our true sense of worth in ourselves (versus the material trappings—thus the irony of Taurus… a focus on the material, but with the understanding that our true wealth is in our Divinity.  This is why establishing purpose for our lives is so important.)  So many of us are focused on money and you might expect me to urge you to set-up your New Moon in Taurus goals to focus on the external ways that you can earn more.  Get a second job, ask for a raise, begin saving and investing.  You can do those now if you want to, but I don’t want you to begin this phase with those material things.  I want you to start with your inherent worth as an expression of the Divine and then you can ask for your raise, choose a new job and make your investments from that dignified place.  My approach is simple.  We’re gonna start with a simple premise, then we’re going to use a playful visualization and see where it takes us.

Here’s the simple premise:  You are an expression of an unconditionally loving God that wants you to create whatever you desire.  Period.  You have unlimited resources in an energetic storehouse that you can access at any time.  Your job is to unlock the storehouse and receive your riches.

Are you wondering where that storehouse is and how to unlock it?

There are many ways to do this, but my way is through alignment.  Your alignment of Spirit, mind and body is the key to unlocking that storehouse.

Step 1.  Make a choice.  This means that you have to know what you want.  You have to choose something.  This is Spirit’s realm.  Your Soul is constantly showing you what you want.  Your Higher Self is constantly nudging you toward the thing you desire.  For example, I desire to build a successful farmhouse retreat center in Tuscany, Italy. The thought has been in my head every day since 1993.  I walk down the street and see houses and without even thinking make mental notes about which ones are reflecting to me something about what I desire to manifest in my farmhouse.

Step 2.  Make a commitment.  Once you’ve chosen, you then have to commit to it.  This is important because without commitment, the dream is just an idea as flimsy as the breeze on which it rode in.  This is where you really have to master your mind.  You have to decide and understand that you are marrying this idea.  It’s on, Baby!  You also have to take this moment to KNOW that your desire is already yours.  You have to act as if it’s yours already. In my case, I don’t have the deed to a plot of land yet, but I see my farmhouse sitting on a large plot of land and I see myself walking purposefully on a path that leads to it.  I’ve got Apollo at my side and there’s a very tall and handsome man with us.  I know who that man is we just haven’t met yet.  Just because I don’t have a deed and I can’t tell you a name does not stop me from being powerfully aware of the knowing that this gorgeous estate is mine.  I can feel the soil beneath my feet and smell the jasmine.  I can feel the breeze and hear the water running in my sink.  Oh, honey, it is SO ON!

Step 3. Make a plan. Now that you are fully invested in the game, you have to make a plan.  This, too, is a mind game.  You’ll be using your left brain to write down the plan for how you’re going to get what you want.  I won’t share with you my plans for my farmhouse, but I’ve got them and they are unfolding around me beautifully.

Step 4.  Take action.  Every day you should do something for your desire.  Every day you take another step closer to your dream.  It can be as small as reading a magazine about your desired industry and adding an image to your vision board.  Or it can be as big as booking an appointment with a real estate agent.  Every step is affirmation to the Universe that you want what you’ve chosen.  Because the Universe is a mirror, it cannot help but reflect back your actions back to you.  For example, I said that I wanted a farmhouse in Italy, the Universe moved me to Croatia, which is just on the other side of the Adriatic Sea.  Why didn’t I go to Italy directly?  Because I was wavering in my commitment because of self-doubt and fear.  I thought that I needed to wait another 5 years before I went to Italy, but when I awoke from my slumber, I realized that the opportunity has been with me all along.  I’m moving to Italy in a few months, not a few years.

Step 5.  Check your Shadow.  Doubt and fear will kill your confidence.  You have the right to feel doubtful and fearful, but that doesn’t mean you have to let them run you.  I coach my clients through Shadow work that helps them confront these issues and create powerful healing around them so that they can experience freedom from the prison they create.  Being honest with you, I’ve never experienced doubt around my farmhouse.  From its conception back in 1989… OMG.  1989 is a 9 year.  My lucky number!  But yeah, I’ve never had doubt around my farmhouse.  I was confused about the when, but that’s not doubt.  By the way, I take folks through Shadow Work in Emotional Wellness Happy Hour.  Feel free to join me at the next session so that you can get my professional help with whatever is coming up for you.

Step 6.  Let go, Let Goddess.  You’ve stated your intention, you’re managing your mind and your emotions, you’ve made a plan, you’re keeping your ears perked up so you’re alert to any opportunities.  Essentially, you’re doing all that you need to do.  Relax.  It’s in the hands of the Goddess now.  Those are very good hands.

Step 7.  See evidence of your desire around you NOW.  Send your mind on a scavenger hunt to find all the little bits and pieces of your dream in all its forms.  For example, when I go to the farmer’s market, I see the veg and fruit as having come from my vast estate in Tuscany.  When I sip wine, I see as coming from a vineyard on my property.  When I am out walking past beautiful houses, I am imagining myself living in them.  I get so inspired that I’ll pull out my phone and start making notes in Evernote and taking pictures and adding them to my vision board.  I already know my farmhouse is mine… I’m just enthusiastically allowing the reality to materialize.

Boom!  That’s the Cycle of Manifestation in a nutshell.

Money. Money. Money.  I’ve got two super important things for you to do with regard to money.  First, to benefit from this New Moon in Taurus, you’ll need to do is take stock of your coffers and use it to understand what’s going on with your consciousness.  In other words, take a look at your bank account and your method of managing your money and really look at what this is saying about you.  In my spiritual philosophy, what I am experiencing on the outside is a direct reflection of what’s happening inside me.

For example, it used to be feast or famine with me.  I either had tons of money or I had NONE.  I was always spending money before I got it, so I would find myself living large one week and the next week I was behind the 8 ball.  My insides were the same way.  I was the type of person would be full of enthusiasm for a thing and I would get people on board with an idea and then the next day, I would move onto another idea.  If you know Tarot, then you’ll recognize the Knight of Wands energy—beautiful and inspiring, but flakey and unreliable.  My work found me full of great ideas, but unable to follow them through to create a stable structure with consistent delivery.  Likewise, my money would flow, but because I was inconsistent in my work, I could not maintain a consistent flow of income and my spending followed my moods.  My energy was scattered and so my money was scattered.

To really take advantage of this New Moon in Taurus, you’ll want to take an open-hearted and open-minded inventory of your relationship with money.  If you need any help with this, then join me for Emotional Wellness Happy Hour and I can help you find your patterns.

Once you’ve found your pattern, then you work on yourself to make the correction and watch your money flow more in alignment with your behavior.  In my example, I had to really buckle down and get super focused about my work and my offerings and I had to stop scattering my energy.  If you look back at the old pages of my blog, you’ll find that I was writing on MANY different subjects.  You’ll find recipes and weight loss stuff and romantic stuff and travel stuff and all sorts of spiritual stuff—all of the writing mediocre at best.  Now if you look just at the last year of my blog, you’ll find that it has become more and more streamlined and of considerably better quality and it is consistent.  LO and BEHOLD my income has increased and become more consistent.  My personality has also balanced out.  I am much more deep and intimate rather than being bouncy and superficial.  I am a Badass Butterfly that is mature and grounded in her expression—not just a pretty pair of flitting wings.

Okay, now for the next thing to do with money in this New Moon phase.  It is my sincere belief that we all have an ocean of money.  Several years back in a money-making workshop, the facilitator, Monick Paul-Halm asked us to share our resistances to money.  I sat and reflected and one of my biggest confusions was that for all the money I had made, I had to give so much away to the tax man!  I felt like a victim to a system that I didn’t trust. This was a subconscious fear that was slowing down my prosperity because of the erroneous thinking that arose from an unresolved trauma. In my 20’s, I had watched my parents lose their multi-million dollar dental practice because they had not handled their taxes properly.  It scared the shit out of me and left me feeling very vulnerable around my own financial obligations to the government.  I always felt like there was something missing and that the rug could be pulled out from under me at any moment leaving me empty handed after working really hard.

Monick understood my fear and she gave me an image that changed everything for me.  She said, “Crystal Lynn, what if you had an ocean of money and each year you had to give the government just one bucketful?”

Something in my mind clicked and I remembered being speechless for a few moments.  I closed my eyes and I saw myself standing on a beach.  It was a mild and sunny day.  There was a gentle breeze and I looked toward the horizon and there was literally a vast expanse of money.  The money was being pulled back and forth by the gentle current but always there was plenty of money within my reach.  In my peripheral vision, there was a tidy looking man in a gray suit holding out a red plastic bucket.  I took the bucket from him and I dipped it into my ocean of money and it effortlessly filled up with various denominations, but mostly hundred dollar bills.  I gave the tidy IRS man that bucket and he immediately handed me another bucket and said that this is for back taxes I owed.  I agreed, and I filled up that second bucket with money and gave it to him.  He took his two buckets and he said to me over his shoulder as he was walking away from my ocean, “See you next year!”

I looked back at my ocean of money and saw that it had not changed.  The tax man had his portion and my Divine nature showed me that this transaction did nothing to detract from the magnificence of my prosperity.

Friend, this was life changing for me.  I began developing a relationship with this ocean of money and working with it very deeply in my mind—visualizing myself at it whenever I needed money for something.  For example, I’ve always wanted to be a regular donor and supporter of environmental and wild life foundations.  I visualized myself going to the ocean of money and drawing out $12,000.00 per year to support these causes.  I literally sat down at the water (money’s) edge and I counted out $12,000.00.

This step of visualizing has been the most powerful part of all for me.  I get all my senses involved.  I feel the money in my hand.  I smell the linen and ink.  I hear the sound of the paper.  I love making the stacks.  I have always loved playing with money as a child and as an adult, I let my Inner Child come out to participate.  By letting her handle the money, I am taking a step to overcome the childhood traumas of loss, inadequacy, and doubts about my ability to generate money and my ability to manage money.  All of those childhood wounds were making me an adult who was unsuccessful with money.  My worth was tied up with my income and both were the pits.  Letting my Inner Child focus and handle the money has taught her that she is a money master and quite responsible and efficient.

Some other things you can explore at this New Moon phase…

Write some material wealth goals for yourself.  While Taurus is not all about the goal setting process (setting goals and planning are much more Virgo and Aquarian,) it is very much about amassing material resources.  Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus thusly named after the Roman Goddess of romantic love and wealth.  The New Moon is naturally the time when you set goals.  The Full Moon arrives six months later and gives you an opportunity to challenge your Shadow around your goals and then three to six months after that, you can expect to see the manifestation of your goals into form.

If we look at our life like it’s a garden, we have to at some point think about how we want to increase what the garden yields.  Creating a plan in this area will help us get our minds and bodies in alignment to aid in making this happen.

For example, you might want to make a financial goal to save enough money for a trip to Hawai’i.  You could also set a goal to invest in a house or even to invest in a pair of diamond earrings for yourself.  You could also set a goal to increase your income by 20% next year.  Because Taurus rules income, now is a great time to sit down and think about your income streams and how you can maximize them.  This is particularly useful if you are self-employed or a freelancer.  Now is a great time to really grab the bull (Taurus) by the horns and get really clear about how you can make money.

Fertility.  Taurus, being ruled by Venus, is highly sensual and fertile.  You can, of course, think about this in terms of your physical body and so now is a great time to make love (blush.) In keeping with the theme of this report, however, you should also see yourself as fertile in the mind.  You mind is ripe with creativity, ideas, thoughts, dreams, and visions that can inspire you to expanding yourself beyond your comfort zone.  It’s interesting that every Taurus man I’ve ever dated has had a fast car, a motor cycle, and LOVED scaling mountains.  This is a time to think big.  It is a good time to feed yourself things that inspire you.  Tend to your mind like a gardener tends the soil of her land.  Putting in good stuff will insure you reap the good.

Nurture your Talents.  Taurus and the 2nd house influence your natural talents because these are things that add value to your existence.  Recognizing your talents and taking the time to nurture them is a tremendous act of self-love and consciously developing your talents is a great way to increase your confidence.  What are your talents, my friend?  What gifts naturally come through you every day?  Take inventory of these and do what you can to birth them into the world.

It’s no coincidence that Taurus arrives with spring in the northern hemisphere.  This is a time to be creative and to let your creative sexual energy drive you.  Be responsible, but don’t hold back the tide of passion and enthusiasm that are running through your veins right now.  Like the wildflowers popping up all over mountains, your ideas are popping up all around your brain.  You have some very good ideas, don’t you!  Do something to get them out of your head and into the world.  You’re a fertile, creative being.  Create!  Grab a paint by numbers kit and paint a picture.  Write a story.  Make a plan for your cupcake business.  Design and build a cabinet.  Venus rules art, too.  So doing these kinds of things are going to be easy for you now.

In conclusion, this is clearly a super beneficial time for us and the universe is calling us to lay the foundation for a healthy, happy future.  Enjoy this Moon phase, friend and remember to do the Monthly New Moon Ritual. 

Alright, Precious!  It's on! See you soon!

Dreams Become Reality 2020 Manifestation Challenge

April 30, 2018 | 0 Comments

If you’ve been following the Spiritual Guidance for the Badass Butterfly, you’ll know that 2020 is an important year where we will be called to account for our biggest dreams. It is the year where, if we have been walking our talk, we will be rewarded with the manifestation of our greatest dreams.

What does this mean? Well, it means that you have something powerful inside you that wants to be birthed. It’s 2018 and this year we MUST acknowledge this dream and say, “YES!” to it. 2020 is the year where the planets align to create a portal of reward for hard work, the manifestation of deeply invested commitment and the good luck that favors the prepared. This means that RIGHT NOW you must start laying the groundwork for this very special time. You MUST lay claim to your dream. You MUST plan it out. YOU MUST TAKE ACTION ON IT. And YOU MUST STAY CONSISTENTLY FOCUSED for the next two years.

If you are thinking that two years is a long time off, think again. Any truly Badass Butterfly will tell you that it takes time to conceive, nurture and birth a baby. Your dream is a Badass Baby that needs YOU to take responsibility for it. Anything that is worthwhile wants your commitment and this requires discipline, focus and tenacity. You need to put on your big girl panties and set goals, make plans, and dive deep into your heart so that you can make this thing real.

My Emotional Wellness & Spiritual Empowerment Facebook group is here to help. If you are truly a Badass Butterfly, I am challenging you to call forth your biggest dream, to speak it out loud, to commit to it, to lay the groundwork for its manifestation, to vision it, to plan it and to take steps both big and small for it.

2020 is the number of the Goddess. 1 is the number of the Sun. 2 is the number of the Moon (and the Goddess.) It is the number of Divine Feminine Authority. 0 is an amplifier. It makes more powerful all that it touches. 2020 is screaming DIVINE FEMININE WOW twice. Can you feel it?

Get this: at the end of December 2019 and the beginning of January 2020, we’ll have the Full Moon in Cancer (sign of the Moon and the first Full Moon of the year,) and the New Moon, Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto ALL in Capricorn. All of these celestial bodies are aligning to bring us REWARD for hard, deep work. This equals manifestation of our dreams. Many of us are feeling the pull to prepare for this major alignment today. We are getting clear glimpses of what we want. We are being given insights to how things could happen in our favor. We are having dreams of success. And we are seeing pathways through the obstacles that our egoic mind creates.

Right now we’re in 2018, a ‘2’ year, again, a year of Divine Feminine Authority. Whatever we claim now in our hearts, with our minds, and with our actions is ours. Period. Having this year and a half between now and 2020 to integrate, nurture and plan is a gift. Spirit says that we are fully supported in our heart’s desires. It is our job to meet Spirit with a YES!

If you are ignoring this calling, suppressing it, denying it, or turning your back on it, you’re missing the greatest opportunity to make it real. No Badass Butterfly denies her Badassery. The Divine Feminine will NOT be denied.

Here’s what I want you to do, Lovelies. Over the next year and a half, I’m going to be working on my heart’s BIGGEST desires EVER.  I want you to do the same.  Please take some time and make a new post telling us your dream for the future. You can share your stories in my Emotional Wellness & Spiritual Empowerment Facebook group .  You can use the following questions to help guide your writing. You don’t have to answer them all, but they are here to stimulate your creativity.  The important thing is also to share in the group so that we can become channels for one another’s success:  claim your intention out loud and let’s support one another in the process of manifesting.

What is your greatest dream? In what role do you see yourself? What do you want to manifest? When you were a little kid, what was your greatest fantasy? How did you envision yourself as a little kid? What did you really want to be in your heart of hearts? In what ways have you become the person you wanted to be when you were a little kid? In what ways have you turned away from your childhood dreams?

Share your story here:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/EmotionalWellnessandSpiritualEmpowerment/ and let’s get ready to rock and roll. #DreamsBecomeReality2020 #BadassButterfly

Spiritual Guidance for the Badass Butterfly: Your Moon and Energy Guide for April 2018

April 9, 2018 | 0 Comments
Watercolor illustration of the butterfly flying, Watercolor texture,

Hello and welcome to this month's Spiritual Guidance for the Badass Butterfly.  The month of April is full of opportunity to examine more deeply our Baddass Butterfly Nature.  We have a joyful Venus moving into her home in Taurus paired with the Sun in Aries and a retrograde Mercury.  YIKES!  This is both beautiful and frustrating.  Venus loves being in her sensual Queendom, Taurus, and the Sun in sexy Aries is fuel for the passionate fires of creativity.  But Mercury is retrograde in Aries, which means that there might be a tremendous amount of frustration around expressing yourself.  Don’t be surprised if you find yourself trying to push forward with your projects and ideas like a stubborn ram (Aries) but finding your efforts thwarted by energetic stickiness (Mercury retrograde.) Your key to success:

Let go and let Goddess!

You can scroll to read the article normally or use these links to jump to the place you need...

About this report:

Spiritual Guidance for the Badass Butterfly is a monthly report that will give you insight about the energies affecting we Badass Butterflies.  Each report takes the Moon as its primary guide, but it will also draw from other benevolent energies such as angels, devas (Gods and Goddesses,) and elementals such as Faeries, for example.  The report will be released at the end of each month so that you can prepare for the upcoming month with plenty of time to organize.  Consistent inner work is essential to be a badass. We need consistent practice and focus on our vision and we need to stay vigilant to the promptings of our Higher Self. I'm working to help you find the way.  My reports, rituals and classes will help you deepen your connection to Spirit, promote your emotional wellness and empower yourself spiritually over the course of the month.

How to use this report:

  1. The best thing to do is to sign up to have this report delivered to your inbox each month so you don't miss it.
  2. Make note of the Important Dates and mark your calendar with the dates you need to know.
  3. Lightly read (skim) the whole Moon report that follows to get the overview of what opportunities are present for the coming month.  See what makes you tingle and take notice.  This is your intuition letting you know what work will be most important for you.  Definitely make note in your journal about these things!
  4. Keep in mind that my reports are channeled and contain a wealth of helpful information meant to empower you from the inside out.  My sacred work is to help my readership evolve into their Badass Divine Nature.  Your Higher Self is Badass.  I am to help you realize (make real) this.
  5. Personally, I would download the Moon Phase Report pdf and print it out so you can make notes on what is important to you.
  6. Consider joining an Emotional Wellness Happy Hour if you have a tough problem you want to tackle.
  7. Three days before each Moon phase, come back to this report and thoroughly read the section for the current Moon phase. This thorough reading is going to activate the healing inside you so your transition through the Moon phases will be more powerful.
  8. On the dates provided in the report, go to the Full Moon Ritual or New Moon Ritual and do the ritual as prescribed.  Following the Moon each month is a powerful way to assist in your Soul's evolution. The Moon is a powerful Spirit Guide for personal development.
  9. Be consistent in your practice and your commitment to your emotional wellness and spiritual empowerment.
  10. Join the Emotional Wellness and Spiritual Empowerment Facebook group to connect in community with like-minded Souls creating their thrive from the inside out.
  11. Please share this report on your favorite social network.  It is VERY much appreciated, Friend.  Seriously.  It's so helpful. 

Important Dates for April 2018

Moon phase dates...

Mark the following dates in your calendar so you can start the rituals promptly.  If you are signed up to receive the Moon reports, then you will get a reminder to start the ritual in your inbox the day you should start it.  NOTE:  The dates and times below are in Central European Time based on my location in Zagreb, Croatia.  The exact time and date will vary according to your location in the world.  Click the date links to find out the exact time and date for your area.

New Moon in Aries:  April 16th at 2:57am CEST

Full Moon in ScorpioApril 30 at 1:58am CET

Other important planetary transits and dates to note...

The Sun entered Aries on March 20th

Mercury went retrograde on March 22, 2018!

Venus entered Taurus on March 31, 2018

Mercury goes direct on April 15th (PHEW!)

Chiron enters Aries on April 17th

Saturn retrogrades on April 17th

The Sun enters Taurus on April 19th

Pluto retrogrades on April 22nd

Venus enters Gemini on April 24th

Tarot Forecast for April 2018


I pulled out my Shadowscapes Tarot deck and tuned into my heart to feel what Spirit wanted me to share with you this month.  I received the King of Cups.

The Shadowscapes King of Cups shows a glorious king in a watery world.  He is handsome, and his face turns upward toward the light.  He is face to face with a sea horse, a glorious little creature.  Male seahorses are charged with protecting the young and the way they must navigate the sea is to go with flow.  Their dorsal fin propels them while their pectoral fins (which are located below their eyes) steer them around.  The slowest moving critter in the sea is the dwarf seahorse which moves at about five feet per hour.

This card is quite intriguing for us because right now the Sun is in Aries and Aries likes to get things done quickly.  Aries knows what it wants and it wants it yesterday.  Around the 19th, the Sun moves into Taurus and Taurus, too, is not exactly known for its patience.  Both of these signs are fertile, meaning there is tremendous creative opportunity that wants to come forth while the Sun (itself a creative force) is illuminating these signs.  The thing is, Mercury is retrograde and we will be under its influence for a few weeks to come.  Where the Aries and Taurus drive will have us chomping at the bit to get things done, retrograde Mercury will make our progress sticky and slow.  The presence of the little seahorse that the King of Cups faces is a reminder that slow and steady progress with consistent focus on the goal is what is called for right now.  “Let go and let Goddess” is alive and well!

The King of Cups is an artistic soul who loves nothing more than attending the needs of his heart.  In Tarot, cups represent the heart and emotions and this King has a giant heart that is at one with the sensual world around him.  His message for us is to take care of our hearts, but to keep our connection to the world and be mindful of our responsibilities.  So I ask you, Dear Friend:  what are your current responsibilities that are blocking you from expressing your heartsong?  Sometimes… well, most of the time, we have so many material-world responsibilities that we do not have the time or energy left to nurture our heart’s desires.  Paying the bills, keeping up with the news, managing relationships, tending the children, handling our duties, and not to mention a little exercise and even downtime get priority over simply sitting still and connecting with the heart—our source of wisdom and inspiration.

This month, Spirit is encouraging us to handle our responsibilities while we remember the pacing of the little seahorse—and most importantly, we are to engage the blessing of our heartsong.  Carve out some time this month to simply sit still and listen.

Reading Tarot cards is fun and easy.  Tarot is different than Angel or Oracle cards.  All are wonderful tools that I ADORE, but I personally enjoy the imagery and traditional symbolism often used in Tarot.  Everyone can read Tarot cards without a class, but if you would like to learn how to do it, then please sign up for my Badass Butterfly’s Moonlight Tarot School.  It’s a 12 module program that will teach you everything about Tarot including how to choose the right deck, how to create a safe and clean zone for doing your readings, how to recognize the Spirit Guides that come forth with Tarot, and of course, the meaning of all the cards.  There is a beautiful handbook and each module comes with a video teaching to help you learn the material.  I’ll have you reading Tarot cards right on the first day, so you don’t have to wait to start exercising your Intuition. It’s a very exciting class. Get all the details and sign up online.

Moon Reports for April 2018

New Moon in Aries April 16, 2018:
Mercury Retrograde is Your Friend

Do the one day New Moon in Aries Ritual any time between April 13th and April 23rd for the best effects.   The New Moon rises in Aries on April 16th at 3:57am CEST.
Get help for this New Moon in Emotional Wellness Happy Hour:  New Moon in Aries

Keywords:  Higher Self Leadership, Higher Self-Esteem, Creativity, Challenge/Opportunity, Self-Assertion, Vision, Physical and Mental Stamina, Glamour

The sign of Aries is ruled by the planet Mars.  It is a masculine fire sign.  We have all probably met an Aries person and been quite impressed by their confidence and high self-esteem.  Personally, I am impressed by how Aries people know what they want.  Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and it is equated with the high soaring vibration of Spring.  Aries is energetic, good in the body, skillful, inquisitive, and pleasure-seeking.

Beginning around April 13th,  we will have the Sun in Aries along with the New Moon in Aries.  This is a fantastic opportunity to reset our system and make a new pact with our self-awareness. Because Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, we can view this as the start of a new year.  A new year = A new YOU.  Now is the perfect time to rededicate ourselves to our important goals around our self-esteem.  This means it is a great time for expressing ourselves more powerfully and re-upping our commitment to self-love.  Aries rules the head, the brain, the face and the eyes.  With the Sun in Aries, for a month, starting March 20th, the Universe is urging us to expand how we use our head (do we ram into things like Aries, the ram?) how we use our brain (Aries is inquisitive and book smart.  They love learning things in technical details,) how we face the world (Aries takes on challenge head-on, face first.  They are direct,) and how we see the world (Aries is bright-eyed. You can see the fire when you look in their eyes, and they see the world as a mountain to be conquered.)

When the Sun moves into a sign, we are all challenged to grow ourselves in the areas the sign rules.  So right now, we are being called to be more Arian—confident and assertive, etc.  Okay.  So let me do a brief check-in here and ask you how you’ve been feeling the last couple of weeks.  Just reflect on your energy and check-in with yourself.  Have you been feeling more confident?  Have you been feeling great in your body?  Yes?  No?

Many of us have NOT been feeling particularly confident… in fact, we have been feeling beat down.  Don’t worry.  There’s a cosmological explanation for this and it’s called Mercury Retrograde.  The Sun entered Aries on March 20th and Mercury went retrograde (IN ARIES) on March 22nd.  Mercury Retrograde is a phenomena where the planet Mercury is in a motion that seems like it’s moving opposite the Earth.  It’s not actually, but because of the orbit, it seems like it.  Mercury primarily rules communication, not just among people, but among systems.  Things go wrong when Mercury goes retrograde.  Technology, electronics, and all mechanical things are ruled by Mercury and when he goes into retrograde motion, those things cease to communicate effectively.  The whole human body is a system of communication, particularly around the brain.  So, our whole system is challenged.  We can’t think straight, we can’t necessarily process our emotions fully, and we just feel off kilter somehow. OH!  And Mercury and Mars (Aries ruler) are enemitic, meaning, they don’t get on very well.  Mars is hot-headed and impulsive.  It is direct and can dispense with small talk.  Mercury loves processes and it appreciates long and thoughtful communication.  Mars wants you to get to the point.  Mercury loves to draw out the conclusions and to keep building on them.  So when the Sun moved into Aries, what was potentially a beautiful opportunity to unleash our Badass Butterfly Nature became thwarted with a bold, “Uh-uh.  Not so fast.”

Mercury Retrograde was like pouring thick, rich tar into the spokes of your bicycle wheels.  Here you are pedaling along happily only to find that you have to pedal harder and you’re not getting very far.   Uh-oh—you’re stuck!

But thank goodness Mercury Retrograde has tremendous healing associated with its pain.  This is a great opportunity to redo things.  Whenever a planet goes REtrograde, the key is to REdo.  They say that during Mercury Retrograde, you should not start new projects, sign new contracts, or start new relationships.  You should certainly not make new large ticket purchases or invest in new technology.  But what people don’t realize is that you can REDO stuff.  That’s what’s great about Mercury Retrograde!  So let’s say you got hired for a new job in Mercury retrograde last year and after getting your first check, you realized that something was wrong with how you were getting paid.  You take the issue to your boss and human resources and you’re unable to get things resolved in a way that seems satisfying.  Things were miscommunicated or misinterpreted and you were left with the short end of the stick.  This is super typical of Mercury Retrograde.  This is why astrologers caution you against accepting a job (and buying technology and making other large ticket purchases) while Mercury is in retrograde motion.  The great news is that when Mercury Retrograde comes back, it is the perfect time to REnegotiate, REwrite, and REdo in general.

So while the Sun is pushing us forward into Arian Badassery, Mercury Retrograde is pulling us back saying, “Slow down and REview.  Slow down and REdo.” The Sun is wanting us to experience expansion in our self-esteem and Mercury is saying, “Slow down and REview.  Slow down and REdo.”

Here is my advice for this period, Friend.  Since Aries is about self-esteem and self-confidence, consider taking this time to question your source of self-esteem and self-confidence.  Take this time to feel into your self-doubt, anxiety and worry, and see if you can’t have some breakthroughs to help you heal any original trauma.  I offer a powerful service called the Completion Process which helps you find the original source of emotional wounding and create healing for it.  Healing and Shadow Work are great things to do when Mercury is retrograde because we are SO aware of our pain during this time.  WOW!

Our beloved Universe has a wonderful sense of humor and a deep sense of compassion because get this: we have the New Moon in Aries on April 16th and Mercury moves back into direct motion on April 15th.  Whew!  RElief!

Okay.  I know that I’ve been talking a lot about the Sun and Mercury Retrograde, but they are SUPER important to get you ready for this New Moon phase.  As I’ve said, Mercury Retrograde is a tough period and whether you realize it or not, making your way through this tough period acts as an initiation into the next phase of your evolution.  Slow down and REview; slow down and REdo are fortifying your base, your core.  The three or so weeks of Mercury retrograde are like energetic boot camp.  And wonderfully, on the last day, you’ve got a New Moon begging you to claim your reward for having survived.  So, what’s it going to be, Precious?

How to benefit from the New Moon in Aries

The Sun and Aries are super masculine.  The Moon is super feminine.  The Sun and Aries have focal points outside themselves—they are in the world and they stand facing forward in creative masculine Authority.  The Moon has two faces, one of which faces inward and the other which faces outward—both in creative feminine Authority.  When the Moon is full, I teach that we should use her light to illuminate our inner landscapes.  My 10-day Full Moon ritual takes us on a journey of exploring our deepest, darkest, shadow selves to find healing and reconciliation, forgiveness and inner strength.  When the Moon is new, we use the dark, emptiness of the Moon’s face like a canvas on which we get to paint our heart’s desires.  At the New Moon, we become like the Sun and we cast our focus outward and give shape to our future.  So what shall we create with this wonderful opportunity, my friend?

Here are my suggestions, but you use your intuition to create your own destiny: (And remember to do the one-day New Moon Ritual to help you align with the energies…)

Higher Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence and overall Badassery.  You’ve been challenged by the Sun and retrograde Mercury.  You might have felt like you’ve been through the ringer.  But rest assured, this New Moon is demanding you to rise up from the ashes like a phoenix.  As retrograde Mercury fades, your confidence can shoot up like a rocket, if you are willing to let it.  It’s important that you take a careful self-assessment and understand how you’ve been challenged these past weeks.  After you’ve assessed your performance, don’t be afraid to lovingly rate yourself.  Be critical to the degree that you develop your Higher Self-esteem, not break it.  Aries is not known for its emotion or its ability to see another perspective.  Although I want you to be careful of being overly critical, this is a prime opportunity to claim Badassery.  You must vision your Badassery, claim it and act on it.  Let me give you an example.

I am currently in a lovely cottage in Mount Pelion, Greece.  It is a beautiful landscape and I came here to heal something.  Okay, look.  I was following my heart LITERALLY.  I had a strong impulse (upon which I always act) and I was guided to book a trip to Greece.  I was led to a particular cottage on Airbnb.  There is no doubt that this was all Spirit guided because there was no f*cking logic to it.  When I asked Spirit why I was going, I was told that I was going to find Chiron and learn from him.  In Greek mythology, Chiron is a centaur that roamed the hills of Pelion.  Chiron was a profound healer and if you’re familiar with astrology at all, you might recognize that there is an essential asteroid that we’ve named Chiron.  This asteroid influences our healing journey for this particular lifetime.  By the way, if you want to know about your healing journey using astrology, you can order your Astrological Birth Chart which will tell you all about your planets and how they’re interacting with one another.  This 30+ page report will tell you about your Chiron placement and what influence it has on the other aspects of your chart.  It’s essential for going deeper into your healing.  This Chiron placement can help you understand why you came to Earth and what you came here to heal.  This report is a great starting point!

At first, I was excited about the trip, but as the time came closer, I started REthinking my decision (Mercury Retrograde.  I arrived in Greece the day Mercury went retrograde. Ha!) I got to the lovely stone cabin and was settling in okay.  I admit that I was uneasy.  Part of me was feeling Badass (Sun in Aries influence) but another part was feeling stressed out and apprehensive (Mercury Retrograde influence.  Normally, I’m never stressed out while traveling.)  I found myself swamped with work and I couldn’t really get out to do all the hiking and exploring of the mountain that I had wanted to do.

After I had been here for a few days, I went out for a walk along the old train tracks.  As I was passing this quaint little hotel on the main road near my house and a puppy came charging up behind me and tapped my heels.  I looked down and he sat looking up at me with the most soulful eyes.  He was beautiful, but malnourished.  Nothing but skin and bones.  I went into the hotel and saw that they had a tavern, but no one was around.  I decided that I would walk on and when I came back, if the puppy was still there, I would have dinner and give him my leftovers. I could also make inquiries and help the hotel find a shelter for him.

Well, I walked for about 90 minutes and as soon as I approached the hotel, puppy came bounding up again.  I went into the hotel, had my dinner and came out with some food.  I had asked the hotel staff about putting him somewhere safe while I contacted the shelter and they refused saying that there are too many strays and they didn’t want to help.  I was irritated because while there were a lot of stray adult dogs in the area, a lone puppy is particularly vulnerable.  The hotel staff had watched as the puppy was being abandoned by a man and woman in a van! He had no clan, no pack.  He had no food.  He was lost in a very clean village with no trash cans to tumble and feed himself.  They had been ignoring him for days!  By the way, it is bloody cold on this mountain!

I was very upset and I walked to my cottage and asked my host if I could bring the dog onto the property while I found it shelter.  I was met with a resounding NO.  “There are too many dogs.  I can’t help them all so I won’t help one; I’ll end up with the responsibility because there are no real shelters here.  It is the dog’s karma.” No, no, NO.  (This is Mercury Retrograde stickiness and resistance, by the way.  This is cosmological design aimed to help us grow.)

I went to bed and could not sleep.  I was so upset for many reasons.  Lots of stuff was going on inside my head and I couldn’t get it sorted (this is VERY retrograde Mercury.) I cried uncontrollably because I felt powerless, and I cried mostly because I could not bring myself to defy the host of the Airbnb and go up to the hotel and bring the dog down to safety.  I cried because I felt cowardly.  (This is the courageous Aries wanting to come through, but the Mercury Retrograde stickiness is holding it back.)  This kind of self-assessment is what you’ll need to do in order to take advantage of this New Moon in Aries.  Be courageously honest with how you feel.  Boldly acknowledge where you need to develop the Arian qualities of courage, confidence, and initiative.

After not sleeping, at 2am I started searching for shelters and planning my strategy to rescue that puppy. (This is very Mercurial.  Mercury likes planning and strategizing.)  Instantly, I found an organization that services dogs here on Mount Pelion.  I wrote them a message on Facebook and I decided that I would wait patiently for their response while I focused my mind on what I want to happen for the dog.  This was very hard because fear kept making me see the dog as a victim.  I really had to fight to stay focused and positive.  I did Shadow Work and it helped a lot.  Then I started getting more proactive and thinking about how I could contribute to the safety of dogs in the area while I’m here on Mount Pelion.  I started getting empowered as I imagined myself spending time at a shelter caring for dogs while I’m here.  Was this the reason Spirit led me to Greece?

I knew that the shelter folks would give me some helpful information and I decided that I became excited about spending time at their organization and/or giving them a generous donation if they could actually help me with the dog.  My energy started shifting from I can’t to I can.  My determination was rising and so was my confidence.  (Mercury retrograde made me rethink my approach to this situation. Sun in Aries is asserting itself through my determination.)

Vida from the shelter wrote me back at around 10:00 that morning and said they’d appreciate the donation and that they had a foster care person who would microchip and vaccinate the pup whilst they tried to rehome him.  She said that they rehome these dogs mostly in the UK and Germany.  I started imagining this little dog roaming the German landscape with a lovely family surrounding him.  I felt elated.  By the way, the organization is called PAWS Pelion Greece.   If you want to donate to them, they’d be happy to receive.  There are hundreds of abandoned dogs in the area and PAWS is terribly short staffed and underfunded. Vida and her team are working to change the landscape of Pelion in a healthy way.  Your support of the organization would be soooo appreciated.  Even if it’s just five dollars.  That can buy 5 kilograms of dog food!

Anyway, so after finding out how helpful Vida was, I went back to my Airbnb host and told her that I would be sponsoring the dog and that they would come and pick him up the next day.  I asked if she wouldn’t mind me bringing him on the property and she was shocked by my tenacity and commitment to the animal.  She started to REflect on her own perspective around the situation and she grew more open. She agreed to let the dog on the property as long as I cleaned up after him, watched him, and didn’t let him in the house.  Of course, I heartily agreed.  Her heart was opening by the moment and she went into her basement and came back with a carrying case, a leash and some old blankets that had belonged to her dog.

Okay.  I’m going to pause here and try to explain this powerful opportunity this Mercury Retrograde provided for my Airbnb host to REDO (correct) her own Shadow.  The Airbnb host had given her dog away just five months before because she was traveling.  She was resistant to me bringing this new puppy for fear of the heartbreak she had experienced before.  She had also had a previous tenant who had brought home a kitten, promising to rehome it, but abandoned it for the host to take care of.  Upon seeing my fire, my host’s mind started opening and hear heart was able to start shining through the layers of past grief.  All of a sudden, she became resourceful and helpful. This is the healing power of the Mercury Retrograde period.  Opportunities to REDO abound!

The moment I got her approval, I took some cheese up to the hotel. I was anxious and nervous because I thought the puppy might have moved on.  But he was there.  I lured him back to cottage, fed him, set up a little house for him and made him comfortable.  Upon seeing the dog, my Airbnb’s host REALLY softened and she began to yearn for his company.  She wanted to keep him!

My hackles raised in a weird way and I got strangely defensive thinking she wouldn’t be an appropriate owner for this dog.  She had said a few things that rubbed me the wrong way (like putting his crate in a dark, damp storage space at night so we wouldn’t hear him whining) and my instinct said that I shouldn’t encourage that union. It was crystal clear to me that they were not going to be a great match.  This was Mars exerting its influence on me.  Aries is confident and can see things clearly.  It is also highly intuitive. Very strong currents of Arian leadership were coming through me and I started visualizing what this little dog needed. I wondered who could best provide for him.  After sitting with these feelings and the thoughts in my head, I decided that I would take the dog.  The powerlessness that I had felt the night before was gone as I saw that I am Badass and that I am EFFECTIVE.  There was no better owner for this dog than me. This is a great example of claiming your Badassery.

I wrote to Vida at PAWS and went through the process of proper adoption—microchip, deworming, defleaing, vaccinations, health certificate, etc.  Boom.  Done. (Taking action is super Aries!)  Voilà! I have a dog.  Again.  (Mercury Retrograde)

So, during this New Moon in Aries period, the first thing I want you to consider is how you can grow your self-esteem, self-confidence and your overall Badassery.

Managing Nwyfre.  Nwyfre comes to us from Druidry and it means ‘Life Force.’ The New Moon in Aries is a powerful time to create some kind of relationship with Life Force Energy, Nwyfre.  All of us have access to Nwyfre.  There is an abundance of it, and it is this drive that is flowing through us, activating our organs and keeping us alive.  The nature of Aries is fire and LIFE.  If you’ve been rundown, out of shape, depressed or just plain old tired, the New Moon in Aries is a great time to set some goals around your energy.  For example, recently (within the last year) I tend to have a lot of anxiety in my system.  It permeates everything I do-- even when I am in quiet contemplation.  I used to be on medication to help me manage anxiety and panic attacks, but I did a lot of healing work and got myself free of that affliction.  I’m noticing it creep in again as I take on new challenges and this New Moon in Aries is the perfect time to confront it.  Anxiety, nervousness, worry, and fear are issues of excess Nwyfre.  This energy needs to be harnessed and directed toward something useful.  Nwyfre is like a wild beast.  A wild beast is a beautiful thing when it is able to run free and express itself and when it is under the leadership of an effective authority.  But when it is not directed and instead is left pent-up and unmastered, it becomes an undisciplined drive that is destructive. I suggest that during this Moon phase, you tune into yourself and check your Life Force Energy.  Do you have excessive energy that is wreaking havoc on you unconsciously?  Or is your Life Force Energy weakly flowing so that you feel stagnant and lethargic?  Use the Aries discipline and focus to help you master Nwyfre.

Decision Making.    Aries is decisive.  They know what they want and I love how Aries people don’t even seem to know how to doubt or question what they want.  It’s a beautiful thing.  And the thing is, what I have found with Aries is that it is not afraid to research and learn about a thing beforehand.  If you’ve been straddling the fence about something, now is the time to tune into your intuition and make the decision.  Aries people have excellent follow through.  They’re not afraid of commitment and I want to encourage you to make some big, bold, Badass decisions (after you’ve done your research, of course!)

In conclusion… As we move into the New Moon in Aries phase, try to take the lessons you’ve learned over these last two weeks and build a stronger foundation for your Badass future.  On the list of things you could be calling-in for yourself:  MORE CONFIDENCE.  Perhaps your desire is to embody that Arian confidence every day and to apply it to all your endeavors. Aries represents strong will and this Moon phase is calling you to master it.  Mars rules the ego and a well-trained ego is a joy like a well-trained dog. Let’s take the opportunity of this New Moon to focus our will and train our ego.  Also, consider how you would like stronger Higher Self-confidence to manifest in your life.   Now is the perfect time to dialogue with Spirit and the Universe at large about Higher Self-esteem.

Okay, Lovely.  This is PLENTY of information for you to consider for this Moon phase.  Feel free to share your own experiences in the Comments section for this blog post, or join me in my  Emotional Wellness & Spiritual Empowerment Facebook group where you're always invited to share your experiences during the Moon phases.  Also, remember to sign-up for the one-day New Moon ritual to balance your Shadow and connect with your Light.

And don’t forget to check out  Badass Butterfly's Moonlight Tarot School.  It’s a 12 module program that will have you reading Tarot Cards in no time! Please sign up.  It's gonna be GOOOOOOOD!



 Begin the 10-day Full Moon Ritual on April 27th and try to complete it before May 10th.  The New Moon rises in Scorpio on April 30th at 1:58am.
Get help for this Full Moon in Emotional Wellness Happy Hour:  Full Moon in Scorpio.

Keywords: Death, Rebirth, Power, Confronting Fear

When the Sun moves into Taurus, the focus of our vibrations centers on fertility and connection to the land.  There is a sense of abundance in and around us. The April showers have unlocked and activated the eager-to-be-seen May flowers.  The temperature is just right to make love.  Beltane is calling and it really is time to dance around the maypole in frivolous delight.  Sensuality calls us out of our homes and out of our clothes.  Lying in the park surrounded by yummy picnics, good friends and stimulating conversation are more than idle pleasures.  They are nourishment for a hungry soul.

With the Sun in Taurus comes great responsibility because Taurus rules the second house of the zodiac:  the house of income, wealth, and earthly possessions.  There’s a LOT happening here because this house is intricately connected to our feelings of self-worth, which influences our ability to THRIVE.

The Full Moon always falls opposite the sign the Sun occupies.  So while the Sun (masculine, direct, and outward) has us moving outward in the expression of our sensual, sexy, abundant, VIBRANT nature, the Full Moon has us moving inward to face the other end of the spectrum:  the concepts of death, transformation, and TAXES.

I won’t be talking about taxes and ‘other people’s money’ in this Moon report, however, let me just suggest that if you have any issues with bureaucratic institutions, you might want to take the time now to look for resolution.  That’s all I have to say about that…

When the Moon is full in Scorpio, it’s as if our intuition is diving deep into the rich texture of a fertile landscape.  There is SO MUCH LIFE in the dark shadows and it’s this energy that is calling our attention.  The Full Moon in Scorpio is one of our more pivotal phases because of Scorpio’s rich, dark nature.  Scorpio is deep, unbridled passion and it is ruled by the planet Pluto.  Pluto is known as the god of the underworld because of his original associations with mined wealth—for example, gold and silver, which are mined from beneath the Earth’s surface.  His connection with the act of mining and uncovering value helps us understand the importance of this Moon phase.

The Full Moon in Scorpio means that the powerful Goddess energy of the Moon is penetrating the Earth’s surface to find the hidden treasures.  At the time of the Full Moon, our intuition is amplified and much of our egoic resistance is lessened as our subconscious mind comes forward.  Many people experience wild dreams, visions and downloads (epiphanies) about themselves, their healing journey, and the world around them.  For those rooted in left-brain ‘logic’ this is a daunting time that makes them feel out of control and looney.  But for those of us initiated into the ways of the Goddess, we embrace the fluidity between the conscious and the subconscious with enthusiasm, even expanding our experience with ritual and rich healing practices.

The sign of Scorpio is deep, probing, and unafraid of the mucky stickiness that must come from getting down and dirty.  This Full Moon will find us risking the stability of our tenuous comfort for a dance with the Lord of the Underworld.  Who knows what riches will reveal themselves to us?

How to benefit from the Full Moon in Scorpio

I am a woman who ADORES transformation.  I love the concept of death and rebirth even though it scares me.  I want to encourage you to hop on my boat and take a ride with me through the Full Moon in Scorpio.  Be sure to sign up for the Monthly Full Moon Ritual.

Confronting fear.  Releasing fear.  Every Moon phase is a doorway.  At the doorway stands the High Priestess who calls down the Moon.  But before you reach this High Priestess (this earthly woman who has done her work and can, in integrity, embody the Goddess,) you MUST walk through the guardians of the path.  The guardians of the path are the things you fear most.  During this Full Moon in Scorpio, I am encouraging you to call forward your courage so that you can confront your darkest fears face-to-face.

Some of you may be shaking in your boots and saying, No freaking way, Crystal Lynn!  Others are saying, YES!  But how?

For those who are not ready for this kind of big, Badass breakthrough, I don’t blame you.  It’s freaking scary.  Just sit back and relax into this Full Moon phase and take on some of the more gentle opportunities that are coming forward for you.  Not everything is about extreme transformation.

For those who simply MUST push past their fear because they are tired of being ruled by it, understand first, that with powerful transformation comes great responsibility.  If you want to be Badass, you must BE Badass all the time, not just when it’s easy or convenient.  Badass does not equal chickensh*t.  The Universe is prepared to make you an Unconditional Badass, which means that even when faced with fear, you choose to hold to your Divinity.  This is what is meant by humility.  Humility means that you never deny the Divine and you submit your ego to it all the time.

If you are ready to walk through the valley of the Shadow of Death, then put on your big girl panties and fear no evil for the truth of who You Are is with you.  Her rod and her staff are your magic wand which you use to harness your energy and direct it into the world.  At this Full Moon in Scorpio phase, the Universe is preparing a banqueting table at which you are invited to feast with your fears.  Keep your mind on the Divine as you enjoy the feast, but do NOT get distracted by the temptation the little demons lay at your feet.  They will tempt you with the comforts of self-doubt, fear of failure, and fear of success.  They will tempt you to stay safe and small in bad relationships, in subordinate positions at work, and they will make you think that no one will read your book if you write it.  They will tempt you to stay comfortable in the belief that you are not educated enough, not pretty enough, not thin enough to claim the life partner of your dreams.  They will tempt you into believing that you are in the wrong place at the wrong time.  They will lure you into their web of deceit with fantasies of people pleasing and having lots of conditional friendship that make everybody happy except you.  You LOVE to make other people happy!

Don’t be lured in by false prophets, my friend.  Your fears are lying to you.

Am I saying that all fears are unfounded and should be ignored?  Nope.  Some fears are helpful Spirit Guides that are meant to serve and protect for a brief period of time.  Let them serve you for a BRIEF period of time.  Sit with these and engage with them in a healthy dialogue, but then YOU HAVE TO LET THEM GO!  Do NOT make them your god and follow them with devotion.  Do NOT take them as your battle cry and your security blanket.  Do not make them your protector.  Don’t hide behind them for god’s sake!

Look, friend, Scorpio is a powerful sign, and the opportunity for us to let go of our attachment to some BIG fear is calling us.  DO IT. All the signs are right.  We are in a ‘2’ year, the year of the Moon and  Divine Feminine Authority. Rise up and claim your Authority INSIDE.  That’s what this entire year is all about.

Need help with any of this?  Either sign up for Emotional Wellness Happy Hour to get group help or book yourself in for a complimentary Emotional Wellness Strategizing Session.  This latter session is for folks ready to get down to business.  Book this session ONLY when you are ready to dig deep and do the work to heal.  We’ll explore your desires, your fears, and the things holding you back and I’ll tell you my solutions and how I can help.

Death.  Hello.  Death and rebirth are the hallmarks of the Scorpio drive.  Death is the absolute surrender of all the physical baggage and the shift into pure Awareness.  Light goes from being masked by the three-dimensional illusion of reality and returns to the infinite expansion of the Great All.  Every single day, we are in an exchange of death and rebirth.  The very nature of life expresses this dance even as one moment dies and another is reborn.  The Full Moon in Scorpio gives us a once-a-year opportunity to go into this process with our eyes wide open—to be present as the sun sets on one expression and rises with another.

Earlier I suggested that you confront your fear in a courageous dialogue that lets you learn your lesson and then detach yourself from that relationship.  I am recalling this sense of fearless confrontation as you explore the death of what is ready to be released.  During this Full Moon phase, I want to encourage you to do a fearless self-assessment of old habits, behaviors, beliefs, perspectives, and grievances that no longer serve your magnificence.  Where are you a prisoner of your own mind?  Where are keeping yourself hostage to old relationship and social paradigms that are holding you back instead of pushing you forward?  Where are you rooted to your old way of doing things that lets you feel in control of your kingdom, even though your landscape has grown barren and the inhabitants have vacated, withdrawing their energy leaving the place lifeless?

Death of the old way is another way of seeing change.  The Full Moon in Scorpio is a chance to embrace change as we salute and honor what has come before.

Remember that on the other side of the coin is rebirth.  The moment one thing dies, something new is born of it. In Tarot, the Death card doesn’t usually mean the death of the physical body, but rather the release of what has run its course.  Our job during this Moon phase is to let the dead care for the dead while we eternal beings step through the stone gates into the next phase of our evolution.  This is our destiny.

Feel your feelings. Scorpio is feminine and receptive.  It feels intensely.  With the Full Moon rising in Scorpio, there is tremendous opportunity to reacquaint ourselves with our feeling nature.  Feeling your feelings can help you be more authentic and it can help you be more compassionate.  Doing Shadow work and Inner Child work right now will be easier because you have more access to your feeling nature.  It’s your feeling nature that directs the healing process.  For example, when I am taking someone through the Completion Process, they have to feel their feelings in order for the Inner Child to trust them.  Your Inner Child can’t trust you if you are in denial about how you feel.  Your Inner Child is a collection of thoughts AND FEELINGS, so if you can’t feel your feelings then you are denying that aspect of the Inner Child.  This is why the Inner Child separated in the first place—because they had to deny their truth! This is heartbreaking for the child and a coping mechanism that helped them (you) survive.  But it’s 2018 now.  You are no longer powerless and you no longer need the protection of suppressed emotions.  You need authenticity.  You need to feel your feelings.

In my Emotional Wellness & Spiritual Empowerment Facebook group, I have shared a couple of videos from my teacher, Teal Swan, that teach you how to do Shadow Work and how to change limiting beliefs.  I always recommend these videos to my clients and I teach them how to go through the processes, since most people seem to get stuck in doing it on their own.  I've been blessed to work with Teal directly and have gained tremendous depth of understanding from the work.  I'll tell you, Friend, working with a coach or teacher is invaluable.  It's great that we have Inner Guides to help us, but our growth becomes exponential when we engage a professional.  Emotional Wellness Happy Hour is a wonderful chance to work with me in a group setting for a low price.  I love these sessions because of the heartfelt connection we develop and the DEEP healing that comes forth.  Our ability to transform is amplified when we come together for healing and it is beautiful.  I hope you'll join me and bring your own team of healing Spirits to the mix.

Yaaaas!  This is PLENTY of information for you to consider for this Moon phase.  Feel free to share your own experiences in the Comments section below, or join me in my  Emotional Wellness & Spiritual Empowerment Facebook group where you're always invited to share your experiences during the Moon phases.  Also, remember to sign-up for Emotional Wellness Happy Hour to get help with anything that's coming up for you around this New Moon phase.

Blessings, Beloved Friend. 

Here I am! Eccomi qui!

Florence, Italy


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